Rumor: Microsoft to unveil next Xbox in spring - Gematsu
Rumor: Microsoft to unveil next Xbox in spring
posted on 02.01.13 at 07:50 PM EST by (@salromano)
Microsoft apparently aware of Sony's launch.

While Sony is planning to reveal its next-generation PlayStation later this month, Microsoft won’t reveal its next-generation Xbox until spring, according to Polygon “sources familiar with the Microsoft console.” 

“Microsoft, while already aware of Sony’s launch timing, plans to hold its own announcement this spring, months after Sony’s unveiling,” said the website. “A variety of form-factors for Microsoft’s new console, we’re told, are already being focus tested.”

Previous rumors have suggested the next Xbox, code-named Durango, will run on an x64 8-core CPU and have 8 gigabytes of DDR3 RAM.

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  • Xbox…… should close … and disapper truel…

    • No it should not, da more competition it haz, da more dat it haz ta actually TRY to get people to use dere products.

      Dis Applies to Microsoft and Nintendo as well, dey will become lazy and start nickle an’ diming customers more.

      • Dean Winchester

        Your liberal abuse of all things English physically hurts my face.

        And by your theory MS must believe they haven’t had any competition since they launched the 360 b/c their efforts have epitomized laziness for the last decade spanning back into the original Xbox’ last days.

    • Danny Kriegbaum Laursen

      I may not like Xbox 360 (Wish I never brought one), but the fact stand, that Sony consumers only benefit from competition Microsoft and in some degree Nintendo put on Sony.

      There is a possibly, that Trophies won’t have exist, if Microsoft haven’t made Achievement a core of 360 games.

      Some may argue, that this ain’t that importer for them and that is a valid reason, but could have been the Rechargeable Controller, Blu-ray drive etc.

  • DarthBrian

    and not a single fuck was given…

    Until Spring maybe. :p

    • Is this like your new running gag? lol

      • DarthBrian

        That was probably the last time I do that. :p

        Unless it’s about Fuse again. :3

  • Solomon_Kano

    They best be spending that time coming up with some huge announcements. The Wii U owned January, Sony’s got news for February, so MS needs something if they’re gonna wait so long. Let’s see howit goes.

  • DesmaX

    But wasn’t Sony going to show the PS4 after Microsoft announced their console? I’m confused

    • Solomon_Kano

      Well, Kaz himself said that they weren’t in any rush to beat MS to an announcement. Considering that neither knows when the other’s going to say something though, this was probably the time they had picked for a while.

    • Prodigy-X

      Looks like Kaz trolled everybody. I think it was a smart move on his part. I mean Microsoft was probably like okay will wait till May to announce then since you want us to go first but Sony probably like hahaha!!! you fall for are troll trap. So Sony pretty much lied to throw Microsoft off.

      • Zohar127

        You may be on to something here. Sony HAS to be first to the market and they HAVE to be first to announce and get hyped. They got destroyed last time around because they allowed Microsoft to get their hooks in.

        • Prodigy-X

          So its pretty much turnabout is fair play.

    • cid

      could still possibly be true given that all of this are just rumors for all we know sony could just be releasing a bunch of games or something new with their online service.

  • syaznifaiq

    NEXT Story please

  • epy

    I really wonder how many studios will survive this new generation.

    • paperclichepixel

      I think the key word will be amalgamation.
      Thank GOD, the tech leap is smaller than XBOX to 360.

    • Elvick

      If developers stop overreaching, then they’d be fine.

      That said, consumers should stop being graphic whores so developers don’t have to overreach to stand a chance of selling to graphic whores.

      • DrForbidden

        We can hope, but unfortunately we both know that’s not gonna happen…

        The generation of gamers who have known nothing but current gen have already been spoilt silly. It’s only going to get worse as UltraHD gradually becomes the norm.

        This makes me sad, actually…

    • SERIOUSLY I hope the COD series finally dies off shortly after the start of NEXT-GEN. It would good until MW1 then started becoming crappy. I want NEXT-GEN to be more focused on Variety, and seriously stop OVERSATURATING the Market with FPS.

