Atelier Totori Plus out now on U.S. PlayStation Network
posted on 03.19.13 at 07:04 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Tecmo Koei localizes and releases game without announcement.

Tecmo Koei has—out of nowhere—released the PlayStation Vita version of Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland on the U.S. PlayStation Store today.

Out of nowhere, meaning: it technically wasn’t even confirmed for an overseas release (though, an Australia classification did hint it) until today. And it’s out today.

The game looks to be download-only in the U.S. It can be purchased on the PlayStation Store for $39.99. Buy it before April 16, and you’ll get the ‘Devil Bikini’ and ‘Angel Smiwsuit’ costumes for Totori.

Thanks, PlayStation LifeStyle.

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  • Well, someone has to beat it for the sixth time :3

    I’ll be getting that today, for sure

  • JonathanisPrimus

    Because announcing a release before you release it is too mainstream.

  • DarthBrian

    WTF? o_O

    I hate to ask, but does it have dual-audio? :p

    • CirnoTheStrongest

      Yes it does!

      • DarthBrian

        OMG! :O
        Must get it now!
        Oh wait, I don’t have a Vita yet. :(

    • KIngpigeon96


  • Talk about a ninja launch, lol. It’s my favorite game in the series so I’ll have to pick this one up soon :D

  • Wait, what? *grumble* Making me spend more money…

  • Cleiton Santos

    Damn, Sam Fisher would be proud!

    • jujubee88

      Night goggle dlc confirmed

      • Cleiton Santos

        hah as long as it doesn’t cost the same as the infamous “horse armor.”

  • Eclipse

    What…? So they released it just like that?! How unusual…

    I’ll buy myself a copy if dual-audio is included.

    • CirnoTheStrongest

      It is!

      • Eclipse

        That’s good to know! ^_^

        I’ve already imported this game, but I wouldn’t mind buying another copy to support GUST <3

        • Hikaru Lighthalzen

          is this even have physical copy?

          • Eclipse

            I meant on the PSN.. A physical copy would’ve been nice, but I don’t mind digital, either.

    • Cleiton Santos

      Some of you people need to be down-voted really.
      “Does it have dual audio” “I’ll buy only if it has dual audio…”
      Yes it does!
      “Ah but i don’t have a Vita yet..” “I already imported a copy ><" blah blah


      • Eclipse

        I don’t really get what you’re complaining about…

        Atelier Iris included dual-audio back when it was localized in 2005, and for close to eight years, just about every single release from GUST has had dual-audio included.

        But ever since it was announced that Atelier Ayesha would not have dual-audio, I’ve just been cautious about their releases. A lot of the fans were accustomed to having dual-audio included in the games for close to eight years, so you cant blame those of us for being curious if it’ll be included in the game.

        • Cleiton Santos

          It’s not about the dual audio feat… It’s about people making a fuss over a feature in a game that they don’t even own the platform to play the game with. Or in your case, you already imported the game anyways… Just seems off to me that you’d care about dual audio to begin with. My post wasn’t entirely directed at you though.

          • Eclipse

            Ah, I see.

            The reason I care about the dual-audio is because I don’t have the copy of the game I imported (I gave it as a gift to someone who I recently introduced into this series).

  • CirnoTheStrongest

    Dual-audio IS included

  • Ivan Junior

    The real definition of fast is now among us.

  • Kipper

    Wow! The title had me very confused. I’ve never played any of these Atelier games before and I am considering getting Ayesha… and now they’ve dropped this (exciting) bombshell.

    I wouldn’t mind some advice from someone who knows the series on which game to try first, be it for story or gameplay reasons (I want to start with the weaker one, feature-wise, so that the second one I play won’t be a step back). I’m also curious about how these game stack up compared to Mana Khemia, as I adored both of those games.

    Thank you to anyone who responds!

    • CirnoTheStrongest

      They are nothing like Mana Khemia. Ayesha is a standalone game. Totori’s the best way to start, as while Rorona is the game that comes before it, it’s not a huge deal if you haven’t played Rorona before. But Meruru (which comes after Totori) would be a lot less good if you had never played Totori before.

      These are time-management alchemy RPGs. I really don’t know how else to describe them, as they’re a fairly unique genre unto themselves.

      • Kipper

        I see, I see… I suppose it’s ideal that the cheaper, portable game be a good place to start. It’s a shame it’s not like Mana Khemia, as I read somewhere they had some producers or something in common, but I think I’ll like these games nonetheless. Perhaps if I like them enough, I’ll look into going through the process of getting Rorona.

        Thank you guys for the input!

        • CirnoTheStrongest

          No problem, and it’s the exact same development team. Mana Khemia and Atelier Iris were a very big departure from their normal formula, and Atelier Rorona is what brought them back to that formula, and ended up making them big money.

          • Did it make them lots of money? Huh. Still, I do wish they would alternate between the Khemia and Atelier series though. The battle system in Mana Khemia is just superb all around, right up there with Grandia and Final Fantasy X.

            • CirnoTheStrongest

              Actually, the battle system in Ayesha is pretty similar to the battle system in Mana Khemia. And really, ever since Totori it’s like they’ve been working to get the battle system to be as fun as Mana Khemia’s was.

