Asahi: PS4 out this year, will cost over 40,000 yen - Gematsu
Asahi: PS4 out this year, will cost over 40,000 yen
posted on 02.06.13 at 07:04 PM EST by (@sqexgal)
Unfortunately, it's not quite February 20 yet.

Japanese newspaper Asahi has echoed rumors today that PlayStation 4 will launch in 2013, and has estimated that the system will cost over 40,000 yen.

“Yesterday (on February 6), it became clear that Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) will reveal it’s new game system, PlayStation 4, which will release within the year,” reads the paper. “This is the first new model since PS3 was released in 2006, and it’s expected that there will be a rush to meet year-end sales demands between Japan and America. The price is expected to exceed 40,000 yen.”

To iron out the yen to USD conversion: PlayStation 3’s cheapest model, the 20 gigabyte SKU, launched at $500 in North America. In Japan, it cost 49,980 yen, which converts to about $535. 40,000 yen converts to about $428. If we’re following PlayStation 3 launch pricing, it’s safe to say that by ‘greater than 40,000 yen,’ Asahi is saying ‘greater than $400’ for the overseas market.

PlayStation 4 is expected to be revealed on February 20 during PlayStation Meeting 2013 in New York City.

Thanks, Hachima Kikou.

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  • Awesome!

  • Eclipse

    So… maybe a little under the $500 price point?
    I guess it’s better to wait for the official announcement before speculating, but if the price range really is around $500 (Could be a little under that), then I’ll be perfectly fine with a day 1 purchase.

    • drproton

      I’d buy day 1 for anything up to $500, but I’d also be a bit skeptical on its mainstream appeal at that price.

      • Eclipse

        Yeah, the PS3 was pretty much a reminder of that.
        I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what Sony has planned (I’m hoping for some great launch titles).

  • Prodigy-X

    Hallelujah!!!!!! no $600 console.

  • Dark_N11

    i’m fine with $500 … but the launch titles will be the selling point for me.

    • devovit


    • Don’t be so eager to throw so much money away lol Games are way more expensive in Japan. 40,000 yen means $400 for Americans. IMO there’s a 0% chance of it being a dime higher. PS3 had a crazy price due to brand new Bluray tech.

      • Guest

        Actually it is because BC compability .. thats why Sony decide not to include it in latter model ( slim and super slim ).

        • Elvick

          Ugg, no. You think the chip for PS2 b/c cost more than new bluray? You think including SOFTWARE emulation cost more than the bluray drive?

          Bluray and the cell are why the PS3 was so expensive. They removed b/c to push software sales for PS3.

          • In the original PS3, it was 100% hardware emulation. Even in the second generation of PS3 it was 50% hardware emulation. That chip in the original PS3 cost them nearly $100. They didn’t perfect software emulation until much later, and it requires extra work to convent it for use in software emulation. Just like PS2 emulation on the PC, they have to recompile parts of it to make it work for emulation on a system that normally couldn’t handle it in pure software.

            • Elvick

              I know, that’s why my first sentence (shocker) addresses the hardware emulation. While the second (shocker) addresses the software emulation.

              After software emulation in the MGS4 bundle, any argument of it upping the price of the PS3 were completely null. Because Sony already had the solution to keep prices lower.

              But they removed it to push PS3 software. As I said.

              • That’s why when they went to pure software emulation, they sold the system at $400. The first one that was pure software was the 40 gig system. At that point, it wasn’t driving the cost of the system up at all.

                You’re wrong about the MGS4 bundle. That was only 50% software emulation and still had a GS chip inside to handle the graphics for the emulator.

                The EEGS was a custom chip that was only used in the PS3 so it didn’t benefit from the economies of scale of the PS2 Slim model, so it remained expensive for the entire time it was used in the PS3.

                The Bluray drive started out as being slightly more expensive than the EEGS chip but came down in price to where it cost less.

              • Sevyne

                Even though (again) you never actually mention the hardware emulation at all in relation to it’s $600 price tag and only single out the software emulation (shocker). This is the second time today that I’ve seen you state one thing and then acted like you meant something else, then tried to be all snark about it when it was you who made a faulty or cryptic statement to begin with (shocker).

          • Sevyne

            The original $600 PS3s were pure hardware emulation. They nearly had a full ps2 packed into that thing. The Emotion Engine alone could drive the price up to the $600 mark or close to it back then.

