Open Forum #032 - Gematsu
Open Forum #032
posted on 02.22.13 at 12:00 PM EST by (@salromano)
Open, off-topic discussion

Our thirty-first Open Forum is ready for discussion.

The Open Forum is your domain for anything and everything. Whatever you feel is inappropriate to discuss in other threads, you can discuss here. Want to talk about sports? You’re in the right place. Have a random question? Ask it here. Want to poll the community? Do it here. The Open Forum is what you make it.

Discuss away.

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  • I’m glad because I register on Gematsu,really last two days was best day ever,thank U Sal For a Great News.

    • Pyrofrost

      Agreed and upvote!
      Sal, you’re fucking awesome and if I ever meet you, sake is on me :3

    • I’ll be sure Sal gets to see these comments. Thanks everyone. =)

  • Looking forward to the PS4 after that reveal! Still a few unanswered questions, and I hope the answers are positive, but a lot of what was announced sounds really good.

    Is anyone on Backloggery? Mine’s
    Games I’m currently playing:

    – God of War 2 HD. First time playing this and already it seems better than the first one. But I’ll probably be done with the series after this (played GOW3 first, then GOW1), since it’s very hack ‘n slash lol.

    – Tales of the Abyss 3DS. Characters really haven’t caught my attention at all, unfortunately. Horrible VA for many characters puts me right off. Bit of a problem with most JRPGs for me. I’m about 12-13 hours in now, but battles generally are kinda fun, even if they do consist of me mashing A and B.

    – Banjo Tooie. Damn, this is much harder than the first. Grunty Industries seems huge. Much more difficult to locate jiggies than BK1.

    – Agarest: Generations of War 2 & Sly Cooper 3 are pretty much on hold till I finish off the above, I think. Agarest is my first in the series and damn, the battles seem quite overwhelming! I’ve just been mashing attacks, not really knowing what I’m doing n_n;

    • Archvile78

      Not on backloggery but lately i’ve been replaying Dead Space 2, like the first game i intend to platinum it. Im close to 2500 dismembers and finishing on Zealot, ill need only to finish on Hardcore and ding! platinum. Once that’s done ill move on to the same with Dead Space 3. Spring break here is coming in 2 weeks during that week ill probably fully focus on Persona 4 on PS2 (i dont own a vita so yeah) this should be good as i’ve never played it much.

      I also have Metal Gear Rising to finish which ill do during next week or during the weekend.

    • Raiyu

      I’ve had one of these for a while, haven’t really used it or updated it but I’m going to change that and make some use of it.

      Tales of Graces f, really enjoying it and one of my favorite Tales of games for the battle system. Story not so much, but I’m almost finished with the story. Currently in the Future Arc. I’m probably going to get hated for this but I don’t like Pascal. I find her very annoying, but Malik is awesome as hell. inFamous, after seeing Second Son trailer I wanted to pick this up. It was free from the Playstation outtage and I managed to get inFamous 2 for free thanks to PS+ so why not. Replaying Vanquish again since I transferred PS3s a few years ago and lost my save file :( Still my game of the generation.

      • Ha, after the Second Son trailer, I wanted to play my free PS+ inFamous 2, as well. I finished the first one, and quite enjoyed it, but wasn’t keen on the sewage parts when you had to get the power back up and running. I asked for opinions on inFamous 2 and people said it lost the comic book cut-scenes and stuff. There was no evidence of the comic effect in Second Son, either. I’ll give it a try but I dunno if inFamous 2 will be quite as good as the first. I’ll find out I guess.

  • BigDix

    The Dualshock 4 is like a bad joke. Literally. And otherwise, this great unveiling has been roundly unimpressive.

    • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

      I guess you will be bored to death with MS’s Xbox3 unveiling then, as all the rumors suggest that it’s hardly up to snuff to challenge PS4.

      • BigDix

        Probably. It’s highly unlikely I would have any interest in the next Xbox.

    • Just curious – what would have made it very impressive for you then?

      • BigDix

        Instead of dwelling on so-called “integration” and social aspects, focusing on games. Namely, good games and not just the same mediocre filler Sony’s been using forever. I don’t want to hear a smattering of random people I may or may not care about talking up how amazing the PS4 is; the best representation of that assertion would be the games.

        And of course, those games may not be ready yet, but it doesn’t change the fact that what they did have ready to show wasn’t impressive. Maybe Knack, Second Son and Deep Down will all be really good, but at this point, I don’t know for sure. And no one does. To whatever extent bits of footage pre-release can impress someone, none of this impressed me.

        Also, not having a controller apparently designed by someone who’s never played a video game.

