3DS third-party-focused Nintendo Direct tomorrow - Gematsu
3DS third-party-focused Nintendo Direct tomorrow
posted on 02.20.13 at 11:38 PM EST by (@salromano)
Japanese broadcast to air at 6 a.m. Eastern time.

Nintendo will live stream a 3DS third-party title-focused Nintendo Direct tomorrow.

The Japanese broadcast will air live here at 8 p.m. Japan time / 6 a.m. Eastern time (find your local time here).

Stay tuned.

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  • Haku_Luvs_You

    God damn. It’s just one event after another. Honestly though I do like them. I hope Sony hops on board with videos like these too :)

  • XypherCode

    I want more Nintendo Directs for Wii U. There’s already too much for 3DS xD
    Of course you can never have too much :))

  • I love that we can get things like these presentations so much more easier than past generations though the wait between announcements and releases are excruciating

  • I am done with Nintendo.

    • Haku_Luvs_You

      then why are you here commenting on a Nintendo article?