Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix heads west this fall - Gematsu
Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix heads west this fall
posted on 02.25.13 at 09:06 AM EST by (@salromano)
Kingdom Hearts goes HD on PlayStation 3.

Square Enix has confirmed Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix for PlayStation 3 in North America and Europe this fall. In European and PAL territories, the game will be localized English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

The PlayStation 3 collection will include high-def remasters of Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix, previously exclusive to the Japanese market, and Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories, with enhanced gameplay mechanics and trophies. Additionally, it includes high-def story cutscenes from Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days.

View a new set of screenshots at the gallery.

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  • RyougaZell

    No info if its digital-only or a disc-release? Hoping for Disc *crosses fingers*

    • Solomon_Kano

      Disc is assured. Squenix doesn’t do digital-only on big releases and KH, more popular in the west than Japan, definitely is a big release.

  • Solomon_Kano

    FINALLY! Goodness, I can’t wait to play this again. Relive my childhood.

  • DarthBrian

    YES!!!!!!!! :D

  • If its not bravely default, or ff type zero any of the NEW dragon quest games coming out on 3ds, or wii u. Then square can continue to suck it

  • Oh, yeah!!! Been looking forward to replay KH1.

  • Rejoice, people!!! :D

  • YES!

  • InsaneChronos

    Thank you, Square Enix!

  • big drew

    Hell Yea

  • Souter

    Awesome!! I don’t have to in-port the jap version now ^^

  • Souter

    Awesome!! I don’t have to in-port the jap version now ^^

  • Nomura finds a way!!! XD

  • Nomura finds a way!!! XD

  • Bloodios

    Totally expected. Now, I wonder if it’ll get some coverage at E3?

    • Solomon_Kano

      Most likely. SE’s only other announced game for the year is Lightning Returns and, much as they’ve been pushing XIII, they won’t get through E3 showing only 1 game for this year next to their new announcements.

  • Anime10121

    And YES! knowwhat this means? When the inevitable 2.5 is announced, KH2FM will FINALLY be coming stateside! Preordering this as soon as it’s up on Amazon!

    I’m really staring to wondew this year what’s really going on with all these JRpg announcements, its almost like we are back in a year of the PS1/PS2. Loving this!

    So far we have

    Ni No Kuni
    Tales of Xillia
    Atelier Ayesha
    Time and Eternity
    Disgaea D2
    Kingdom Hearts 1.5
    Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory
    Guided Fate Paradox
    and maybe even more

    • Question is what will the inevitable 2.5 contain? Will they completely remake Kingdom Hearts DDD for it? Since it’s not a spin-off title after all, they got their work cut out for themselves…

      If only they brought back the old ones like Wild Arms… TT__TT

      • Solomon_Kano

        DDD would be interesting with all of the 3DS specific stuff, but I figure if Capcom can work it out with Revelations then it’s possible.

        DDD didn’t do as well as BBS (in Japan, at least), so maybe they’ll toss it in so more people can play it before KH3?

        • DDD didn’t sell well in Japan… This is interesting… Lack of marketing, I suppose?

          They have to toss it in since it’s the thing that connects from KH2 to KH3…

          • Solomon_Kano

            I don’t know about a lack of marketing, as I’m not really sure what SE did for Japan, but it opened lower than BBS and fell out of the top 20 quickly.

            I’m sure there’s going to be something from DDD in 2.5, but it becomes a question of how much work SE wants to do. At the least, I see it getting the 358/2 treatment and the inclusion of DDD’s journal. If more, it’ll get the RE: Revelations treatment.

            • Seeing how lazy Square Enix has gotten for a while now… I don’t expect anything new from them… I’m skeptical as it is due to that demo they pulled off in the Playstation Meeting 2013…

              • Solomon_Kano

                Yea, that was disappointing. I’d imagine they’ll actually have something significant to show for themselves come E3.