        • Then it sounds like E3, where we can assume games will be playable, will be the event you should be looking forward to now. A couple of actual game demonstrations there and then for some new games would have been great, but I honestly didn’t expect that to happen. In almost all console announcements the games are tech demos. It’s the next big event that will have playable games. But if you were expecting that the other day then I guess you would end up disappointed.

          • BigDix

            No, I wasn’t expecting any of that at all actually. It just wasn’t impressive, and when you asked, I considered what would make it so for myself. I am looking forward to E3, but whether or not they get into big long game demonstrations really isn’t the point. Like, they showed quite a bit of Killzone… But I don’t give a shit about Killzone. I would’ve traded literally every game that was shown for something indicating a return to genuinely interesting, worthwhile and original games. Like a five second teaser for AE4 or a Project Siren game.

            • Oh well, then I guess console reveals and announcements aren’t gonna be impressive for the majority of people that aren’t into shooters and stuff, then. Just gotta wait till the games you want are revealed.

              • MosquitoLemon

                People that aren’t into shooters and stuff? You mean console gamers?

    • Marco Tinè

      I think one could say the same about WiiU unveiling, or the upcoming one for the new Xbox. Nintendo made a step backwards by feeding the public with a supersized DS (I’ve got my personal reasons to believe this is a vastly questionable approach), while Microsoft has just a handful of new projects on its hands and practically no buzz around them.

      The dedicated media are trying to present these events on a much brighter light than they would actually do, but I feel like there’s a general wave of skepticism around the new consoles, with anyone so busy tinkering on their smartphones and tablets. I wonder if PCs and consoles are seen as places for groundbreaking innovation anymore.

      As I see it, the PS4 unveiling showed that Sony actually acknowledges this problem. Despite how predictable were the games shown, they were telling us “we’re returning to the games, we’re catering to the developers and trying to empower new ideas by offering a powerful and easy to tackle platform”. I’m not expecting such an approach from Microsoft in the slightest.

      • BigDix

        I honestly expect nothing from whatever Microsoft lifts the curtain on. But hey, I keep an open mind.

        I don’t know what your personal reasons are for regarding the Wii U as vastly questionable, but you’re free to present them if that’s a conversation you want to have. Suffice it to say I disagree.

        PS4 on the other hand, based on the press event… Did they need to return to the games? I thought they had already been focusing on that plenty with the PS3. Otherwise, I don’t see this ignition of new ideas yet. Not from that conference. The pursuit of more power is destined for diminishing returns, and “easy to tackle” is really neither here nor there… It’s good if designers don’t have to wrack their minds as much to learn the architecture, but by the same token, it’s doubtful any amazing games didn’t get made for PS3 because someone just couldn’t handle the Cell architecture. Maybe PS4 is easier to develop for… And Wii U is easier to develop for than PS3, and Wii is easier to develop for than either… Bottom line is the end products speak for themselves.

    • I couldn’t disagree more.

  • dart2087

    I’m the only one who doesn’t like the share button on the PS4 control?

    • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

      well, it’s an optional feature which you can safely ignore but you are, of course, entitled to dislike it anyways ;)
      I’m not much into social and stuff but that share button looks neat and the quality of the videos is pristine (KZ Shadowfall on fb being a case in point) and I imagine I might actually like it.

    • ShinAsura

      I don’t see what there is not to like about it, the process of uploading video from a game was never capable before. It opens a lot of doors

    • So long as there are all sorts of options for where and who you can share with, then I’m very happy with it. Live streaming and recording/uploading gameplay is something I’ve always wanted in game consoles. But I hate Facebook and will avoid that at all costs.

    • DesmaX

      Well, it’s not forcing you to use it, so I don’t see the problem.

      For me, it’s awesome. I love taking screenshots of every single thing, and then upload to steam when I’m playing on my PC

    • Raiyu

      I like the share button. I’ve wanted to record and share my gameplay and screenshots. Not to mention I can stream my gameplay live, another feature I’ve wanted.

      The only thing I don’t like about it is uploading it to Facebook. I’d rather upload it to my Youtube account, I’m sure Sony will give us that option though so its all good.

    • adhesive

      The only thing I don’t like about it is how you can supposedly just GIVE control to a friend so they can finish a part of the game for you. Otherwise I have no problem with it.

    • Personally, I would like to see the ‘Share’ Button to be placed within the ‘Option’ button… Though I could pretend that ‘Option’ button never existed just by not looking at it… ^__^””

    • LordKaiser

      I’m with you on this one and it seems that many people here don’t press buttons by mistake… Oh but of course they do.

