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Rumor: Monster Hunter 4 coming to PS Vita
posted on 01.18.13 at 09:18 AM EST by (@salromano)
GameLab rumors simultaneous release on 3DS and PSV.

Japanese magazine GameLab has an interesting rumor in its Industry Gossip Corner this month.

“The release date for the 3DS game Monster Hunter 4 was postponed [from March to summer 2013], but not because ‘further quality enhancements are needed.’ It’s because Capcom has begun working towards a simultaneous release for PS Vita since [PS Vita] sales have been increasing. Now, the Nintendo and Capcom camp has added Sony to the mix and deliberations are underway.”

Remember: rumor, salt, all that.

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  • Lee

    Hopefully the rumour is true. -crosses fingers-

    Though I thought before Nintendo has an exclusivity contract with Capcom regarding Monster Hunter…

    • Yes, the rumour said that Capcom was under contract with Nintendo to keep Monster Hunter off all other handhelds except Nintendo’s for three years presumably starting with MH3G. The source of the rumour was the same one that leaked Dragon Quest VII 3DS a year in advance.

      So given the reliability of the source, it will be interesting to see which rumour gets debunked first.

      • kensama

        If rumour for an exclusive contract is true, why the game is delayed for presumably enhancement?

        The postpone of the game is in favour of a the second rumour about a PS Vita version no?

        • Link

          Because there are still alot of things that can be fixed? The 3DS full power is still untapped and as you can see by early videos from MH4 it doesnt look nearly as refined as it could be.

        • Kenith Injustice

          Or maybe it’s just for some general fine tuning with the game. People have to stop eating up every rumor they hear.

  • Raiyu

    I can already tell this isn’t going to end well…

  • Well , its CAPCOM so its cool .. I HOPE ‘)

    • Is that a joke? …anyway MH is awesome.

  • uhawww

    I… have a hard time believing this.
    We’ll see…

  • Akira_Tenshi

    Monster Hunter was largely responsible for the success of PSP in Japan. This catch 22 situation Vita is in needs to end. People wont buy it because there are no games and developers wont make games because nobody is buying it. Someone has to budge, this would certainly help sell a few Vitas.

    • I agree. There will surely be a surge in sales if Capcom puts this out. And that could cause a chain reaction for other developers to start making games.

    • MrKappa

      The Vita certainly is in a paradoxical situation but I fear even this game can’t help save it. People will just instead get the game for the 3DS.

      • you still think that the PS vita is doing bad? lol, you are outdated…

        • Yeah I love my Vita I have no clue were all this no games thing is coming from the Vita had the best launch lineup. People believe anything they hear.

          • Link

            Yes because being outsold 47 to 1 by the 3DS in its homeland where its predecessor dominated the market isnt doing bad at all.

          • xMCXx

            There is Gravity Rush and Uncharted:Golden Abyss.
            And nothing else in sight.

            • almostautumn

              Err, what the h*ll you talking about? Have you seriously not looked at anything with the Vita… ever? Outside of a stack of phenomenal titles on the system, upcoming games include;

              -Killzone Mercenary -Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus -Dead or Alive 5: Plus -Monster Monpiece -Demon Gaze -Soul Sacrifice -Tales of Hearts:R -Phantasy Star -Valhalla Knights 3 -Oboro Muramasa -Sei Madou Monogatari

              And that’s off the top of my head. I’m sure there’s more. But yeah— might I add that most of those are all releasing within the next 3 months.

              And seriously, go scroll a Vita Reviews page on any website. There is already a very large collection of what are simply dynamite titles for the system.

            • Kobracon

              How could you forget P4G. That one game moved lots of Vitas.

            • You did not look hard enough….

              Edit:Damn you Disqus for making me look bad…

        • Do we really need to look at the current sales numbers during the holiday season in Japan. The Vita is doing worst than it was when it was doing bad.

    • Skerj

      I’d buy 2 copies what with it being region free and all.

    • PrinceHeir

      despite capcom’s shady business tricks.

      i always admire their Monster Hunter and Ace Attorney teams, as well as Sengkoa Basara(where the hell is 4?)

      it seams they’re one of the few in the company that can still make that Capcom maigc from the old games :)

      • KurisuMakise

        Speaking of Ace Attorney, there’s no reason to lock that down to one platform anymore. Get that stuff on all mobile/handhelds and collect money. It does well enough on iOS, would do fine on Android and I’m sure people would double dip if it was on PSN finally. Especially since Phoenix was in UMvC3.

        • PrinceHeir


          i think there shouldn’t be any exclusive IP’s other than first party IP’s

          i am dying to play Ace Attorney on PS Vita :D

          • KurisuMakise

            I did my part in letting Capcom know there was interest when they were surveying, at least.

  • Guest

    If the game was designed correctly, this is exactly what the Vita needs

  • I really hope it does. I’m not a fan of the series I just want the vita to do better in japan which will help it do better in the states. That way they keep making jrpgs over there and some may trickle to the west :D

  • MrRobbyM

    I told y’all. I told ya.

  • XypherCode

    The Monster Hunter “community” is already established with the 3DS. If ever this rumor is to be true than I still don’t think it will matter much and consumer’s will still buy the 3DS over it, even if it does sell a lot of Vita’s. But who knows. IMHO this strategy is only beneficial to Sony and not Capcom.