  • I just cant wait until this stuff is show so we can finally stop hearing all of these rumors. Personally, I think the current gen could go another year or two, but if they are going to release these soon, then just release the specs already.

  • No thanks unless Live is free I see no point in buying the Next XBOX.

    • Zohar127

      Don’t get your hopes up about the next gen PSN being free either. I have a feeling they will be putting -a lot- of their currently free services behind the pay wall. IMO that will ultimately benefit the consumer because they can afford to make constant improvements and build new features. I have no bias one way or the other in the console wars but Xbox Live ran circles around PSN. Feature-wise and in terms of ease of use for the consumer Xbox Live is miles ahead of what Sony is doing with PSN.

      • LOL heard that one before and I disagree PSN is fine the way it is/was I never had any problems with it. To be honest I find and have always found PSN more user friendly than Live and I never DC from PSN but with Live even when watching movies I DC. Sony would be crazy to charge people to use Netflix or to simply talk and play with friends online.. I say no way on that one many people would leave for Nintendo. Both Nintendo and SONY realize they have something that Live does not with Miiverse/Nintendo network and PSN. MS is in a deep one next gen if they don’t go free.

        • cid

          to each to his own,i find that xbox live is a lot more polish than psn, but i disagree that MS will fail if they continue to charge for online given that they’ve been doing this for years and didn’t change strategy’s even once, its obvious that they have a healthy amount of customers that don’t mind paying for better online functions and i kind do see that in their next gen.

      • Oh and the only reason the fanboys say its so great is because instead of MS using the money they give them to make them exclusive titles which they should do anyways, they use it for exclusive maps for the first weeks or months… very lame and to top things of you get spammed with ads even when you pay Gold… wtf. No thanks XBLIVE is dead.

        • dead? doubt it.

        • palitococo

          Ha ha ha ha ha ha, XBOX LIVE dead?………………….hahahahhaha………….i cant say anymore….. I love PS, i just got a PS3 this gen, a PS2 last gen and a PSX last gen, but God! we need to have common sense…..

        • Dean Winchester

          You actually get a thumbs up from me for that one!

      • Pyrofrost

        I can agree that many services will become attached to PS+ (like cross-game chat and the record share feature).
        However, the most important one, the ability to play online, I will bet on that remaining a free service. That was a major selling point for PS3, so I doubt they will force consumers to start paying for that now.

      • Dean Winchester

        “XBL is miles ahead of PSN”


        As someone paid for Live from 2003-2010, you sir are delusional.

        Xgame chat and loads of ads.

        The first being Live’s only feature over PSN, the latter an annoyance that you XBro’s sweep under the rug like a battered wife does her last punch to the face from dear old hubby.

      • DrForbidden

        “Feature-wise and in terms of ease of use for the consumer Xbox Live is miles ahead of what Sony is doing with PSN.”

        You’re entitled to your opinion, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to vehemently disagree with you on that one.

      • Danny Kriegbaum Laursen

        Mile ahead? You mean like require Xbox Live Gold to redeem free in-game gift from the Company behind games?

  • PrinceHeir

    i wonder if japanese companies will support the next box?

    Cave should release more shooting PS3 games please!!!

    • syaznifaiq

      Only SE and probably Capcom, its obvious based on their previous record , e.g The Last Remnant xbox exclusive ,the same with Star Ocean 4 before ported to PS3 , Lara Croft exclusive Xbox 360 controller, FFXIII and DMC4 supposedly PS3 exclusive suddenly become multiplatform, .. etc

      Why they dumped Sony and choose M$ is beyond me,

      • Raiyu

        Pretty sure Microsoft paid them to keep them for time-exclusivity.

        • EspadaKiller

          Yeah it’s all about the money.

          • Raiyu

            When money talks, games walk…

      • Because they are Greedy and want all the $$$ they can get from US THE GAMERS.

    • cid

      most probably the big companies and japanese games that will appeal to the western market.unless MS tries another run for it.