  • Pyrofrost

    So what games are you guys playing this weekend?

    I will be getting to the end of Tokitowa (Time and Eternity), and playing Naruto Shippuden UNS2.
    My copy of Ryu ga Gotoku 5 (Yakuza 5) came in yesterday, so I’m looking forward to getting started on that soon.

    • Aghh I want Yakuza 5 so bad. God, I hope it gets localised :/

    • ShinAsura

      Playing Revengeance until Tuesday arrives

    • Haku_Luvs_You

      Hopefully finishing up Project X Zone, and then some Ni No Kuni. Also isn’t this usually my thing?!?

      • Pyrofrost

        hehe, sowwy mate~
        I didn’t realized this was anyone’s thing. I remember you asking once, but I didn’t realized you do regularly. :p

        • Haku_Luvs_You

          haha I’m just playing.

    • Looots of Fire Emblem: Awakening. :3

      Also maybe some Ni no Kuni… On more trophy to go.

      • Haku_Luvs_You

        Both terrific games! How hard is the Plat of Ni No Kuni? I kind of want to go for it, but at the very least I want to get all the familiars.

        • I haven’t done Rank S yet, but that aside they’re doable. Just really tedious for some of them. Secret boss was easy.

        • Terrific indeed! I just “beat” Fire Emblem Awakening. c:

          The platinum for Ni no Kuni only has one part that is challenging in terms of skill, and that’s Rank S in the Solosseum.

          The part that is FRUSTRATING, though, is the 120 alchemy trophy. Some of these formulae require extremely rare drops.

    • YangTerlupakan

      Stick with monster hunter 3 right now

    • z_merquise

      Playing Metal Gear Rising and Fire Emblem: Awakening.

    • MosquitoLemon

      Most likely too busy to game this weekend, but I do plan to pick up a used copy of Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 I found nearby. I totally forgot the game existed, before I owned a PS3 it was one of my top reasons to get one!

  • Haku_Luvs_You

    Overall terrific week for games. PS4 announcements and games (hell even some great PS3 titles), and some Nintendo games shown off too. We need more weeks to be like this one :)

    • Pyrofrost

      Agreed, however now we have so many games needing a localization announcement. :3
      The main ones for me being: Bravely Default, SMT-IV, DQ-VII, DQ-X, and Magi.

  • ShinAsura

    It’s safe to say that Sony learned what they did wrong this gen and did their research. What better way to get back on top than going to the source of the problem which is the developers having issues making their games for their system.

    As I said before first party games will always be there and Sony has the strongest portfolio for that but getting the third parties involved again like they were in the PS2 days is key in their success and they certainly showed they understand that with what was shown and said at the meeting on the 20th.

    This will probably be the first time I’m going to have three systems in a new gen cycle, the PS3 , PS4 and a Playstation VITA. There’s no way I’m giving up on those awesome imports I have and current library until Gakai can get the network up and running then I’ll be able to finally say goodbye to the PS3.

    There’s really no reason for Sony not to be the leader next gen even though Microsoft hasn’t shown their system yet. From what is known about the Durango Microsoft built the system with current gen in mind thinking of what will make it better while Sony has built their system on what will make them the leader again next gen

  • rockman29


    That is all.

    Also as always Sal keep up the good work!

  • So, who else is getting a PS4 this holiday? It might be nice to add some PS4 owning friends from Gematsu~

    PSN ID: Darth_Xehanort

    • rockman29

      I will try my very best to get one asap :)

    • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

      I’m waiting to see what other games they are releasing.

    • GetOffMy_Lawn

      I’m buying either a PS4 or a Wii U this year. Right now, the line-up for the Wii U is more appealing, IMO. I won’t be buying any console until the fall/holiday, so Sony has plenty of time to convince me otherwise!

    • Archvile78

      I’ll be getting one but maybe a bit later throughout next year, depend on price and launch lineup.

    • Archvile78

      I’ll be getting one but maybe a bit later throughout next year, depend on price and launch lineup.

    • ShinAsura

      Waiting on the region free / not free announcement first

      • Pyrofrost

        I’m right with you there man.

      • 浪黒雷 (Roland G.)

        this (and nice Japanese LE console announcement as well, can’t confirm with “X” anymore)

      • I’ll get it day one either way, but region free would be nice.

        I imagine it will be. Sony’s past three platforms (PS3, PSP, and PS Vita) have all been region free.

        • ShinAsura

          Reason I have to wait until the announcement is made is I’ll need to commit to either a Japanese or US PS4, will probably choose Japanese though

          I’m hoping they don’t make the OS like the Vita’s and allow for multiple accounts

    • DrForbidden

      I never buy consoles at launch anyway. There are always unforeseen bugs and problems. I’ll wait about a year to let them iron out the teething problems.

