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Toukiden pits the Mononofu against the Demons
posted on 02.06.13 at 08:37 PM EST by (@sqexgal)
Tecmo Koei and Omega Force's new PS Vita game detailed.

View high-res screenshots of Toukiden here. has posted an online preview of Toukiden, its new IP for PlayStation Vita and PSP. Here’s the the outlet’s report.


Long ago, there were those who fought against the grotesque creatures known as Demons. They called themselves the Mononofu. For 1000 years, the Mononofu, as shadows of history, continued to protect mankind. However, at the end of a peaceful age, a great calamity suddenly came.

Time was distorted, the heavens and earth were torn apart, and hell broke lose. A huge number of Demons overflowed like never before. While Demons swallowed up most of the land, the Mononofu ushered the surviving people into villages and confronted the Demons. For seven days and seven nights… After a brief but fierce battle, they narrowly succeeded in protecting mankind.

Afterwards this period of calamity was known as “The Time of Great Evil.” The Mononofu protected mankind and as the governing figures, they stepped out of the shadows of history and into the forefront. Eight years since then, the battle against Demons still rages on, and a new soldier has been dispatched to the front line of battle.

To protect mankind from extinction, the Mononofu will destroy the Demons!

Instinctive Action

The player takes on the role of one the soldiers known as “Mononofu.” The main character is a beginner, setting out to destroy the world-distorting demons and protect mankind. Using weapons like the long sword and bow and arrow, you’ll take a stand against the most ferocious demons. But the demon’s flesh is tough and you won’t be able to defeat them by attacking recklessly. Take them down by destroying them limb by limb, follow it by purification so that the life energy of the demons is cut off from the root source!

Attacking Demons

When you speak of demons, the image of huge human-like monsters with horns and tusks comes to mind. However, demons in this title are not necessarily like that. While there are human-shaped demons like the “Gouenma,” and then there are demons like the “Mifuchi,” which resembles a spider. Demons of many different sizes and shapes will appear. It is the main character Mononofu which oppose these demons. Along with the Sakura combat units that aid you, you’ll fight to extinguish the existence of demons from the world.

Toukiden is due out this year in Japan. It will allow up to four players to play together in a party on PS Vita and PSP.

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  • MosquitoLemon

    Looks very very sick, like a non-crappy version of Blood of Bahamut.

  • Its nice hearing about PSP games still, but why hasnt Gematsu posted the news about the Class of Heroes 2 UMD signup yet?

    Support niche publishers by letting people know about their products.

    • MosquitoLemon

      Woah, I had not heard about that! I knew about the project, but dang!

  • DrForbidden

    That’s a sexy headdress…

  • Solomon_Kano

    Whoa. I wasn’t prepared for this to look as good as it does, seeing as it’s also on PSP. Bless Tecmo Koei for actually putting some work in, unlike… well, I won’t name any names. But bless TK. Yes.

  • Pyrofrost

    Omega Force seems to be really out-doing themselves on this one. I can’t wait to see some actual gameplay.

  • Kobracon

    Looking forward to some gameplay vids ^_^

  • Well, it sounds promising. I need to see more though.

  • Bloodios

    Looking good!

    On a side note, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t mononofu some ancient term referring to samurai or something? Couldn’t they have chosen a more epic name?

    • DrForbidden

      ‘Mononofu’ is an indigenous Japanese word meaning ‘warrior’ or ‘soldier’, later coming to become a synonym for ‘samurai’.

  • Looks promising, I hope it will take influence from Ninja Gaiden rather then Dynasty Warrior.

  • Zackasaur

    Bring this to the west, yes? :3

  • PrinceHeir

    God Eater 2,Valhalla Knights 3,Toukiden,Ragnarok Oddsey,Lord of Apocalypse!

    all we need is Monster Hunter on Vita :P

    • GaySkull

      don’t forget PSO 2

  • KurisuMakise

    “The main character is a beginner, setting out to destroy the world-distorting demons and protect mankind. Using weapons like the long sword and bow and arrow, you’ll take a stand against the most ferocious demons.”

    “bow and arrow” — SOLD!

    Really love the character designs too, I hope this gets localized, come on Tecmo Koei, you’ve got my wallet, just keep it flowing ;-;