      • MS won’t for Next-Gen. They’ll focus on Halo 5 & 6. And get a buncha western Dev’s to make FPS games.

    • Pyrofrost

      Outside of the big 4: SE, Capcom, Konami, and NamcoBandai….I seriously doubt it. Microsoft consoles = a terrible return in Japan, and that’s because the install base is practically non-existent.
      The only thing XBox good for in Japan is all the STGs, some VNs and a few RPGs. The main reason Cave has been working with 360 is because it’s easier to develop for, and the rules are far more lax. Cave’s issue hasn’t been so much about money.

      • PrinceHeir

        yeah i agree.

        actually last year 5pb was on a roll porting Stein;Gates and Chaos;Head(as well as all of their spin offs) to the PS3 and it surprisingly surpass the Xbox 360 sales.

        only Cave is fully supporting them in japan.

        if Sony can make their policies a little bit more flexible, we would be seeing alot of Niche companies developing games at their console.

        Cave can still give the PS3 a boost, by porting the Cave Shooter Collection!

        now that would attract alot of Cave fans on the PS3.

        • Pyrofrost

          I would like to see Cave’s work on PS3 as well, however I see it more likely happening for the PS4. Hopefully Sony will be building it easier to work with. Aside from that, they will need to lighten up on their stupid rules.

          • Elvick

            Implying MS doesn’t have stupid rules. Take a look at all the trouble MS has given Oddworld Inhabitants when they were trying their hardest to get Stranger’s Wrath HD on the 360.

            MS has no reason not to work with them, but they won’t. They simply don’t want the game. So their consumers don’t even get the choice to buy it. And there’s no reason for it.

            Never mind Sony working with Valve with Portal 2. Sony working with MMO developers, allowing things like Dust 514 to exist at all. Among other examples of Sony being willing to work with developers and publishers to make things happen that MS would never allow.

            The only ‘rule’ I can even think of is that Sony doesn’t want old ports without any new content. Which is good for consumers. Who wants an old port with nothing added? I’d rather have new content for old ports thanks.

            And that wouldn’t be an issue if developers wouldn’t have taken money from MS to offer timed exclusivity to begin with.

            • Pyrofrost

              I’m not implying anything, you’re simply seeing what you want to see. I’m just talking strictly about STGs and why they are appearing all over the 360 and NOT on the PS3. So please, stop trying to find an argument that I’m not making. If you want to pick a fight over the internet or start debate with someone that badly, please find someone who is interested. I would appreciate that. Thanks!

              Aside from that, all the games that you’re speaking of I know nothing about; because I’m not into those games.

              • Elvick


                • Pyrofrost

                  If it means anything, I have nothing against you. I just didn’t see the point in you reading into what I was saying as if I was implying something else. I was simply talking about PS3 and STGs.

  • ShinAsura

    I’m going to stick with Sony exclusively for the upcoming gen, tried out the 360 but didn’t care for it much

    • Pyrofrost

      Indeed. I follow the games, and the games I like to play appear on Japanese consoles, and for the most part, on the Playstation brand.

    • KurisuMakise

      Funny enough, I got the 360 and Wii first this gen before getting the PS3 and it seems I’m in a similar boat to you but I don’t want to give Sony a free pass just yet. Going to try and remain neutral to both parties until I’ve seen everything. For while Sony may have caught more of the niche Japanese games, people like Capcom and Square Enix seem to push their 360 stuff much more, like how 360 got the RE6 DLC first for example.

      • Dean Winchester

        If timed DLC sways your ability to make informed purchases…….well, you are exactly what MS feels is their target audience.

        • KurisuMakise

          Timed DLC is just an example of one of the benefits on one platform versus the other. I could list the whole better multiplats thing (which I highly doubt will be the case for PS4/Xbox next), however if one platform is getting content from titles you want first over another system or sometimes exclusive content outright, that’s reason enough to give them a look. Especially since they’ve also been very aggressive with XBLA offerings too. Therefore all I’m saying is we shouldn’t count them out so soon, especially if you want to make an “informed” purchase.