  • ShinAsura

    Microsoft just registered an Event website – let the games begin

  • Charlie

    So who’s buying a PS4 at launch?

    • I am!

      PSN ID: Darth_Xehanort

    • LordKaiser

      Not me

    • AdamBoy64

      I don’t think there’ll be anything at launch to lure me in.

  • I was going to show a video but clearly PS4 is on everybody’s mind.

    …mine too.

  • GaySkull

    Gematsu is now my to go to site for Japanese gaming news. Its definitely better than Siliconera.

    • Thanks for the compliment. ^^

      • GaySkull

        You are welcome ;D

    • Pyrofrost

      I approve of this message!

      • GaySkull


    • YangTerlupakan

      well gematsu lack japanese mobile game news sometime, also sal (almost) not cover nichi VN games like siliconera & andriasang

      • DrForbidden

        Well, to be fair, Japanese mobile games are not really accessible to the majority of people who would frequent an english website…

        • YangTerlupakan

          ok i agree with u
          but for VN case???? do not forget the countries that use the English language there are still people who can speak Japanese & ready for import

    • Well, Siliconera updates far more often. That’s the only thing I like better.

      I don’t like the people who run it though.

      • I understand that. To be fair, they have more staff members to work with. Sal does all the work around here, he is awesome. ^^

        • I’ll take better people over more updates. :P

        • PrinceHeir

          huh? i thought all the mods here work O___O

          • Everything I do here on Gematsu is by choice. It’s not a real job, I don’t get paid or anything like that.

            Well, it sure can be like having another job some days. Last week was insanely busy for example.

            One day, Sal asked me if I would volunteer to be a moderator, I accepted and from then on I’ve tried to do everything I can to make Gematsu even better.

            I guess my role here is sorta like a community manager. I’m always trying to think up ways to improve the community aspect of Gematsu. I want people to enjoy not only reading the main articles, but reading and posting in the comments section as well.

            I do help with things besides the community when possible, I’m in contact with Sal basically every day.

            Yes, I’m sorta the lead Moderator, but most of that work is done in the shadows you could say, sorta like others things I do for Gematsu, I’m not in it for the glory or anything like that. Plus, if I’m doing my job right, you shouldn’t have to see signs of moderation, but it makes it easier when I’m not forced to step in. I don’t particularly enjoy moderating comments, I want people to express themselves, and with passion if they feel it’s necessary.

            I only step in when I feel it’s absolutely necessary.

            I really care about every single person who visits this website, it’s the honest truth. I read all the comments, I try my best to stay in contact with everyone who posts here.

            I’m the type of guy who thinks of others first, I think that just carries over to how I approach most things, including what I do here on Gematsu. I hope this longer than I expected comment gives some clarity as to what I do here.

            I suppose I’m just a guy who loves video games, like everyone else who visits Gematsu. =)

            • 浪黒雷 (Roland G.)

              Case in point that Gematsu is quality over quantity =)

              It’s always a pleasure to read your comments and ideas and I greatly appreciate your effort. The comments section on Gematsu is a nice place to visit. I enjoy the odd troll comment every now and then as it loads of fun to read them but fortunately I’ve rarely seen any vitriol in comments here. Heated debates are probably the most intense thing I’ve witnessed – I know firsthand as I participated in one recently myself. Hope this site, staff and community are here to stay as long as I can still hold a controller or Mouse in my hand!

      • I am actually thankfull for the mods who are running the place. W/out them can you imagine the chaos in DmC/SE thread?

        The Open Thread folks are actually pretty cool and they can be fun XD

      • 浪黒雷 (Roland G.)

        I share the sentiment. Been active on SE for quite some time and while they may update far more often due to more staff, I do not approve of their attitude and their “air of superiority”.

        Sal is an awesome fella and he’s a pleasure to talk with. I really have gotten to like the whole community here over the last year and I probably am not gonna ever participate in SE’s comment section ever again, it’s not a pleasant place to be.

      • GaySkull

        I don’t like them either.
        but Gematsu puts the important stuff though.

    • Archvile78

      Its also my go to site for JPN gaming news, also i love the mature community here. ;)

      • *looks at DmC/Anything to do
        with SE thread* Its the same everywhere.

        • Archvile78

          Those are an exceptions…? ;p

          • You can say the same for there too :P

      • GaySkull

        exactly and its very clean too

    • ……C-can I like both?

