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Toukiden has four-player cross-play
posted on 02.05.13 at 06:06 PM EST by (@salromano)
Fight demons as soldiers called "Mononofu."

Famitsu this week has first details on Toukiden, Tecmo Koei and Omega Force’s Tokyo Game Show-announced PS Vita and PSP “history hunting” action game produced by Kenichi Ogasawara.

In Toukiden, players will fight demons as soldiers called “Mononofu.” In order to purge the demons, players must take them down limb by limb. Up to four players can play together in a party. And cross-play between PS Vita and PSP is also possible.

The game will launch in Japan sometime this year.

Thanks, Tale Tale Source.

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  • Tre W

    …Sounds to me like this might be the reason why a 3rd Multi-Raid game never materialized. But hey, I’m all for Koei and Omega Force trying something a bit different, instead of always relying on Zhao Yun and/or Yukimura to sell their games.

    • MosquitoLemon

      Still waiting on Suikoden Musou

  • lol is this the surprise scoop that would “lift ban on popular series”? if so famitsu strikes again

    • It was popular “title,” IIRC, and yes, it would seem so. The table of contents are out, at least. And this seems to be the only title in there that hasn’t really had any concrete info about it shared prior.

      • Duc PC-QB

        Toukiden is “popular” ?

        • Pyrofrost

          Toukiden is a new IP, so no, it’s not popular.

          However Omega Force is VERY popular, and any game announced by them is going to generate a pretty damn large following.

  • Pyrofrost

    I’m always up for more Omega Force goodness. However, I’m ready to see some actual gameplay footage. All they released so far since the TGS is a damn CG trailer.

  • Ramza Beoulve

    sound good

  • Solomon_Kano

    Sounds good, now let’s see it in action!

  • Added some scans. Looks beastly. Literally!

  • DrForbidden

    So basically another MonHun-like game or clone?

    • Pyrofrost

      Not necessarily. It would be best to see gameplay before any calls are made.

    • This looks more like God Eater than Monster Hunter to me….

    • almostautumn

      Dude, come on.

      It’s the “Hunting” genre. MH brought it to limelight, but it’s time to stop minimizing eclectic titles as just “like” MH or being a “clone” of MH. The genre is friggin’ huge man, and has grown in diversity and eclectic design faster than any other genre to date.

      • DrForbidden

        Sorry, but the hunting genre in itself is far from ‘huge’ unless you count various PC MMORPGs into the mix, as well as many RPG games which possess some hunting elements in it. At its core, there have been very little growth, diversity, and change for hunting-type games.

        • GaySkull

          by your logic MonHun is a Phantasy Star online clone

          • I wouldn’t call it a clone, but the roots of the gameplay are most definitely influenced by the phantasy star online formula.

          • DrForbidden

            I do not recall trying to extrapolate anything with ‘my logic’ in my reply to almostautumn. If you are referring to my previous post, it would have been preferable if you had replied to that one instead to avoid confusion.

            In any case, I did in fact call it ‘MonHun-like game or clone’. Like some other butthurt people you ignore the ‘-like game or’ and focus on the slight of ‘clone’. If it’s a hunting game, then it is ‘like MonHun’, just like any new 3D fighter will be ‘like Virtua Fighter’ or ‘like Dead or Alive’. That does not necessarily imply it is a bad game. Even ‘clones’ can be good.

  • Another title for Vita is great, but I can’t help but getting upset over every “scoop next week”. Gonna save hype for later use.

  • PrinceHeir