Combo Command returns in Tales of Hearts R
posted on 02.07.13 at 07:49 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Play Tales of Hearts R like a fighting game.

“Combo Command,” a Tales series accessory which grants players access to all of a character’s arts, each activated with a specific button combination (like a fighting game), will see a revival in Tales of Hearts R.

The button combination “down, down-right, right, and circle,” for example,” will activate main character Shing’s Kairenjin ability.

Tales of Hearts R will launch for PS Vita on March 7 in Japan.

Thanks, @tales_ch (2).

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  • fyi1191

    Wow, this is awesome!
    But which is the first Tales of that implement this feature?

    • Pyrofrost

      Tales of Phantasia on SNES.

  • almostautumn

    Man this game looks good on the Vita.
    Anyone mind explaining to me why this series has a negligent localization history? I understand that localization takes time such as the upcoming Xillia, but everyone was so certain Innocence R wasn’t coming, and now this one also; why? What history am I missing?

    • Elvick

      Poor sales. Mostly due to Namco’s lack of localization consistency, lack of platform consistency, lack of advertising, and at times poor choice of release date.

      Namco never allows the series to retain a fanbase, they end up drifting away during a lull. And any releases are at most getting back some of those people, and being bought by the die hard fans who will always be there.

      • Pyrofrost

        Agreed, and this lack of consistency, as well as the time spent in the localization process is the reason I’ve resorted to importing them. Well that, and I’m personally not a fan of the aggressive “hostage” tactic that NB has taken with the series in the West.

        • Elvick

          I hate the series being treated like a hostage. “Buy this or else!”

          It really puts fans in a terrible position. Because we’re blamed if the series fails to sell and we’re blamed for the series not being supported.

          Even though, we’re not that big. Our numbers would be larger, if Namco did their job to get the series out there and KEEP it out there.

          We can only sell, reasonably, one per person. Unless we were all millionaires and could buy 10,000 games each. :/

          The best selling games, usually are then followed by switching to another platform. Symphonia sold well, let’s move to PS2. Vesperia sold well, let’s move to new platforms now.

          Leave those unable to afford to buy another system stuck with nothing. If they bought the system thinking Tales would continue there, they’re screwed. And the portable Tales are rarely supported outside of Japan.

          It’s a mess. Loving something shouldn’t be a chore, but being a Tales fan really is a chore.

          • almostautumn

            Dang… that is rough. Still, you’d think they’d at least take one chance with exploring a new system, and seeing whether or not the series succeeds better there. The handheld is where most JRPG players are at now anyway, so they do have an advantage, not to mention the fact that there’s very little competition upcoming in that market (in the west).

            • Elvick

              You’d think. Namco has been good with localization announcements lately. So here’s hoping that they continue that trend with Hearts R at least… but I’d like Innocence R as well.

              It’s why I’m supporting all their efforts to bringing over JRPGs. Plus, they’re all games I wanted anyway. :P

              Maybe it’s just Namco’s general lack of Vita support outside of Japan that’s the issue this time. They have tons of game in japan. And we have hardly any of them. I still hope for that Gundam Seed game to be brought over. ):

          • Pyrofrost

            I know we’ve had a couple of disagreements, but we also seem to be twins in our PoVs as well ^_^

            That is a marketing tactic I have really come to hate about NB now days. It’s a complete lack of respect for the fans, and really makes NB look as bad as Capcom, Activision, or EA. Which is really fucking bad.

            IMO they should have just kept the series on the Sony platforms, and port to other platforms if they felt like doing so. This gen has done well in showing Japanese companies which platform their JRPG fanbase is primarily located.

            They don’t need to be forcing the core fans to buy different consoles…they should be forcing people who want to be in the minority to buy different consoles.

      • InternatlGamer3

        I’m one of the DIEHARD fans.

  • KIngpigeon96

    Wow I didn’t know that there was a tales game that did this. Pretty cool.

  • KurisuMakise

    Please localize this Namco Bandai, with each bit of news this Remake seems to get better and better. Nice bit of effort was thrown in =]