                I figure they’ll go for less work and just do cutscenes like 358/2.

      • Dean Winchester

        2.5 will contain part 2 and BBS as HD ports and DDD will be included as HD cutscenes to get the gist of the story across.

        • As I recalled, BBS is a prequel to the first game hence it should be in 0.5 as hinted in the secret movie in BBS… I don’t think it will fit in 2.5 chronically…

          • Dean Winchester

            Its really the only other KH that would be a simple HD port though.

            • They did remake Chains of Memories(GBA) for Re:CoM(PS2) after all… Maybe it could happen with Nomura so who knows?

    • DesmaX

      I find your lack of Guided Fate Paradox disturbing

      • Anime10121

        *fixed* knew I missed something :D

        Every single one PREORDERED also :)

    • Dean Winchester

      I thought Witch and the Hundred soldiers was this year as well?

      • Anime10121

        And it was also supposed to come out last year, but unfortunately, it has disappeared from the radar. I mean, Nippon Ichii has said nothing about it in months :(

        • Dean Winchester

          Well poo. I guess the 8-10 other PS3 exclusive JRPGs will have to suffice :)

    • shafiq95

      Im surprise you didnt put Xenoblade 2/Xeno Project as well since they had to go through a lot of shit to localise the first game

      • Anime10121

        Well unfortunately, it isn’t confirmed for release this year, (and I HIGHLY doubt it will considering this is Monoliths first big HD game) so I skipped on putting that on the list.

    • Danny Kriegbaum Laursen

      Hpersimension :P Pretty sure it’s Hyperdimension

      • Anime10121

        My bad *Edits* was typing on my phone and after all this time, I still suck at it :(

        Thanks :P

    • LordKaiser

      Sadly it seems developers are ready to abandon the PS3 for the PS4 because it’s easy to develop. Well at least I can finish what I have.

      I’m sure that we will also have the 2.5. Now if we had FFX and FFXII HD International editions…

      • I don’t think developers will abandon the PS3 just yet. I expect to see lots of games be released on both PS3/PS4 for the next year or so, maybe even a bit longer.

        Let’s not forget, the PS3 has a huge install base, which publishers know about and will want to cater to.

  • GaySkull


  • Ritsujun

    KH HD 2.5 will be announced soon.

    • Solomon_Kano

      The earliest I see that happening is TGS. 1.5 comes out next month, I can’t see them announcing the next one in such close proximity.

  • GaySkull

    The games for younger gamers are in full effect!
    PS3 is hitting mass market penetration mode like PS2

  • GaySkull

    Online Multiplayer like KH:BBS!
    Oh my goofy!!!

  • Like they weren’t gonna release it…. I swear some of u guys…..

  • KingNigma

    It was only a matter of time.

  • zakou

    I cried of joy, i was really thinking that this would be impossible to localize, Square you have restored some of your hope.

  • KurisuMakise

    Hype! Bring on 2.5 with KH2, DDD, BBS and RE Coded cutscenes.

  • xMCXx

    Oh shit, so we get Final Mix?! Awesome!

  • Thanks for finally confirming this Square-Enix. Let’s keep this going you guys, Bravely Default next, how about Type 0 on the Vita or something? Let’s bring over some of those Dragon Quest games okay? Please!

  • Dean Winchester

    I’ll buy these games again :)

  • King Pervert

    I wonder if there will be a trophy for looking up skirts.

  • PrinceHeir

    does it have Dual Audio like the japanese version!

    just to sweeten the deal even more!

  • Prodigy-X


  • LordKaiser

    I tough they where going to sell the 1.5 and 2.5 together lol. It’s ok, I will buy this and I will trade in my PS2 copies of Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II.

  • new_tradition

    Whoa, SE surprised me-I thought they’d announce this AFTER it was released in Japan first xD

    Pretty happy. There’s a lot of things I’m looking forward to in this game collection, so it’s definitely a day 1 buy for me.