    • PrinceHeir

      agree :D

      though i do wish Gematsu covers more VN and Shump games.

      though there’s only one person can do.

      still love this site, and i’ll continue to come over :)

      also i am number one in the commentator’s list woo!

      • 浪黒雷 (Roland G.)

        So VN news are that highly in demand? Didn’t know that. Well, if I stumble upon anything newsworthy I’ll try to translate it and pitch it to Sal.

      • Yep, you are the super comment poster. xD

  • GaySkull

    PS4 will be revealed in episodic manner GDC, PAX, E3, & Tokyo Game Show will be the last reveal.

  • I know a few people have asked me to share my PSN ID. I keep forgetting, sorry about that.

    My PSN is slash789

    Feel free to add me if you want. I like to add people to my friends list. =)

    • z_merquise

      I’ll add you when get the time to play.

      Say, do you already got Metal Gear Rising? It’s so awesome! I’m still at the last boss though.

      To anyone interested to add me, here’s my PSN ID: z_merquise

      • Thanks for adding me, nice to get more people from Gematsu on my friends list. I’m not always on PSN these days either.

        My Rising is in the mail, I should have it soon. ^^

    • whiteferrero

      i’m rarely playing lately, but will add you too!

    • Archvile78

      Sure i’ll add you~ My PSN is the same than my name on here.

    • Kobracon

      If you get a request from KobraCondor, thats me :D

    • Haku_Luvs_You

      I shall send you one as well, you can accept it if you want. PSN account is Fruit-Salad24. Anyone else wants to add feel free!

      I have noticed, from the people who have sent me friend invites, that I am getting killed in the trophy department lol.

      • DesmaX

        I’ll add you too!

        • Haku_Luvs_You


      • KurisuMakise

        I’ll also add you and let you know in the message who I am on Gematsu.

        • Pyrofrost

          You welcome to add me too if you like :3

          • KurisuMakise

            Added, thanks pyro.

            • Pyrofrost

              Not a problem. You’re quite welcome and I’m glad to have you :3

    • DesmaX

      Nice, I’ll add you

      If anyone wants to add me, my ID is “DesmaBR”

    • Pyrofrost

      Awesome, I sent you an add man!
      My PSN is Pyrofrost

      • zakou

        I’ll add you too lol.

        • Pyrofrost

          Awesome, you will be accepted ^_^

    • KingNigma

      Will add. My psn is KingKF123

    • I wanted to say thanks to everyone who sent me a friend request. If I haven’t already added you, I will be adding you soon. I just got home.

    • zakou

      I’m going to add you and check your trophies lol.

      • Well, uh, okay lol. Not that impressive to be honest, and some of the games I didn’t actually play, or get to complete.

        Some of them my friends played, they just come over to my house and play stuff sometimes, lol.

        It’s annoying because some of them I just haven’t got to play yet, others I don’t think I ever will. Why can’t I remove stupid stuff from my trophy list? Especially games with 0%…

        That’s what happens when you let other people play games on your account I suppose. >_>

        Most of the games on the list I played have more trophies, or in some cases, I actually got them all. Like in FF13 and 13-2, and recently Sleeping Dogs etc.

        I’m sure others have a far more impressive list than I.

        • zakou

          At least you have FFXIII plat, i could never get myself to plat it, it’s so annoying i mean i need a lot of Gil but i have like no good farming spot for GIl.

          Im missing like 2 or 3 trophies to get plat, the 5 star all quest should be easy but farming to get all weapons and accessories is beyond me. I would need a tutorial on how to farm GIl xD

          • It can take a while to get it. Which trophies do you need exactly? I’ll do my best to remember how I went about getting each one.

            • zakou

              The one where you carry every wep and accessory

              • That’s probably the toughest one, but it’s mostly just time consuming.

                I went back into cocoon, where you can fight through Siren Park in eden. You can fight the sacrifices for scarletite or perfume, then you can move in more and also try to hit the big Adamantoise walking around the town. They can drop the gold ignots, but have a rare chance to drop better stuff.

                You need to put on those catalogues for good drop rates to increase. It’s more of less like a farm run, you can go through it pretty quickly if you pick out a path you like.

                Try to find the best path to kill the monsters that drop the best stuff. I sorta farmed that area long enough to make all the gear. I’d typically put on music or something that I wanted to listen to, or I was trying to find time to listen to. I caught up on some video game ost’s this way. xD

                (I do that with my mmorpgs sometimes too.)

                You only need one final weapon for each character, but you need everything else.


                I used that as a checklist. If you get really close and need gil, just make a save and then go sell everything you have pretty much, just to get that last bit of gil to make the last weapon you need or something. Get the trophy and then don’t save. You still can get the trophy without having to keep the save where you sold everything.

