Square Enix opens Final Fantasy: All The Bravest teaser site - Gematsu
Square Enix opens Final Fantasy: All The Bravest teaser site
posted on 01.15.13 at 09:23 AM EST by (@salromano)
Square Enix's latest mobile game? We'll find out Thursday.

Square Enix has opened a new teaser site in Japan.

Final Fantasy: All The Bravest

The website features silhouettes of classic Final Fantasy character sprites battling a Behemoth. The site’s URL contains “ff_atb,” and an iTunes link discovered in its source code reveals that stands for Final Fantasy: All The Bravest, a subtitle which Square Enix trademarked not long ago.

Stay tuned. A reveal is planned for Thursday.

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  • Guess that means Bravely Default won’t be localised promptly.

  • EspadaKiller


  • uhawww

    This is most certainly not what I was hoping for…

  • DragonSix

    So, it is not Bravely Default. What the hell Square?!

  • Sevyne

    Not a Bravely Default localization? What a letdown. I shouldn’t be surprised. Wanna bet this is just another browser based game or ios/android game? Square just loves to disappoint like that with their teasers.

  • No %$#@ way you wont get us again with this BS crapenix! No one is falling for this people should stop buying their games they are making fools of us. That is it… someone needs to start a movement to Boycott crapenix! Lets put an end to this… What? what was that Valve? you want some? ok you too come at me bro … F%$# HL3 and F$#@$ VSXIII F$#@! them.

  • Ragiacrus

    well the year just started so I’m not gna give up on a Bravely Default release for the west…

  • wouldn’t it be nice ta get a Remake o’ FF6? complete with Ultros bein’ recruitable. (why are ya lookin’ at me like dat?)

  • Seems like the rumors of an Original Final Fantasy game for mobile platforms is most likely true.

    I’d much rather see them announce and release new games for non mobile platforms, just like most everyone else. With that said, if this is a new original game, I hope that it turns out to be something pretty good.

    They already have a few social based FF games, I don’t see why we need more.

    In regards to Bravery Default… I’m still going to keep hope. Especially since I have a 3DS now.

  • Heistt

    Expected this, it’s not like you can have hope for Square anymore, all of their countdown websites lead only to letdowns.

  • MrKappa

    SE releasing another social/phone game? What a surprise! /sarcasm

  • Archvile78

    Why hello there FF6 Behemoth sprites.

  • PrinceHeir

    awesome :D

  • Sevyne

    You really want to see what SE pulled with this nonsense?


    Read that and tell me you still want this game. Only the dumbest of SE Sheep can say they are interested in this game with a straight face. It’s pathetic and plain dirty what they are trying to do to people.