      • Elvick

        Timed DLC, when you still needing to pay for online and to use subscription apps like Netflix (which can be accessed free everywhere else) is pretty dumb reason.

        But to each their own I suppose. I still don’t think that’s a very good reason to buy something. When the negatives are so huge and the only benefit is null with some patience.

        • KurisuMakise

          I don’t agree with what they do with XBL Gold admittedly. The paywall is definitely a turn off. Though Microsoft does tend to get apps faster as well if that’s something which tickles your fancy.

          • Elvick

            The only app I care about is Netflix, and PS3 is the leading platform of development for the Netflix app. So… personally, I’m happy.

            YouTube is nice to have, but it’s easier to use my tablet or computer.

        • I own a PS3 & 360 and have tried XBox Live but I don’t always play games online. In fact I haven’t been on XBL in 3 years. Spends most of his time on PS3 instead.

  • Learii

    lol look like micorsoft wait to see what sony have first before they reavil the next xbox if ps4 stronger then their xbox i bet they will push back the date so they would make it beter then ps4

  • Shadow

    I wonder how many red lights of death this one will have!

    • cid

      i do believe MS gambled on that one ,they knew that the problem existed but they really wanted the 1 year head start against sony, i don’t think they’ll have balls to try that again or else there’s gonna be a huge backlash.

      • from what I hear SONY & M$ are both going to release their Next-Gen consoles This year. If M$ had a supposed Fuck up on the Xbox 720 before launch then they might have to delay let alone recall the console.

        This is why I don’t buy an XBOX console at Launch I wait 3 years when it has a lot less problems. I’ll still be sticking with PS4 the most, and since PS4 will be easy to develop for that’ll help SONY a whole Bunch.

        I’ll also be playing PS4/Wii U more than Xbox 720 next Gen.

    • Dean Winchester

      Over 9000!

  • cid

    as much i hate MS’s direction on gaming can’t deny that that the 360 was part of my 4 year fun gaming experience ,so i’ll just wait and see what they have to offer.

  • Zohar127

    I have nothing against MS. I own a 360 and PS3 and enjoy both, but when it comes right down to it I don’t see myself buying the next Xbox. MS has no first party games that interest me and I don’t think I’ll have the disposable income to throw around on multiple game platforms. I’ll be a PS4/Wii U guy next gen I think.

    … and PC of course!

  • can’t wait ta see what dey show us.

    …….i forsee many dislikez of my comment due ta actually likin’ da Xbox. (why limit yourself ta 1 console?)

    • Pyrofrost

      No reason to limit yourself.
      Personally I don’t follow consoles, I follow the games.

      • Dean Winchester

        If that were true you wouldnt have any interest in MS products.

        • Pyrofrost

          During the seventh gen almost all STGs have appeared on 360, not only that, the 360 had a few good exclusive JRPGs on it. The 360 was also the best console to run FFXI on.

          I owned a 360 for about two years, and got everything I wanted out of it for about 18 months before I sold it…after having a RRoD repair.

          • Dean Winchester

            If by “STG’s” you mean Shitty Terrible Games I agree with you.

            Having 5 RRoD’s kinda pissed me off. Add to that Live fees, ads on Gold, no good exclusives since 2009, the complete shift from worthwhile content to try and force Kinect garbage down our throats, and I find it hard to believe anyone but the most brain dead consumer would ever consider MS a real player in the industry.

            I did enjoy Lost Oddyssee, Blue Dragon, Vesperia, Infinite Undiscovery and well….thats about it. The key here is the best xbox games came out in its first two years and after that the library became garbage.

            • Pyrofrost

              STGs are also commonly known as SHMUPs or Shoot ’em ups.

              Things like this:

              • Dean Winchester

                I like schmups. Had you schmups I would have known what you meant as opposed to a random acronym that still makes no sense even after your explanation.

