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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn beta begins February 25
posted on 02.15.13 at 08:16 AM EST by (@salromano)
Test play Gridania and its surrounding areas.

The Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn beta test will begin on February 25, Square Enix has announced.

The date is a week later than planned, according to producer Naoki Yoshida, but the extra time allowed the team to prepare more system features and character options for testing.

The first phase of the beta will be limited the the areas surrounding Gridania. Players will be able to experience limited quests from the main scenario, and side-quests designed to accompany them. An instanced dungeon designed for level 30 players will also be available.

Features in the beta include “Full Active Time Events” (FATE), which are events that “take place in non-instanced areas and appear at random.” Players can participate by simply being within the event’s proximity without the need to form a party. You’ll also be able to try the new “Guildhest” system, which was known as the “Behest” system in version 1.0.

If you’ve yet to apply for the beta, you can still do so. Select your region: North America, Europe, France, Germany, or Japan.

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  • zakou

    Fail, this is a fail, as much as Square enix itself.

    FFXIV -> In work for 4 years after they failed, now they try again, not to mention anything about the PS3 version, PS4 will come out sooner than PS3 XIV version.

    Versus XIII -> In work for 6-7 years, still doesn’t have a release date.

    FF Type Zero: Still not released outside of Japan.

    Kingdom Hearts 3 -> 7 years into PS3 life cycle and it’s still not here, but why make one where you can just spam random kingdom hearts games on every handheld but god forbit you release a KH game on a console, yes console where the best KH games exist and started on “KH1 and KH2”

    • i Agree With U,
      But sometime we must give them a chance,maybe Ps4 Will Change Everything.

      • zakou

        Having hope is a wonderful thing, but not really meaning anything after 7 years of hoping lol.
        Edit: I just read about the last guarding moving to PS4, so yes you are right xD there is still some hope left that Versus XIII might be a PS4 launch title, i bet they have been working on it using PS4 dev kit in the past year or something without saying anything lol.

    • MrRobbyM

      I agree with everything else besides calling this a fail. It’s all business decisions. Sure they’ve been extending XIII for as long as they possibly can to squeeze every dollar out of that universe and sure Versus has been put on hold because of it and sure I agree that I just want a console KH game and not a million handheld games that further complicate the story and sure I’m pissed Type-0 will never be localized but they’re a business, not a candy stand.

      There’s reasons why they do what they do even though I still think there was not much excuse to localize Type-0. So calling this a fail because of that is a bit immature.

      Also, if this moved to the PS4 then think of the improvements it would have over being on PS3. Not only would it have graphical improvements but it would be able to keep up or rather, not hold back the PC version.

      • zakou

        I speak from a gamer standpoint, why would i care about their business? I pay them to play their games not count their stocks, promotions and such.

        I understand that you are showing how it look from both sides but us gamers, it is because of us that Square Enix exist, they should be more in favour of us, heck forget KH on consoles, forget the other two things i said im just asking for 1 thing out of 4 fails, i know but i will still call them fails.

        I’m really starting to like Namco/Tales of team better than Square, at least they listen to fans and if you want to talk business? Lol tales of games sell way less than Square enix games outside of Japan, Tales of team releases games because fans ask for them.

        • MrRobbyM

          And because Bamco still makes profit from localization.

          • zakou

            Why would i care what they make when i can play the game outside of japan? They can make bilions or 50 dollars for all i care, but don’t get me wrong i support them with my money and they me with their games, this is how it works xD

            Square can release their games here, ala type zero but they are greedy/afraid they won’t make as much as they want, that is all there is to it.

    • Things should improve for Japanese games next generation. That’s what I’m hoping. The dominance of portables in Japan will always be a factor, but let’s not ignore the facts. Japan was not prepared for the big changes that have occurred this generation.

      (Before I really being. None of this is an excuse for Japanese studios. They have let many fans down this console generation. I’m just kinda discussing how this failure occurred.)

      In fact, I’d say that basically no one was prepared. If more had been prepared, some studios would still be alive today. It’s fair to say that Japan was the least prepared though. Now, yes, the consumer in Japan sorta transitioned to portables, which didn’t really happen in other parts of the world, not on the same scale at least.

      With that out of the way, we can look at the hard facts. Studios in Japan underestimated developing HD games, making the engines for HD games, basically everything. If we had to point out one studio this hurt the most, it has to be Square-Enix. Sure, they made some other poor business decisions, but let’s remember where they were back in 2006.