                If you need more info, I’ll do my best. It’s been a while since I played it, my memory is a tad sketchy.

                • zakou

                  Thanks a bunch, that is a lot of info! I don’t know when but I will trying going for the plat xD but I just bought Darksiders yesterday lol.

                  These days I’m having trouble replaying any older games, it’s like one game after another! it’s crazy! Lol.

                  But Since my FFXIII-2 has a plat I will do my best to do the same with FFXIII.

                  • Yeah, my advice is basically to farm that stuff and sell it. You can use the gil to buy the components you need. It’s a time consumer, it’s one of those platinum’s.

    • KurisuMakise

      I’ll add you and let you know in the message who I am on Gematsu.

      • 浪黒雷 (Roland G.)

        hi mate, would love to add you to my psn as well. love your avatar and comments =)
        my psn-id can be derived from my disqus-account’s handle as it’s identical ;)

        • KurisuMakise

          Ro~ added you!

          • 浪黒雷 (Roland G.)

            thanks, noticed already. next couple of days gonna be busy, preparing for my flight back to Germany on Thursday. after that you’ll gonna see more online with my PS3 as well =)

    • PrinceHeir

      will be adding you for sure :)

      PSN: PrinceofXIII

  • Kobracon

    To those that missed the PS4 announcement, here is a delightful 3 min video that sums it up:

    In other news, Play-Asia has informed me 4 days ago that my Pre-order of MGR:R has been shipped……*inhale* WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Congrats. Yeah, I’ve seen that video lol.

  • ShinAsura

    If there’s one thing I won’t be able to deal with it’ll be the PS4 being region locked. I’ll become a blind raged bat out of hell

    • Don’t we all?

  • MosquitoLemon

    So I was pretty disappointed with DmC’s Bloody Palace. Still a great game though, and now I get to lend it to one of my buddies who is also a big DMC fan!

    This past week I played a bit of Infamous 2. I wasn’t a big fan of the first one (prob. played 5 hours total), but I’m enjoying this one. It’s almost the spiritual successor to Spiderman 2, which is one of my personal favs.

    UPDATE: Got Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 – Really awesome, finally Gundam X in DW!!!

  • Tetsu


    this may seem silly, but can someone please tell me how you change your avatar? ^^

    • I think the ans is in the previous forum. Should be the 1st one.

    • Going to copy/paste my old answer from a previous open forum.

      You might have to merge the account you have here on Gematsu with Disqus. I had to do the same thing when we switched to Disqus.

      I suggest using the same email/password you use to log into Gematsu. (You might have to make up a new username.)

      Once you have a Disqus account. Find and click the edit profile on the Disqus site. (Pic Example.)

      After you click edit profile, a box will appear with some choices. (Pic Example)

      As you can see, Avatar is one of them and you have a few different ways to set an avatar.

      I took this picture to also point out a few other things. The Merging tab might take a little bit to appear after you make an account.

      What that does is Merge Disqus compatible websites with your Disqus account. Websites like Gematsu for example.

      You can confirm the merge and all of your previous comments on gematsu will link to your new Disqus account. (It basically merges profiles.)

      You can also go into the profile tab, which I have opened in my picture. Whatever name you put under Full Name, should show up on Gematsu and other websites. (As you can see, Zero is put on mine.)

      I hope this helps!

      End of old post.

  • AnimusVox

    My friends and I went and saw ‘Dark Skies’ and I’m looking at the reviews online and I gotta say, I really liked it.

  • EspadaKiller

    Gematsu, my source of gaming news other than NeoGaf. And my only source of Japanese gaming news as well. Ever since andriasang was closed I was hoping that Gematsu will take it’s place, and it did!

    Sal = Totally awesome. Thumbs up!

  • LordKaiser

    Many people say: “Ah I’ll buy a PS4 to play PS4 games” and other things like that. You guys are entitled to your choice of only playing the new stuff but there’s gamers like me who want to play the old stuff and mostly use their old console to buy the new one to replace it.

    This was the reason why I got the PS2 early with it’s 1rst price drop because i sold my PS to a friend and used that money. I kept most of my PS games who where mainly JRPGs so the 1rst games I played on it where my PS games like Xenogears and FFVII among others till I bought FFX who was my 1rst PS2 game. I did the same with the PS3 that was the MGS4 bundle because they where the last BC PS3s. I mostly played PS2 games on it except 1 that din’t worked that was ArTonelico 2. Sadly that PS3 got YLOD just when I was playing a JRPG that has online and Sony didn’t support it who was White Knight Chronicles. The console got damaged 2 weeks after Sony removed Linux… I bought another PS3 because my last 1 ran out of Warranty and it was a Slim.. I replaced my Pentium III 800MHz PC with a i7 920 2.6 GHz and it was capable of running PS2 games on HD, I eventually bought a used PS2 also to help a friend in need.

