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Deadfall Adventures coming to Xbox 360, PC this summer
posted on 02.28.13 at 05:10 PM EST by (@salromano)
A 'cinematic blockbuster' set in the year 1938.

Nordic Games and The Farm 51 have revealed Project Adventurer to be Deadfall Adventures, a new ‘cinematic blockbuster’ action, adventure, and puzzle-solving exploration game due out on July 30 for Xbox 360 and PC.

The game, which runs on Unreal Engine 3, is set in the year 1938. Players are James Lee Quaterman, a man of many talents, who is tasked with escorting US agent Jennifer Goodwin to an Egyptian temple complex to retrieve an ancient artifact called “The Heart of Atlantis.” But the Ahnenerbe, a Nazi department specialized in the occult, are after The Heart as well. And soon enough, Quaterman finds himself part of a hunt across the globe, as he and Agent Goodwin strive to be one step ahead of the Nazis, and another closer to obtaining The Heart.

Deadfall Adventures marries the ethos of the Saturday morning matinee with the Summer blockbuster to create an original adventure which will grip players from start to finish,” says Klemens Kreuzer, Managing Director at Nordic Games. “We’re putting players into the heart of the action, just as they’d dreamed as children, staring at their heroes on the silver screen. It’s fantastic to be working on Deadfall Adventures with The Farm 51 from the roots up; it’s going to be an exciting summer.”

Watch the debut trailer below. View a new set of screenshots at the gallery.

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  • Dean Winchester

    Trailer started and I think….”hmmm, got an Uncharted/Indy Jones/Tomb Raider vibe.” Then the gameplay starts and it looks like serious Sam in the jungle.
    No thank you.

    A PC/360 only game and its yet another FPS. Shocker!

  • Prodigy-X

    Looks Boring

    • Dean Winchester

      How dare you speaketh against our lord and saviour MS!
      Paying LIVE fees to play multiplats online FTW!

      Now you be nice to Billy G and say youre sorry!

  • Paul Talada

    It’ll have to get some good reviews, a better voice actor, a character with a name thats not stupid, and a price drop for me to touch it….

  • I always get turned off when a description of a game is “blockbuster” anything.

  • paperclichepixel

    Alan Quarterman/Uncharted in 1st person.