    • Ragiacrus

      the “community” will go where the games are released. As prior to MH Tri, Portable 3G, upcoming 3 Ultimate (Wii, and Wii U, 3ds Nintendo) the MH titles were all on Sony consoles (Mh1, and Mh2 for PS2) and respective handhelds (psp).

      I would like to see more mutlisystem release.

      also I own a 3DS which I play pokemon, mariokart, and street fighter 4 on. I also happen to own a Playstation Vita which is in need of a taste of monster hunting goodness!

      • Haku_Luvs_You

        That said though you must wonder how much of the community will move. If the community is on 3ds, will they stay there or will they go out and pick up a vita for a game they can get on a system they already own? Obviously I don’t have the answers, but you do have to wonder.

        • Ragiacrus

          imo, the community for MH isn’t a static thing… just as you have an xbox, wiiu, ps3 community for say an assassin creed 3 game.

          If MH4 gets a vita version then I think both populations will be healthy enough to function well. One console might have slightly more players but that’s for statisticians to worry about.

          Heck, tbh, I’d probably buy the game for BOTH just to support the franchise.

          I don’t usually do that for games but MH is one of my favorite Capcom game series so I’d go out of the way for it. ;D

  • Too bad there’s no way it wouldn’t just be a higher res port. If it was made from scratch for the Vita…

  • Ragiacrus

    I hope this becomes reality… all of the other Capcom titles have multiple system releases, (for example: Street Fighter 4 for Ps3, Xbox360, 3ds and pc) I hope Monster Hunter follows thru with this trend as well.

  • Neutron15

    not really, that game magazine has a history of being wrong, remember when they said DQIX was PSP bound back in the days.

  • This is awesome and should really help Vita sales. I might even pick this up. I hope this is true,

  • Bobo Fango


  • hush404

    This would make me very happy. Announce this and a price cut (for the Vita) and watch your profits grow, Capcom :)

  • Getting a simultaneous release won’t do much for the Vita, tbh… The 3DS numbers are a lot compared to the Vita thus many would go for the 3DS… Capcom could have gone for MH Portable 4th if they want to increase that particular hardware’s numbers….

  • I’m more inclined to believe Monster Hunter 4 will still release exclusively on the 3DS. Then, after a few months, some sort of improved version will be announced for the Vita.

    • KurisuMakise

      An improved version along with Frontier G would be alright, might be a good way for them to expand and take advantage of the potential for online hunting vs just Ad-hoc.

    • Kobracon

      No matter how much I want this now, this seems better…..

  • Link

    Would like to add that GameLab is a dedicated hacking magazine that has its own “Rumor” section where this news came from and has a horrible track record.

    Some examples of their “Confirmed Rumors”
    DQ9 coming to PSP
    Wii revision launching with an external hard drive
    DS revision with TV Tuner and Radio
    FF13Versus launching Q1 2013
    Full compilation of DQ 1- 8 remade for PS3
    SquareEnix RPG for DS w/ Shonen Jump char.

    and thats just some, and as you can see none of these have come true.

  • Claude

    Kind of sad to see GameLab trolling people again like they did when they said DQ9 was going to PSP.
    And with the desperate situation the Vita is in, people are just going to eat up their lies.

  • vita is getting better now , i think more third parties will make some decend games for PSV~

  • lol fake

  • Prodigy-X

    I hope this is true. Monster Hunter does better on PlayStation.

  • The vita sales havent increased though, this holiday was less than its launch..

    • but there are lot of new games come out for vita in febuary , hopes they can raise vita sales

      • Those same hopes were for COD, gravity rush, pasbr, resistance, persona 4, etc. Its time we stop saying “just wait for x game, it will change everything.” All we can do is say, “hey that looks good,” and buy it! I think too many people are holding out for a killer game instead of just supporting it. Support is what gets killer games.

  • According Christian Svensson, Corporate Officer/Senior Vice-President for CAPCOM USA:

    “There are no plans at the moment beyond platforms that have been
    announced. Obviously rumors and speculation will continue regardless of
    what I tell you.”

    As much as I own a Vita and I am a huge fan of the MH series, I must say we just have to wait for official announcements and not just rumors that only works as free advertisement to sell more magazines.

    • I’m not so sure about that. I saw that topic, and while the guy links to a thread about MH4 Vita, he uses the name “Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate” in his post. And when Svensson responds, he uses the word “platforms” (i.e. Wii U/3DS), which leads me to believe he thought the user was asking about Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, and simply didn’t click the link.

  • FlameEmperor
  • Kobracon

    :DDDDDDD Hope this is true. Damn, now I have to hold off getting Ragnarok Odyssey until this is confirmed…

  • ddsfan2

    I’ll believe it if/when it actually happens. Until then, it is just baseless speculation. If it does happen, it will help PS Vita hardware sales tremendously, even as a multiplatform release or late port.

    I personally don’t have any interest in the series; it is probably very good, but isn’t my type of game at all. I bought a 3DS for Megaten games, and never played Monster Hunter on the PSP either.

    I’m already pretty happy with the Vita’s library, but am bummed out about the canceled games by Cave…