              • That’s promising. I’m going to play Totori on the Vita then and skip Rorona for now. (Already bought Totori Plus. :)

                Does Ayesha have the instant swapins of back line characters for extra attacks in battle, and for defense? That’s the biggest feature that made Mana Khemia a great strategic battle system.

        • I know what you mean. I was SO disappointed when Atelier Rorona went back to the traditional SNES/PS1 era Atelier game formula. I loved all 5 of the PS2 atelier games. (Atelier Iris 1-3 and Mana Khemia 1-2.)

          • Hikaru Lighthalzen

            dont forget artonelico too

            • I never played Ar Tonelico, but it’s in a different universe than Atelier afaik. They did release another one of those for the PS3.

    • lostforeverinspace

      If you want to start with the weakest Rorona would be it but its not really needed to play Totori but if you do start with Rorona and go with Totori there would be a great change in everything from story,graphic, and gameplay since it added more needed battles and exploration than with Rorona. So basically Totori is better all around.

  • Skerj

    What in the sam hell? Opening wallet now. Someone get this team on Grand Knights History and Type 0.

  • DesmaX

    They don’t even care

  • Jontaku

    But what about Europe :'(

    • Kurisu Makise

      Tecmo Koei EU actually cares, you guys will probably get a heads up, a blog post maybe oh and a physical release.

  • epy

    And then they’ll complain it didn’t sell enough…

  • Nerroth

    I should note that it’s also available on the PlayStation Store in Canada, where it’s listed for CA$39.99.

  • rebellion14

    I didn’t know Atelier Totori was a stealth game.

    • jujubee88


  • CrystalPulse

    Dazed and confused…

  • Sevyne

    Tecmo Koei is going to kill the series. I mean really? Random stealth release, digital only, and previously stripping Ayesha of Dual Audio? This is just a bad sign of things to come. They’ve done nothing but mistreat the series since acquiring Gust.

    I mean, I’m glad it’s out, but a heads up would have been nice. These games deserve better than this.

    • Yeah, no effort by Koei on the Atelier Series
      I’m really sad, is one of my favorite series on the PS3, but i can´t even buy Ayesha here in Brazil, no seller has the game

      No hope on the future games… sadly

    • OverlordZetta

      That’s Tecmo Koei…of America/Europe/etc. They’re doing the series great over in Japan. I wouldn’t be surprised if they pushed for the Vita ports in the first place, since TK’s putting so many games there already.

      • Elvick

        I think it’s pretty obvious he’s referring to the series outside of Japan.

      • Sevyne

        Except this article and my post are not about Japan, and are about the mistreatment outside of Japan obviously.

        • Kurisu Makise

          To be fair to Tecmo Koei NA/EU, Ayesha’s lack of dual audio is GUST’s fault. However, there’s no excuse for stealth Totori+ release, like geez… More importantly, it shows how people feel about Vita in general not promising. Alas, I wanted Totori+ on Vita, so I’m prepping my money to pick it up before April 16th. Maybe we can pray for stealth Meruru and call it squares >>; Since that’s still better than no release -mumble-

    • Mukuro Tatsuya

      They must be getting advices from konami

  • Duc PC-QB

    Damn, both my body and wallet are not ready.

    You’re not funny Tecmo

  • Talk about out of left field @[email protected]

  • Jan Nadal

    No love for R3. I hope they release it also there

  • almostautumn

    What the— what!

  • Hikaru Lighthalzen

    what about asia? , and digital only? oh seriously =_=

  • Mar Mar

    Yeah now games like PSO2 or Tales of Hearts R are gonna pop out of nowhere on PSN Store… nope.

    • Kurisu Makise

      Let’s be honest, stealth ToR release vs no release, I’ll take another stealth release, it’s just annoying and bad form but it’s better than us sitting around begging for the game to be released on Gematsu, right? (Meanwhile I have hope that PSO2 will make it just fine…then again maybe I should be worried.)

  • SprintsMcGee

    I’m happy it’s out and that they kept the dual-audio, but a little warning next time KT? I just ordered the physical copy from Japan yesterday, and now you’re “making” me buying it again today.

    I’ll prolly be doing the same for Meruru plus as well lol

  • Elvick

    So mad, I want a retail game. And I’m mad that they put no effort at all into informing consumers it would be coming out. On top of that they released it close to Ayesha. smh

    I won’t be buying a digital only, full price release. Maybe Europe will be lucky and get a limited run of physical copies like with New Little King’s Story so I can import it.

    • Sevyne

      I’ll be joining you on that boat. Gonna wait to see if Europe gets a physical release.

    • Hikaru Lighthalzen

      yeah i want the physical one too , not digital

    • NeoTechni

      Tell me if they do, ill import it too

    • Barrit

      Room for 1 more on that boat??

  • Adol Christian

    I’m just happy we get the game :)

  • NeoTechni

    Any way to buy it on game card?

  • Elvick
  • artemisthemp
  • Lönk To Xillia

    WTF? And now in Europe? What happened to Tecmo Koei? And no physical edition D: Why are all companies fighting against physical edition? Well, with this, I know more than one that will buy the japanesse edition xD

  • raneeeeek

    Might have bought this if it wasn’t digital.

  • PrinceHeir

    seriously Tecmo Koei why are you killing the series outside of japan!?!?!