      The company was still finding itself after the big merge, they had lost or fired notable staff in recent years. With that said, they were still a highly respected studio worldwide. What has followed for the company has been quite the roller coaster ride.

      I brought all this up as an example. If the great and mighty Square-Enix could be brought down a few notches, imagine what making HD games did for other studios. I’d say a large handful of developers in Japan were unprepared to make games for current gen consoles until at least 2009. Japan has been playing catch up for a long time.

      Just look at the games release on the consoles from Japan. I’m not saying we haven’t had some quality games, but most of them have had issues. The unfamiliarity with the hardware shows itself in a variety of ways. All one has to do is count up the quality games released on consoles that were made in Japan this generation, then compare it to previous generations. It’s quite staggering.

      Bottom line, Japan has more or less failed this console generation. I’m leaving out the portables, because Japan has dominated the portables. In fact. the portable games have kept many of these companies alive.

      This has greatly saddened me. I grew up playing Japanese games, I love them, always will. Even today, I prefer to play Japanese games, simply put — they are my favorite.

      The amount of good Japanese games I’ve played on consoles this generation… Just thinking about it makes me sick to my stomach. I’ve had to change my taste when it comes to games. I used to be very picky, I mostly played JRPGs. I did branch out a little, I would play a different genre, but it was typically still a Japanese game. (Metal Gear Solid, for example.) I was younger, but I was just sticking with the games I’ve always loved. I’ve had to branch out this generation, thankfully, western studios have improved quite a bit, I’ve also gotten less picky as I’ve aged.

      I know all of this is negative but I’m not. Things are looking up for the next generation! Many of the big time Japanese studios have weathered the storm, they have sorta rebooted themselves, along with upgrading and preparing new engines, learning and becoming more familiar with the hardware, etc.

      I think Japan is ready to make some real noise again with the upcoming next generation of consoles. I’m very excited about it. ^^

      • zakou

        You approach this in a very open minded way, as you always do :P

        However it is true, if we do some comparing then what we get is a failure, on the other hand this gen did decent enough with jrpgs, Baiscly Square Enix and Namco Bandai saved this gen from being super lame to being decent.

        However as much as i love Square enix and their games, they have failed, let me explain myself with other, less-ranting facts that made no sense about their decisions.

        By the way this is funny because since we are talking Namco and Square let me point out the ironic mistake they both made.

        Namco made the mistake back in the PS2 days by not releasing Tales of games in Europe(they waited for Facebook and twitter) <- baiscly we have Graces F and Xillia in US/EU thanks to FB and Twitter.

        However the funny thing was when they released only Xenosaga 2 in Europe without releasing Xenosaga 1, then they never released Xenosaga 3.

        What has this to do with Square enix? PS1-PS2 era, all the money Square enix made was thanks to playstation system, so what do they do when PS3 comes out? Release 0 games for PS3, make 2 games for 360 and then cry how they are losing money.

        My mind was just double blown, and Square used to say "we lied to you ps3 fans and made FFXIII multiplatform because we want to branch out"

        Branch out? where the f**** are the two 360 games you could have ported to PS3 but never did? Btw im talking about: Infinite Undiscovery and The Last Remnant.

        TL;DR: Not important just some random rant i got off my chest and some history about some stupid decisions.

        • I agree with you. They should have released those games on the PS3. The only thing that could have held that back was contracts. I remember back when those games launched, Microsoft was still trying to improve in Japan.

          Doesn’t matter, I’m not big on exclusives like that. I understand them, but that doesn’t mean I have to like them. I know that Europe has gotten the short end of the stick far too many times, and I also hate that.

          I’ve always wanted to see more global launches for games. Worldwide release dates. These companies need to make that happen way more often.

          I still want Tales of Vesperia for PS3 in the west. >_<

          • zakou

            I’m still hoping for Vesperia, Hideo Baba can’t troll us like Square xD he did say “It’s not impossible for Vesperia to come out” let’s hope he does something about it.

  • Gaara D.Dragon

    Applied for both PC and PS3. I think like most people here, I’m not really interested in mmos but the sheer amount of effort they have thrown into fixing this game has got my attention. And it looks pretty as hell.

    I am hoping for the first time an mmo rpg will win me over.

  • Bloodios

    At this late in the game, I honestly believe it would be far better to have both Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and (Blueside’s) Kingdom Under Fire II released on the PS4 rather than sticking with the PS3.

  • PrinceHeir

    can’t wait :D