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Resident Evil: Revelations HD adds extreme difficulty mode
posted on 03.04.13 at 08:27 PM EST by (@salromano)
Infernal Mode is harder, switches up enemy and item placement.

The console and PC versions of Resident Evil: Revelations will include a brand new “extreme difficulty” mode called Infernal Mode, Capcom has announced.

According to the publisher, not only is Infernal Mode more challenging than your standard gameplay modes, but it also “remixes” enemy and item placement.

A gameplay video of the mode was released and is available below. It shows a brand new enemy called the Wall Blister, a mutated creature borne from the T-Abyss virus.

Resident Evil: Revelations is due out for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, and PC on May 21.

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  • Azurex21

    Can’t wait to play this on the big screen.

  • Freesun4

    Your muscles won’t save you this time Chris!

  • Dean Winchester

    They should just disable the right thumbstick and call it “Archaic 3DS Dumbstick-less” mode.
    Playing it like that would be extremely difficult which is why I avoided it.
    Glad its coming to consoles with real controls.
    Ironically 3D games are no good on 3DS.
    If anyone disagrees Kid Icarus and MGS3 would say hi but they are too busy battling their horrid controls.

  • rockman29

    That looks fair.

    Except for the part where it looks like TORTURE. Jeebus.

  • Kurisu Makise

    Will this mode be available from the get go, cause I’d love to start on that level.

  • shogunknight

    Will it be as hard as dark souls?

  • PrinceHeir

    looks great :D