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New God of War: Ascension multiplayer mode revealed
posted on 03.06.13 at 01:35 PM EST by (@admeady)
New God allegiance also unveiled.


Trial of the Gods, a new multiplayer mode for the upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive God of War: Ascension, has been revealed on the official PlayStation blog.

In the game’s fourth mutliplayer mode, two players will tag-team against five waves of increasingly stronger enemies, all whilst maintaining the hourglass of Olympus.

With over 15 types of enemies, including Satyrs, Cerberuses, Cyclopes, Gorgons, Juggernauts, players are fighting against the clock, with each kill delaying the count down.

“With Trial of the Gods,” said SCE Santa Monica Studio level designer Andrew Chrysafidis on the blog, “we wanted to help bridge the single player and multiplayer experience, giving players a chance to work on their skill-set and gain valuable experience points with a friend, before jumping into the competitive arena.

“Playing Trial of the Gods is also a great way to grind some extra experience between competitive games, test newly acquired weapons and abilities, or even try a new allegiance. Any experience gained in Trial of the Gods will go towards upgrading your Champions across the entire multiplayer experience.”

A new God allegiance, Poseidon, the Lord of the Sea, has also been revealed.

Poseidon, according Chrysafidis, “grants his loyal sentinels unique support capabilities: a large pool of health, the ability to fortify allies, and command over water and ice” and is skilled at controlling large areas, keeping groups of foes at a distance.

For those who pre-order God of War: Ascension, King Leonadis – who was apparantly portrayed by Gerard Butler in the film 300 – will be available as a multiplayer character.

Check out the trailer for Trial of the Gods, below:

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  • Kurisu Makise

    Ah, this was what got me excited about Ascension in the first place, Multiplayer. It reminds me of old school brawlers and fun modes like this with online really help. Shame I’m poor this month but I’ll make some room in April or May.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Same. I’m still kinda sad that I missed out on the beta since I won’t have the cash to get this any time soon. Hell, once I do have it, I’ve got other games to pick. Poor ol’ me still hasn’t gotten Rising yet.

      • Kurisu Makise

        I’m lacking Rising as well but it’s okay to be late to the party, just be sure to buy all the DLC =P! J/k It really is okay to come in later though =]

        • Solomon_Kano

          I don’t mind coming in late, I usually get games late, but it looks so good that it hurts lol.

  • Dean Winchester

    The new single player demo for this game honestly looks next gen at times during gameplay.
    Its unbelievable what SSM has done with this game.
    The multiplayer is just icing on the cake.

    PS3 reigns supreme as the console with the best library this gen. Hands down. Just like the last two gens before this one.
    Next gen will be no different.

    • Tetsu

      Yeah high budget games like this that come about during the end of a console’s life always look really great, wasn’t anything that good looking in the PS3’s launch line-up, that’s for sure. Usually Final Fantasy games are the games to tout the best graphics at the end, but unless Versus comes out they are going to lose that tradition. (FF9, FF12, …)

      • Dean Winchester

        FF9. One of my top 3 fave games of all time.

        I especially love the two disgruntled xbox loyalists that downvoted my comment about Sony having the best library of games for the last 16+ years.

  • Kobracon

    Ooooh horde mode. Thats perfect! I hate fighting other people, but co-op sounds great!

    Its unlikely, but I hope there is a gender option. Seeing a female kickass like that is rare and would be cool.

    • 浪黒雷 (Roland Gmyrek)

      Sorry to disappoint you. mate. As much as I’d have loved to play a female char it won’t happen. SSM stated that the MP chars rigs are based off Kratos and wouldn’t work on female models -_-

      • Kobracon

        Damn >3>

  • PrinceHeir

    hmm will wait for awhile to buy this.

    already got bruned by GOW sorry :P

  • GaySkull

    Power Stone 3, Ergheiz, Dissidia Final Fantasy to the Maximum carnage!
    This is as close as we can get.

    Thanks to Sony XD
    No thanks to Capcom XP

    I hope this will set a new trend in fun arcade style multi-player!

    See if you are a platform whose sole focus is the core gamers’ interests you will come up of new & great re-inventing gameplay ideas rooted and grounded on video game’s rich culture and history.