DmC Devil May Cry 'Vergil's Downfall' DLC dated - Gematsu
DmC Devil May Cry ‘Vergil’s Downfall’ DLC dated
posted on 02.20.13 at 11:35 AM EST by (@salromano)
Plus, 'Bloody Palace Mode' available today as free update.

The ‘Vergil’s Downfall’ downloadable add-on for DmC Devil May Cry will be available on PlayStation Network, Xbox LIVE, and PC on March 5 for $8.99 / 720 Microsoft Points, Capcom has announced.

Consumers who pre-ordered the game at selected retailers can get the content free of charge by redeeming the download codes provided to them at launch.

‘Vergil’s Downfall’ offers “hours of new gameplay” as Vergil on four difficulity levels, with an “all-new storyline, weapons, combos, enemies, and locations.”

Additionally, the game’s ‘Bloody Palace Mode’ download content is out today via a free update.

Watch a trailer for ‘Bloody Palace’ below. View a set of ‘Vergil’s Downfall’ screenshots at the gallery.

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  • MosquitoLemon

    Yessssssss! I’m not a Vergil fan so I’ll probably pass on that DLC, but I’ve been waiting for Bloody Palace!

  • I hope we’ll see more of what’s her face in this sidestory

  • ShinAsura

    Vergil is a punk, I won’t play him

  • KurisuMakise

    Vergil~ Looking forward to this, will have to pick up the game a little after my current must haves.

  • djl33

    Can you say “too little, too late”?

  • PrinceHeir

    why is vergil so silent :

    either way i may get this maybe if they added more DLC and package it in a complete edition

  • MosquitoLemon

    I have to say I’m pretty disappointed – the battles (at least the first 12 or so) are all scripted, so there isn’t much variation. In fact, the battles are all copies of the first 12 major fights in the proper game, all the way down to the battle in the slurm room (replete with the toxic goo from that same battle).

    If that weren’t enough, I found the first bug ever – the game blocked me from doing the second scripted grapple event from the first boss battle (where you tear the plugs from its body). Even before I lost all my life, the game just shot me the game over (‘mission complete’ in bloody palace) screen… I appreciate being able to skip straight to the action, but dang! No effort at all…

  • everytime i go to the site i still get the part were it just ask for my email and tells me to save my code