Resident Evil: Revelations HD Rachel gameplay - Gematsu
Resident Evil: Revelations HD Rachel gameplay
posted on 03.26.13 at 12:22 PM EST by (@salromano)
See the console and PC game's second new playable character.

Capcom has released a new gameplay video of Resident Evil: Revelations on consoles and PC. In it, you’ll see Rachel, the second new playable character in Raid Mode. The game’s due out on may 23. Watch the video below.

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  • Rafael Martines

    Boobs… boobs everywhere

    Me Gusta…

  • Michael Garling


    Shit that looks good.

  • Ace


  • PrinceHeir

    looks great :D

    btw at 0:27, when rachael talks to sounded different from the trailers.

    i always though she was voiced by Stephanie Sheh(voiced also Rebecca Chambers) but i just found out in IMDB that Rachel is voiced by someone different name Mari Ueda.

    she sounds soo similar to Stephanie Sheh in the trailers

    also boobies!!!

    and wow her ass is soo sooo good O___O

    the way she open the door at 0:30

    lol touche capcom :P

    • Kurisu Makise

      That was Stephanie Sheh in RE5: Mercs for Rebecca? I hardly recognized her at all, compared to her usual range. Thanks for the info.

      • PrinceHeir


        i actually use her alot in Mercenaries as well :)

        • Kurisu Makise

          As do I, I’ve got her with an SS rank on pretty much all the maps. With any maps not with an SS as S hehe =] On a somewhat related note, I get the impression Stephanie Sheh is Ayesha. Now to slide back into topic, How many of the former RE characters are going to be available for Raid mode in Revelations. I’m kind of tempted to pre-order honestly.

          • PrinceHeir

            awesome :D

            if your still playing, we should play some time :)

            then again i haven’t played RE5 awhile now so i might be a little rusty XD

            oh is that so?

            that’s great :)

            i think only Revelations characters, only Hunk is the new character so far.

            not sure if Barry, Wesker, will appear :(

            i want a dedicated Mercenaries games that includes all characters from RE0-RE6 including Code Vernoica, Revelations all in one game!!!

            we can have dream mode where certain scenarios and what ifs can happen.

            like a tag mission between Wesker and Jake, Leon and Barry first meeting, or something like that ^^

            • Kurisu Makise

              That would be amazing, like AMAZING. I NEED that to happen, please let it happen *_* Also yes I still play RE5 (I really want to increase my trophy score on it and get some other things) but I’ll need to download the digital copy from PS+ as I sold the physical copy recently. Which reminds me that I need a bigger HDD, ugh…this hobby ~_~ Right now I’m trying to marathon trophies in RE6 on the side while playing Ayesha though, so you’ll have to give me some heads up for an RE5 run, whereas 6 is always ready on my HDD and hmm I wonder if I should go physical for Revelations or if it’ll be available off PSN. The benefit of it always being there is really nice I admit. Sad to hear about the cast being small but I wanted Revelations for Jill, so I’m content.

              • PrinceHeir

                ehh why’d you sold it though :P

                yeah same as me, need a bigger HDD!!!

                ohh RE6!!

                im also playing it, but not im using the other partner(this time piers in chris’s campaign)

                we should play RE6 too!!!

                but i haven’t bought any dlc’s yet, since im worried capcom is gonna announced a “Gold” edition of this game.

                yeah, but at least you get to play the new character Rachel ^^

                • Kurisu Makise

                  Haha sold it cause y’know RE5 Gold on Plus instead xD Anything I had that was on Gold I just decided to sell admittedly. Ah, I need to do the other partner play-through as well. Except for me, it’d be Leon, Piers, Jake on this run through but haven’t started yet, I’m trying to get good scores on the Mercs maps (the non DLC ones). I’m actually pretty worried about a RE6 Gold myself. But I think with the consolidation of the extra mode DLCs and map packs, that may or may not happen. As for Revelations, yes playing as Rachel seems worthwhile despite whatever spoilers showing her has lead to, since I don’t understand why it’s spoiler in nature, I doubt it’ll ruin the experience. Yes, I’ll have to make purchase of Revelations official but it’ll be difficult with that pre-order of The Last of Us to take care of ><

  • DrForbidden

    Unless I’m mistaken, the last enemy Rachel fights in the video is her mutated self…

  • Elvick

    Wish we could just shoot her. I’d buy the game just for that. One of the worst character designs ever.

  • kairock

    looks like kasuga from sengoku basara on a bad hair day. :)