    No with the PS4 what I can do? I can’t sell my PS3 to fund it and if this PS3 dies i can’t emulate it either. I will w8 for the console that have the most of RPGs and move to that when that console get redesigned and lower the price. There’s no incentive to move to the PS4 at launch.

    If they only added the option to buy a separated cell and install it like a PS3 module that could be inserted to the PS4…

    • MosquitoLemon

      It’s always wise to wait until a system has a decent library before buying into it. I’d never sell off an older system either.

    • Skerj

      Considering what the PS3 costs new at the moment, do you really want them to try to jam one into a new system? People complained about PS3 launch prices, this thing would either be ridiculously priced or Sony would be bleeding out hard from every sale. I don’t think either of those are too much of an option for them right now.

      Besides, you’ve already had a PS3 die on you in the past and so have I. It took all my PS3 and PS2 saves with it too and I’m not too keen on that happening again. If you want one (PS4), start saving up now so there’ll be no scramble shock when the thing eventually comes out.

  • ShinAsura

    Who’s more excited than I am about Final Fantasy XIV? there’s an awesome QA that took place recently, they’ll be doing updates every 2 months and the first expansion will be coming out in 2 years after launch

    Feels like WoW in that there’s going to be a lot of fun things to do but not monotonous hopefully

    • I’m excited. I played the original XIV at launch, all the way up till about March or April last year.

      I’ve seen it grow into a respectable game, but that wasn’t good enough for Yoshi P. He has always had big goals for the game, and I’ve been impressed with him since he took over.

      I’m looking forward to trying out the new build of the game, I have a feeling I’m really going to like it. I’ve always been positive when it comes to XIV, no chance I’m going to change that now. =)

      • ShinAsura

        You didn’t get into the legacy program with that much playtime?

        • I’ve been part of it since they launched it. =)

          I mostly stopped playing it last March or so because of real life, I didn’t have time to play. I still kept my account active though, I paid the monthly fee, I thought I might find time here and there to play. It just didn’t work out as much for me.

          Some of the last things I did included fighting and defeating the endgame Ifrit Battle, and taking part in a few of the Moogle battles.

          Here is a picture where I think I had just got the Ifrit’s Cane drop that night, this is taken after we won.

    • Pyrofrost

      I was on the original beta and I played a little bit after launch. The game has come a very long way from where it was. With that said, I will be getting it on release ^_^

      • ShinAsura

        That’s awesome to hear thanks, I won’t be able to try it till phase 3 unfortnately

        • Pyrofrost

          I meant the beta in 2010 on the original version. This time I’m not playing the beta, so I’m just waiting for release :p

    • Kobracon

      How much a month is it? Always wanted to try an online FF but was too young/not much income to play a subscription game when FF11 was around..

  • zakou

    Just wanted to say that I’m not sure if it’s like this everywhere but freaking Darksiders full game on PSN without PS plus is so cheap! Here in Sweden i bought mine for 35kr that is like 3.5 dollars or 3.5 british pounds or even less im just using the typical rounding up.

    So if you still don’t own Darksiders now is your chance (if it is the same where you live) BTW i never played this game and yesterday when i wanted to try it out i got almost 3 hours into it, really liking it :D

    • On the other news, PS Plus has decided its next update about free games on March… It has Mass Effect 3, Dead or Alive 5, Joe Danger 2, MGS HD collection(Vita) and Puddle…. For Europe….

      Seriously, how did they managed to grab all those? What the hell, I’m grabbing all of them anyway….

  • almostautumn

    Had off work suddenly tonight, and decided to play Infamous 2— 8 hours later, I’m just quitting. My eyes bleed…

    • MosquitoLemon

      I feel you man, hahah

  • 浪黒雷 (Roland G.)