            The price was only able to be cut to the more reasonable $400 when they removed it in favor of software emulation. As we all know, the software emulation didn’t really work out so well, but what can ya do?

            I can tell you this as fact. I also have actually owned both models at their original prices.

            • Pyrofrost

              Yeah, the Emotion Engine is a fucking bitch to emulate. The emulator (by Sony) could only play roughly 72% of PS2 games. Though PCSX2 does a little better with just under 76%

              The issue is with the Emotion Engine specifically that makes emulation so difficult.

  • I knew it PS4 will be $400 the sources I heard about back in 2009 predicted this.

    • The sales of the original PS3 at launch predicted this LOL.

  • Sevyne

    I know I’ll be kicking myself later for saying this, but I don’t see it being anything over $400. Unless however they have multiple tiers for the console with different sized drives which seems like it would be the case. We could speculate pricing all we want, but we’ll see soon enough. I personally am not ready or willing to shell out anything over $400 unless is came with a bunch of goodies.

    • KurisuMakise

      Considering there’s rumours of one SKU, I feel $399 is the exact price they need to launch at. $399 for a 500GB HDD, 4GB GDDR5, Blu-ray, Wireless N…yeah that’ll do for the enthusiast market. Then hopefully they can scale down to $350 and the magic $299 quicker. Either way, I’m in at $400

  • Remember that it’s a rumor reported by the newspaper… The price seems reasonable compared to the PS3 when it was first released but I’ll wait and see what launch titles it will have first..

  • Pyrofrost

    If they are going to go with the usual standard and premium console, then we will likely be looking at the standard at $400 and the premium at $500. However, if there is no premium, I expect it to land at either $400 or $450.
    That’s my prediction for what it’s worth, based on the way values are adjusted on the markets. (ie: based on the 20GB PS3 being ¥49,980 = $535 and being priced at $500 & the 60GB being at ¥59,800 = $640 and being priced at $600)

  • cid

    wow so the ps4 is really coming for some resaon it juat hit me right now.

  • hush404

    So… $399? :/ Hmm.

  • if there’s a premium version then the standard better also have FULL BC implemented into the Hardware through emulation to use our PS1,PS2 & Ps3 discs as well as digital titles.

    They should address this and put it into later PS4 models even if they charge $5-10 to download it or if you buy this bundle you get the Full BC Add-on for Free. It would entice people to buy it cause they could play all their disc games and whatnot back as far as PS1.

  • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

    399$ sounds like a good price,just needs some fancy games.

    • Agreed, and makes sure to implement Full BC into the Hardware through emulation so that way they can later keep it used in later PS4 models.

      • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

        BC is going to be super hard,the only way I can think of doing it would be through downloadable patches.

        • If they don’t do it through hardware (which would be really expensive) then it’s going to only be doable through the Xbox360 method of BC. That is, developer patches to minimally port the games to the new system. I think PS3 BC is probably not in the cards. PS2 BC though should be possible using the original discs. I hope they make that happen.

          • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

            Ps2 should be no problem at all,it was almost doable on ps3(doable with most games)

            But ps3 BC is going to be hard..very very hard.

  • $500 is the most I’ve paid for any console. I specifically bought the 20gig PS3 because I didn’t think $600 was worth it…

  • rockman29

    $449 is my limit, as long as the hardware is there I have no problem paying it.

  • Zackasaur

    $500 sounds more than fine to me! I’ll probably get this console for the holidays and am hoping for a good launch. I don’t really need a strong launch to buy the hardware, though, since I have no lack of confidence here.

  • Solomon_Kano

    I’ve been expecting $400-450, that’s what I’m prepared for, and that’s what I’m willing to pay.

    Sony said they wouldn’t make another $600 system, but I’m sure they don’t think $500 is going to be SO much more palatable for most consumers. $400 flat would be for the best, but I can see it hitting $450 and I’d be fine with that.

    One way or the other, we’re exactly two weeks out from the reveal. They may or may not share pricing info then, so we’ll see.

  • $400 – $450 and we get a nice upgrade from the PS3 its not a bad deal at all. Faster machine, better graphics and new games. Can’t complain much really. Trading in my PS3 the week before its out I will be playing The Last Of Us and all the other awesome games coming to PS3 while we wait.

  • DrForbidden

    I very much doubt it will cost less than USD450 AT LAUNCH …

  • Raiyu

    I can definitely deal if its $400-450

  • Yuenku

    You get what you pay for, and all that new “next gen” hardware isn’t going to come cheap. $400 is surprising to me; I expected it to be more like $450/$500.

