Labyrinth Cross Blood: Infinity debut trailer - Gematsu
Labyrinth Cross Blood: Infinity debut trailer
posted on 02.06.13 at 08:47 AM EST by (@orokana_yume)
Save near-future Tokyo in your underwear.

CyberFront has posted the debut trailer for Labyrinth Cross Blood: Infinity, its newly announced, Experience-developed dungeon RPG port for PlayStation Vita.

The video shows the various customization options for your personal high-school super hero character (yes, you can even save near-future Tokyo in underwear), and tidbits of the story, which will be enhanced by new scenarios.

Additionally, CyberFront announced the game’s title song “Intersection” will be performed by Kawada Mami. The PS Vita port will also feature new illustrations by Demon Gaze designer Kurosawa Tetsu.

Watch the trailer below.

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  • this and demo gaze need to come hear … to EU …….. Importing to pricey for people who have limts on what can affored when the have bills

  • AuroraXIII

    Nice character art.

    • Pyrofrost

      Agreed, this and Demon Gaze looks very nice. Hopefully it sees localization.

      • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

        I second that. It looks very nice on the internets but it’s drop-dead gorgeous on Vita’s OLED screen.

  • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

    I had no interest in the title until I saw that trailer. Now it is a definite purchase. We might even get a localized version =)

    • I didn’t even know about it. Just watched the trailer, looks interesting. It’s on my radar now.

  • almostautumn

    Artwork is excellent, and I love the ability of being able to switch between regular and cute character designs.
    I don’t think it looks as good as Demon Gaze, but at least this one might have a chance at getting localized.

  • Elvick

    Hope it gets localized, and preferably by someone who will release it physically.

  • Eclipse

    Sweet, I was hoping it’d be possible to switch between the original art and the chibi art. And Kawada Mami’s doing the title song?! I’m sold!

  • michel

    beautiful artwork, but looks like a mediocre dungeon crawler, to me…

  • PrinceHeir

    saw this on andriasang 2012 :P

    always wanted to play this, since it has the Wizardry Labyrinth of Souls feel to it :P