                Soldner X 1&2, a shooter for $2, Rtypes, Rtype Delta, and Sine Mora as well as the exclusive retail Under Defeat HD are all fantastic and negate any need for having an xbox if schmups is your only reason for owning that lemon.

                • Pyrofrost

                  There are tons more on 360 though and they are quality games as well, but a whole bunch of them are in Japan only. So they aren’t very widely known.
                  What’s cool though, many 360 discs are region free. So you can actually get the Japanese disc and play them on NA consoles with no modifications.

                  • Dean Winchester

                    on PS3 I dont have to research particular discs and hope for one I want to be region free. They all are.

                    There are also more schmups on PS3 that I didnt list but unlike Espagalude and Death Smiles they are actually exclusive and cant be purchased cheaper on my iPhone/iPad.

                    Class dismissed.

                    • ddsfan2

                      I get what you are saying, especially about the region free part, but the games by Cave might as well be exclusive to 360, as I personally think touch controls make them completely different games.

                      I’d much rather use an arcade stick to play them, not to mention the fact that arcade versions don’t have as many modes as the 360 versions, even though the arcade boards that they use probably aren’t too tough to emulate (the mame developers stopped because Cave complained when they added support for recent releases).

                      As for the shmups on the PS3:

                      – Gundemonium Recollection + the rest of the collection: Awesome games and highly underrated, but also on PC

                      – Under Defeat HD: Also awesome, but also on 360 for JP+EU users, and non-HD version on Dreamcast

                      – Sine Mora: Also 360 and Vita

                      – Mamoru Kun: Also on 360

                      The PS1 and PS2 ((eg. R-type games, Raiden 3, and so on) ones available on PSN are amazing, of course, but those are playable on older systems that many people can easily emulate or already own

                      Most of the others, like Soldner 2, I didn’t like especially well, although to each their own.

                      Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather play every shmup on the PS3, but there are just so many on the 360, that it is hard to ignore, unlike most other genres where the PS3 took the lead.

                    • Pyrofrost

                      Persona 4 Arena on PS3 is region locked :p

                      And there may be more than you mentioned on PS3; however, that doesn’t change the fact that there are far more shmups on 360.

                      Look I understand if you prefer PS3 over 360, I do as well; but the 360 clearly won as far as arcade shmups go. There were significantly more on 360 and almost all of them were excellent.
                      Hopefully that will change on the PS4 though, because I won’t be buying a Next Box unless there are 5 or more killer JRPG exclusives that I must play on it.

            • ddsfan2

              (Edit: I just saw the comment where you stated that you like SHMUPS, although you didn’t make that clear until after I posted)

              I can’t say that I agree with you regarding top down/side scrolling shooting games. They are very challenging and are enjoyable in small chunks of time, which is ideal for short play sessions after work when I want an arcade gaming experience.

              The main, if only reason why I am willing to deal with the unreliability of the 360 are games like Akai Katana, Espgaluda 2, Deathsmiles, and so on…

              Ironically, the main reason why I got into them again after not being aware of their existence for the last ~13 years was due to Gundemonium Recollection on the PS3, though.

              As for the 360’s RPG library, it’s not that amazing to me – I like Lost Odyssey a lot, but the PS3 has a lot more JRPGs in quantity, and more RPGs in total, in spite of having fewer WRPGs.

              I still don’t think it’s fair to knock the 360 in terms of games though. If someone doesn’t have a PS3, it has a lot of great multi-platform releases, and is strong in a lot of western genres that don’t interest me personally, but a lot of other people enjoy playing.

            • No shit I own a PS3 & 360 an 3 years ago my 360 died and became a Total piece of SHIT.

        • thankz fer provin’ my point.

          • Dean Winchester

            You proved mine as well. The fact the average xbox fan is considered to be lazy and unintelligent.

            Either you’re too uneducated to know how to correctly spell simple single syllable words or you are just too lazy to correctly spell them and you think your cell phone texting style is trendy and cute.

          • Haku_Luvs_You

            Your points of view do not exactly meet with Dean. And you like something that he doesn’t In which case it is like talking to a brick wall. I would suggest not responding to anymore of his comments.

