Shin Megami Tensei IV: battles, grinning, difficulty, and revival
posted on 02.11.13 at 11:32 PM EDT by (@sqexgal)
Grin to increase your strength during battle.

Atlus recently updated the official Shin Megami Tensei IV website with new details on the game’s battle system, grinning, difficulty, and revival options. Find our full summary below.

Press Turn Battle

During battles, you attack by choosing a certain number of actions. The number of actions can be increased by attacking weak points. It’s refreshing to hit the enemy’s weak points a whole bunch in one stroke, but on the contrary, you can get caught in predicaments when attacking the weak points.

All in all, it’s a simple but thrilling battle system. In addition, occasionally demons will band together and appear as an “army.” The weak points of the army groups aren’t always obvious. You’ll need to find the weak point and attack it aggressively before the army unleashes their waves of attacks on you.


The character that increases the number of actions may grin widely and laugh. Not only will the grinning character become strengthened temporarily, but their weak point becomes ineffective, and it changes the battle progress greatly. Both enemies and allies can break out into a grin, so it’s an advantageous system in a pinch, but also nerve-wracking if things aren’t going your way.


When you use up the set number of turns, a simpler level of difficulty becomes available. Since you can change the degree of difficulty whenever you want, it’s possible to adjust the play style freely. You can also save and load at any time too.


When you are annihilated in battle, you are sent to the Styx River, but you can return to the point before you were annihilated by paying up game coins. You can hand over your money (macca) or game coins to the Styx Ferryman “Karon,” and he will revive you right before where you died, where you can immediately attempt the fight again. And this time, hopefully not lose.

Thanks, Umimi.

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  • Dokosho

    I like the new revival system. A lot more forgiving than Nocturne was.

  • whiteferrero

    Lol. I thought grinning was a typo to grinding.

    Well, smile yourself to victory they say.
    And that army battle, sounds like a great spin to the battles!

    oh and btw, I AM SUPER HYPED for this GAME!!!

  • ddsfan2

    I’m glad that they are using the Turn Press system, I love the way it is implemented in DDS 1/2 and Nocturne.

  • Eclipse

    It’s actually called “grinning”? I like that!
    It kind of sounds similar to the guard command in P4.

    And yes, the revival feature does sounds very useful. Now I won’t rage like I did back in SMT III: Nocturne. ^_^

  • Pyrofrost

    The save anywhere feature is definitely a must, and should be mandatory for any portable JRPG.

    It also seems to be geared a bit more towards casuals (kinda like how Nocturne was, in comparison to the older ones). Which isn’t entirely a bad thing, and we still have options here. We can choose to make it more difficult, or choose not pay the macca/coins for revival. So this really just makes the game more accessible, which is fine.

  • PrinceHeir

    awesome stuff :D

    reminds me, i need to get back in Digital Devil Saga 2 ASAP!