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Final Fantasy XIV ‘almost no different’ on PlayStation 3
posted on 02.20.13 at 12:52 AM EST by (@sqexgal)
Speeds are different, but gameplay is not affected.

This week’s Famitsu has the latest look at the PlayStation 3 version of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Peer into the contents of the magazine, and you’ll see PlayStation 3 screenshots of the three main cities, with all their shadows and glistening beauty. 

According to the mag, the PlayStation 3 version feels almost no different from the PC version. Things such as the amount of characters displayed and background display speeds are different, however, but they don’t influence the gameplay much. The phenomenon in the alpha where too many people gathered and enemies wouldn’t properly display has been fixed, so don’t worry about that.

Finally, the magazine has a look at the three new races: the male Miqo’te, female Highlander, and female Roegadyn.

Thanks, Game Nyarth.

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  • Kou

    lol misleading title is misleading. Was prepared to come in in wonder and amazement how they managed to make the game look like the PC version without much ram but I guess that’s not the case. The alpha was a lot better than hte original game, thats for sure. Waiting for the beta test to try more classes because alpha only had 3 :|

    • Himiko

      Class Unlocks will progress as do the phases of the beta, I believe!

  • zakou

    It might be true if you are no graphic whore but the graphical difference will be huge unless they move this game to PS4.

    The high AA, the HD detaild textures, the smooth frame rate and overall high quality <- all ths will not be seen on the PS3, the hardware is just too weak, I have seen some nice FFXIV high setting gameplay and that is nothing PS3 can handle with its 7 year old hardware that already has bad frame drops at "offline" games from the same company.

    Well those are just my speculations but switching between games on high on my PC and PS3 you start to notice many things, not to mention MMO's even on high end pc they can lag at times when entering a huge town with ton's of people.

  • Kinda want this on PS4 if BC is not going to be native to the PS4. Also that girl in the picture has the most fancy looking hat I have ever seen.

  • MrRobbyM

    I’d like to see some new videos in action before I make a judgement but I am a tad bit disappointed. A free trial would be even better but I doubt that will happen.

    Hopefully a PS4 version is made one day with the game looking and running just as good as the PC version.

    • Akira_Tenshi

      That’s what the open beta will be.

      • MrRobbyM

        ….*feels dumb* That totally slipped my mind.

  • adhesive

    It’s amazing how Yoshi-P is managing to salvage the mess known as Final Fantasy XIV. I really wish Square Enix would have directors as passionate and competent as him.

    • rockman29

      Very true. I just wish it started out like this. FF XIV could’ve made even a bigger splash.

      Still happy it’s being rebuilt though, because it looks like a great MMO with classic FF combat.

    • Makes you want to stand and applaud this guy’s work. Makes you think of Square’s good glory days ;)

  • Bloodios

    The question I want to know is that whether or not have they been able get the PS3 version running at native 720p yet, because the last time I checked, the native resolution was 1280×544. If they can’t get the engine to render at native 720p, that’s fine but stretching the base resolution from 1280×544 to 1280×720 sounds like a horrible idea for the PS3.

    The PS3 is notorious for its dodgy upscaler, which for some reason doesn’t do vertical scaling. 960×720 would’ve been a better choice for base resolution, given that the PS3’s horizontal scaling is very efficient in its own right. Personally though, I would prefer the game to have dynamic resolution.

    I’m also curious about which type of AA will be implemented in the PS3 version, although aside from MLAA, I can’t think of anything else that would be suitable for the system, with FXAA code for the PS3 having dodgy precision, while MSAA would be too demanding…

    • rockman29

      A lot of games use stretching from sub-720p levels.

      • Bloodios

        That’s not my point. I’m trying to say that if the base resolution is 1280×544, in order to stretch that out to 720p, “vertical scaling” is required and the PS3 is horrible at it. It would be a whole lot better if the base resolution was something like 966×720 instead, because then it would only require “horizontal scaling” and the PS3 is excellent at that.

        1280 x 544 = 696320 px
        966 x 720 = 695502 px

        Roughly the same amount of pixels anyway.

  • MrKappa

    I’m surprised they haven’t bumped this up to a PS4 release yet. Though I guess when they already have a schedule they have to follow it makes that hard to do.

    Makes you wonder if they are gonna release a superior version on PS4 or just port the PS3 one.

    • Bloodios

      If the game is good enough, I do hope that there will be a PS4 version at a later time.

    • Dean Winchester

      75 million install userbase>Zero install userbase.

      Yeah, I’m shocked its not a PS4 game too :-/

  • Well yeah the grapraphics were dumb down… I played the alpha and that game looks horrible graphics wise.

    Talk about massive downgrade and on top of that the game is no fun to play.

    • Well, to be fair a large part of that is down to it being the alpha build. The same happened with original XIV – the graphics took a huge step up from the alpha. Besides, I thought it looked great – very different, maybe not better, but certainly on par and most importantly, it was much, much more responsive.

      I also had a blast with the alpha personally :D

      • Dean Winchester

        I can see you are a reasonable person who’s first response isn’t fueled with a need to spread hate before all the facts are in.
        The person you responded to however is quite the opposite.

        Lookin forward to FF14 2.0 meself.

    • I played it as well. The graphics looked pretty impressive to me, especially because the game was in Alpha. I was running the game on my GTX 580.

      What were you running it on? I’m just curious, since you said it looked horrible to you. How so?

  • Ritsujun

    Releases on PS3, gets the PS3 trophies and platinum.
    Releases on PS4, gets the PS4 trophies and platinum.
    Releases on PS5, gets the PS5 trophies and platinum.

  • If they managed to make the PS3 version look identical to the PC version except the ones they mentioned, I will be surprised otherwise I’m disappointing…

  • Budgiecat

    meh burgers with a light dressing of meh sauce

    • Ritsujun

      wow, a RL talking cat