            • Dean Winchester


              Thanks for stoppin by Bilbo Douchebaggins.ibelieve the shire is that way —->

              • Haku_Luvs_You

                I don’t believe I was talking to you.

                • Dean Winchester

                  Then hows about keeping my name out of your mouth sport?

                  Its obvious I’m Georgia to your Ray Charles b/c I’m always on your mind.

                  • Haku_Luvs_You

                    How about letting people form opinions and not calling them stupid? Till then I feel it is my duty to warn this user to not bother trying to talk to you about things he likes.

                    • Pyrofrost

                      I just want to say I love you Haku-chan~~~~

    • Dean Winchester

      Your spellingz wuzz so unexpectedzorz.

    • Rezar

      I don’t understand the hate either. IMO all consoles this generation have their positives and negatives. I will see if the Next Xbox or PS4 interest me first before I make a decision to buy either console.

      • Dean Winchester

        I love how proven behaviors and established patterns bare no influence on your outlook of the next gen.

        Would you suggest that we apply this liberal mode of thought to other facets of life?
        Will Obama do anything different in the next 4 years than he did in the last 4?
        I wonder if our national debt is going finally be cut in half like he promised. Last time he promised that he instead doubled it.

        Will Kim Jong Un be a good leader in North Korea and actually help his starving citizens or will he focus on trying to find a way to destroy all those who oppose him without ever actually having done shit to anyone other than making his own people suffer like his POS father before him.

        Survey says:
        NO. The cannibalism in NK and KJU’s recent threat to point his nukes at the USA once he has them show that history is the most indicative tool we have to determine what the future holds.

        Lets use our brains a little here and realize MS, like all oppressive regimes is only interested in one thing, Control. enjoy the next 12 fables, forzas, and Halo’s.

        Personally I like a little more variety in my gaming and history has proven that an MS console is not the place to get it.

      • cid

        that’s because even though this is a gaming site its primarily a sony and nintendo site

  • Too bad I’m never buying another console again.

    • Dean Winchester

      I read that as “too bad I hate great games”.

  • Unless they change the controller, I won’t be looking at the Xbox… That’s the only thing holding back my gaming nature….

    • cid

      i personally think the 360 controller is a lot better compared to the ps3 but then again maybe its because iv’e used it a lot more than my ps3.

      • dart2087

        For fighting games no.

      • Probably the sizes of our hands… My hands are small compared to most guys so their big hands are fit to hold the bulky Xbox controller…

  • I’ll only consider buying the new Xbox if it’s region-free, the X360 had some nice japanese games (I only care about that), but most of them couldn’t be played with a non-japanese console.

  • Dean Winchester
  • Lots of hate on here for the 360. Personally, I am getting them both and think its childish to make assumptions when you dont very little. We don’t even know what thing freakin looks like.

    • Dean Winchester

      Who’s making assumptions.

      For 12 years MS has shown that games are not their focus.
      They have had 3 core franchises since XBOX was invented in Halo, Forza, and Fable.
      “They” added Gears to that family this gen but Epic still owns full rights to the IP and they are 3rd party. It wont be an exclusive franchise next gen.
      NO ONE likes their Kinect. NO ONE. But MS has certainly put all their eggs in the waggle basket.

      LIVE fees are only going to go up. MS has proven that by raising the price during the time they were shown to be raking in record profits off those fees. They faced a climate where EVERY competitor was offering the same “service” for free and instead of doing right by the consumer they announce a price hike.
      They do not invest those LIVE fee profits into new IP. Instead they blow it on CoD 30 timed map packs and other such timed DLC or even stupid ass timed demo’s.

      They have done nothing but stagnate the industry and America is too blind to notice and to complacent to move on while being so dumb as to let the Japanophobia the gaming media has peddled this gen to actually take root in their tiny ass brains to where they somehow believe a Halo, Fable and a Forza game every year with the hassle of RRoD and the LIVE fees required to play them is better than you Killzones, Gran Turismo’s, Ni No Kuni’s, Uncharteds, God of Wars, inFamous’, Sly’s, Ratchet and Clanks, Motor Storms, MGS4’s, A plethora of JRPG’s etc etc etc. all while being completely free to play online.