  • Himiko

    Asahi Super Dry? no taste.

    On a serious note, this is good.

  • MrRobbyM

    Yeah, I expected something around 400-450. 500 is kinda pushing it.

  • NCloud

    I bought the PS3 at launch at $599 and have no regrets. But right now, $499 might be too much for many.

  • I’m expecting at least two models at launch. They will most likely be separated by hard drive size. I’d like to see a $350 model and $450 model at launch. I’m sure the prices will be a bit higher, but I’m hoping they won’t be much higher. (I think Sony learned from the PS3 launch.)

    It’s tough to gauge the price without knowing what will come in the box. Obviously, the console and one controller, power cables, etc. What about launch titles? Possible PS Plus bundle? If they decide to support SSD, perhaps the more expensive model comes with an SSD installed?

    Lots of questions. We probably won’t get a ton of answers on the 20th. I would love to be surprised though. =)

    • Bloodios

      I just hope that the PS4 doesn’t have any sort of proprietary HDD, because I’m planning to pop in a Momentus XT as soon as I unbox the console.

      • I seriously doubt it will. I don’t see any reason for Sony to change it up. I think consumers have really enjoyed being able to easily swap out the hard drive in the PS3. I’m sure Sony is aware of that, via positive feedback, I really hope they take that into account and don’t change things up.

        Some might say, but look at what the competition is doing! My response is this – Who cares? What Sony is doing right now with the PS3 is better for us, the consumers. I’m always going to support things that benefit us.

        • Bloodios

          Yeah, I doubt it too. It’s just that, ever since I found out about the Vita’s proprietary memory card, I sometimes find myself needlessly worry about the future…

          • Good point. I still don’t really agree with that decision.

  • Bloodios

    As long that it’s cheaper than the PS3’s launch price, I’ll bite. I felt a bit cheated for purchasing the “fat” 80GB model for $600. That said, I also find myself rather pleased, since my PS3 has been running nice and fine all these years. I just hope that the PS4 is going to be a durable product at launch. All those stories about folks experiencing RROD and YLOD were rather depressing to hear.

  • DriftSlave

    I can’t get behind this thing….at least not yet….the non-Nintendo next gen systems have too many cons at this time….

    • Pyrofrost

      What cons? We won’t have facts until the console unveiling.
      Until then, all we have to go on is rumors and speculation.

      • DriftSlave

        thats all we have to go on but talks of anti-used games rub me the wrong way but whatever it isn’t long until the apparent reveal for the next gen PS.

        • Pyrofrost

          True, and I can see why it would. I just keep an open mind when it comes to thing until we have factual information.

        • Anyone who was following consoles back in the 2003-2005 era knows that this sort of thing has come up before. It was quite a persistent rumor while all the other comments were flying around about the PS3 and 360. And there’s barely any implementation to show for it.

          The only place Sony used the anti copy technology? For the cross buy promotions with the PS3 and Vita, so you could only get the free Vita game on one account with one Bluray disc.

    • Elvick

      Premature opinion there.

  • i dont fuckin care

  • Knowing the usual routine when converting the pricing for the UK, I should expect to see this on our shelves for around £450, then? Ouch if so…

  • Amy

    Do you guys think ff versus will end up being for ps4? also do u think we will be able to play ps3 games on it that would be awesome

  • PrinceHeir

    if Metal Gear Solid Ground Zero, The Last Guardian, and Final Fantasy Versus XIII is the launch game

    then wow im getting this Day 1 with or without BC.

  • So thats means it’s going to cost 700 euros in europe lol…

  • Marco Tinè

    Just my two cents here. This is how I feel about the pricing argument…

    Honestly, I can see Microsoft and Sony pricing their new systems somewhere between 450 dollars and 500 – more towards the latter. They’ll look for a “soft spot” that appeals to the people and at the same time reduces the losses per unit sold at a minimum. If the hardware specs are those circulating on the net these days, one could even speculate about both Orbis and Durango being sold at manifacturing price in order to reach profitability as soon as possible.

    I think selling at a loss isn’t viable anymore in this economy, and this is particularly true for the games console business. If you want your platform to stay healthy for 6 years or more, you need all the money you can get to sustain a long term strategy made of exclusive agreements with third parties, internal development and advertising. Spending the first two years in the market gasping for air is not an option this time around.