Beyond: Two Souls gameplay, screenshots
posted on 03.21.13 at 10:36 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Quantic Dream has a PlayStation 4 game in the works, too.

New gameplay footage and screenshots for Sony and Quantic Dream’s upcoming PlayStation 3 game Beyond: Two Souls have gone been released.

Several media outllets have gone live with new previews. Have your pick: CVG, Destructoid, GameSpot, The Globe and Mail, IGN, The Verge, or VG247.

In related news, Quantic Dream has also confirmed work on its first PlayStation 4 game has begun. Further details were not shared, but studio boss Guillaume de Fondaumiere said it “is not going to resemble” what Quantic is doing on PlayStation 3, and that they’re aiming to “reinvent” themselves.

Beyond: Two Souls is due out in October. Watch the gameplay below, courtesy of VG247. View the screenshots at the gallery.

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  • Paul Talada

    Ok that was awesome.

  • Can’t wait to play this and can’t wait to see what Quantic Dream can do on PS4. I hope they don’t abandon Kara, please turn it into a game. So much potential!

  • Very impressive. Just as I expected…Loved Heavy Rain dearly.

  • Omg…Omg…Omg… I’m hyped!!!

  • Bucketdeft
  • paperclichepixel

    That black dude is Kadeem Hardison.

  • MrRobbyM

    After the second video, my ps3 restarted after a system update and the start-up chime started the second the video ended.



    Looks pretty.

  • Bloodios

    I’ve noticed some dips in frame rate in the sparring clip, which isn’t all that bad but I hope they get sorted out nonetheless. Anyway, what’s interesting is that in the escape clip, the engine seemed to have switched to using adaptive V-sync, as there were several instances where screen-tearing is made rather obvious to spot. Standard V-sync and triple-buffering would’ve been much more preferable though, given that image quality matters much more in these kind of games, so I hope Quantic Dream would look into that.

    All that aside, I wonder if it would be possible to flip the lady over (because I’m evil >:D ) instead of just pushing her chair.

    All in all, the graphics look ace. So looking foward to this. It’s a good year for owners of PlayStation consoles ;)

    • Heavy Rain already featured minor, yet constant, screen-tearing. Wouldn’t bet on V-sync. At least it will become the new graphics benchmark on PS3. I’m expecting QD to deliver triple-buffered, V-synced 30fps 1080p eyegasm gaming on PS4.

  • PrinceHeir

    i was hoping i’ll be able to fully control the character instead of doing prompt buttons.

    they just removed the indicators for buttons and replace it with slow motion movement.

    looks great though

  • Game looks amazing

  • I fucking love Ellen Page and QD. Combined with PS they’re a match made in heaven!
    BEYOND’s the first game to have been chosen as an Official Selection by Tribeca Film Festival. rad!

  • Had this reserved since it was possible. I really look forward to it.

  • Bloodios

    Hey Sal, VG24/7 just stated that there was a fps error, and re-uploaded the proper (30FPS) version of those clips.

    Lab Test Sequence:
    Combat Revealed:
    Hospital Escape:

  • This and Last of Us are gonna ensure PS3 goes out with a bang! I love Sony and their constant support of exclusive, new IP – even during their flagship console’s final year.

  • Kurisu Makise

    Thank you VG24/7 and Sal for posting these up. This was a great set of videos to show case the feel, the game play, and how things come together. Goodness, I don’t know if Beyond will even push the game play elements seen the way I’m imagining it but I’m excited to see how far they go and what doesn’t get pushed, I’m hoping Quantic can expand further on for PS4. This could really be well done in an Open World setting, letting the environment and your interactions tell a narrative, followed by strategic choice making and puzzles, yeah I see some good things for Oct and the future.

  • Why do they so eagerly want to make an interactive movie like the one they did in the 90s? A game made of QTE is the antithesis of gameplay!

    • Elvick

      Why deny the industry the diversity?

      I applaud the attempts to cut out the disconnect when moving from a cutscene to the gameplay. It’s so blatently obvious when it breaks up. You go from a cutscene in Uncharted to taking cover for 10 minutes to kill waves of dudes until you platform then another cutscene, repeat with some set piece moments tossed in to make it pop.

      Sure it works great, but I don’t want every game to be like that. I would like a game that feels like a cohesive story that I’m interacting with. Not a story that’s cut into pieces, separated by completely opposing gameplay sections (like in pretty much every JRPG). I don’t hate that, but I don’t want it for every game either.

      Just as I wouldn’t want every game to be like this one. Just let the games be how they are, and if you don’t like how they do it… don’t play it.

  • Prodigy-X

    Can’t wait to buy this.