      As a collector and avid gamer for nearly 30yrs of my 33yr life span who literally buys/bought every console and handheld at launch, released on the market since the PS1 in Sept 1995 I can easily state as a FACT that if you arent willing to wait before you “jump in” next generation with MS, it is b/c you lack the mental capacity needed to make well informed purchasing decisions which in turn shows how childish you actually are friend.

      Meanwhile I’ll be enjoying new IP’s like Last of Us and Beyond this year knowing that the patterns Sony have stuck to since 1995 will w/o a doubt continue on the PS4. Namely being the best console every GEN to get the MOST/BEST/VARIETOUS exclusives and by default always providing the multiplats without an extra fee to play them online.

      • Agreed I know SONY will do this.

      • cid

        just because you have a different preference in gaming doesn’t make you right or better.

        what if he doesn’t like playing jrpg’s or japanese games in general what if he loves halo compared to killzone there must be reason why the halo series is a success ,then he’s better off with MS’s does that make him stupid.its obvious that MS has its own set of fans that’s the reason why there not wooing the jrpg market, they have fans that consider paying online isn’t much of a big deal and they fans that just wants shooters.

        love it or hate it MS is doing good for itself cause if it isn’t they would have copied sony and nintendo a long time ago.not to mention their releasing a next xbox and would probably be here in the next 5 to 10 years.

  • I’ll be interested to see what road Microsoft takes with the new Xbox. They like to flip-flop on what goals they are trying to achieve, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they changed things up again.

    Lots of discussion in here about XBL vs PSN. I kinda feel the exact opposite of some of you.

    I think Xbox Live Gold has to change, it has to evolve. Locking standard features behind a premium service is lame. It always has been, and it always will be. I think MS can do much better with XBLG.

    I, along with many others, challenged Sony to do the same thing (Improve online services) with PSN back in like 2007. They listened to consumers, and they have really improved the service. Sure, few bumps along the way, but PSN is pretty impressive these days.

    It’s definitely not what some make it out to be. The PS4 (Or whatever Sony calls it) will also fix some of the biggest problems PS3 currently has. Slow patches, not being able to install in the background, and a bit of sluggish performance in other areas, more voice chat features, etc. All of that will be fixed/improved.

    When you compare what PS + offers, versus Live Gold, it’s pretty obvious that Sony is offering the better deal.

    I don’t think Sony is going to start locking features away. If accessing twitter is free on almost every device on earth, then why in the hell should I have to pay to access it? That’s like going to a dine in restaurant and being charged to use the silverware.

    I’d like to see Sony continue to improve PS + — Keep adding great features that make it worth paying for. I want to see MS do the same thing with XBLG. Stop handcuffing customers, and forcing them to pay a fee just to play games online with friends.

    I don’t like it when companies get away with that. It’s one of the reasons I don’t use my 360 very much. I had to get gold recently just so I could start playing catch up on Halo with my friend. He also had to pay for it. It just bothers me, because we play Borderlands quite often now, but it’s free on the PS3. It should be the same on both consoles. I want to see this end with this generation, I don’t want to see it continue on with the next generation.

  • Haku_Luvs_You

    They have to get rid of live. Best thing they have is the party chat (which on XBOX is a must, cannot stand people on live) . But I refuse to pay 60 bucks to play online especially with PSN (which I assume will be free still) and Nintendo being free.

  • I want PS4 to be Full BC since there are still actual Physical PS2 games that I want to complete and play a 2nd playthrough of.
    Games such as Drakengard 1&2, Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+, Tales of Destiny Directors Cut, Tales of Destiny 2, Tales of Rebirth.
    if “Swap Magic” can work with PS4 somehow that’d be awesome.

    • MosquitoLemon

      Go buy a PS2, it’s pretty much the best system of all time.