    Sony definitely did everything right with the event and the system itself. No BC makes sense (x86 instead of CELL) but it’s being addressed via PSCloud. Social stuff is optional and you can go offline if you want. Share button is awesome, video quality is pristine. Confirmation that it’s region free and sub-400 bucks would make PS4 the perfect console. Getting a nice Japanese LE though, can’T confirm with X anymore :P

    I could almost smell MS’s fear when Sony announced they will be equipping their latest hardware with 8 gigs of freaking GDDR5. A module that’s usually reserved for 1000$ PC high-end GPUs – and Titan “only” features 6GB of GDDR5.
    I’m hyped and extremely excited. Definitely getting PS4 and WiiU (once the price has been slashed and there are proper original HD games in the Mario, Zelda, Metroid, DK series and a new IP by Retro). MS will have to try really hard to convince me to get their system as well. The bar has been set pretty freakin’ high by Ninty and I’m afraid Xbox3 can’t even touch it, will all the Kinect crap, tons of pointless apps and only 2 powerhouse exclusive franchises.

    Exciting times ahead, exciting times indeed. long live play.
    I want KB on Sony’s E3 stage, dammit!

    • It would be wise to wait for Microsoft to make their move first…. It can backfired when you least expected…

      8 freaking GDDR5 of RAM… Now that is not what I expected and it’s gonna be expensive having that….

      • 浪黒雷 (Roland G.)

        I hope it’s not gonna be “five hundred and ninety nine US Dollars” expensive XD

        • Then cross your fingers and hope it won’t come to that…

          Regarding to your last comment, my PSN-ID is RaidenXIIV… (For anyone else, feel free to add me… Just remember to state who you are before sending an invite… ^__^)

          Does your PSN-ID includes those first 3 chinese letters? Because that’s not easy to input… xD

          • 浪黒雷 (Roland G.)

            edit:// ok, never mind my explanation, it was not really necessary after all, but I did not know beforehand that you know Chinese ^^
            might be of interest to the other members, though, so I’ll leave it as it is.

            no no, that’s why I always include the reading in parenthesis ^^. the Chinese characters are the phonetic pronunciation of my PSN-ID and mean “wandering (rônin are master-less wandering Samurai, that’s where rô is derived from) black lightning”. you can only use the boring roman-letter-variant I’m afraid :P
            thanks for sharing your ID =)

  • Hey, guys. Just wanted to drop in and say thanks for all the kind words. I really appreciate it!

  • Hey, guys. Just wanted to drop in and say thanks for all the kind words. I really appreciate it!

    • 浪黒雷 (Roland G.)

      you’re welcome. the quality of the articles, moderation and community are definitely the best I’ve seen on any site. thanks for the hard work. I only frequent EG, PSB and Japanese websites besides Gematsu for all my gaming needs. before that I visited a ton of websites daily, now it’s just the quality cream of the crop =)

      thanks for having established and nurtured such an amazing news source and community.

    • Yeah, just wanna jump on the bandwagon and offer my thanks for the top work on this site. It’s quickly become one of my fave news sites, and does seem to have a friendly community. Keep it up!

  • Turns out someone on youtube by the name of bobrossfreak has subbed the latest Shin Megami Tensei IV trailer.

    This is from a recent PG post about upcoming Rising DLC.

    VR19 is a side-scrolling beat’em all mission where Raiden fights enemies with his fists. In VR 21, you will be able to control the Dwarf Gekko to stun all the cyborg soldiers in the darkness.

    First DLC is called the ‘Soul Snake Wooden Sword’. A special wooden sword infused with the soul of Solid Snake and every time you swing it, you will hear Snake’s voice.

    In the second DLC, looks like you will be able to control Sam to fight against Ray and other cyborgs. In the third DLC, it seems you’ll play as LQ-84i, the Bladewolf.

    • z_merquise

      I’m hoping for Sam and Bladewolf DLCs to be good because I really like these characters. Sam is really a cool rival for Raiden.

      As long as they’re not exclusive in US or in Japan, I’m going to get these.

      VR19 is a side-scrolling beat’em all mission where Raiden fights enemies with his fists.

      Wow, I’m really a huge fan of side-scrolling beat-em-ups especially the one’s made by Capcom during the arcade days. Now I really wish Platinum to create a 2D beat-em-up of their own.

    • Kobracon

      Leave it to PG to do DLCs right.

      • I just hope the price isn’t very high.

    • Subbed SMT IV trailer!? Thk a bunch! :D

      • You are quite welcome. I’d suggest dropping a thanks to the person who subbed it on youtube. =)

  • Heartless ㅤ

    Whats the best way to let Gematsu know of any new articles/news? For example, this article in Nikkei Trendy that had two pages on FF, but no one has translated it yet. (

  • Added PS4 to our exclusives hubs. Those waiting for the 3DS page, sit tight. It’s not far from complete.

  • Haku_Luvs_You

    I beat Project X Zone!!

    • Congrats. =)

      Was it good?

      • Haku_Luvs_You

        Not bad actually. It had some annoyances, and can be pretty hard at times, but I found myself enjoying it :)