Open Forum #027 - Gematsu
Open Forum #027
posted on 01.16.13 at 01:40 PM EST by (@salromano)
Open, off-topic discussion

Open Forum #027

Our twenty-seventh Open Forum is ready for discussion.

The Open Forum is your domain for anything and everything. Whatever you feel is inappropriate to discuss in other threads, you can discuss here. Want to talk about sports? You’re in the right place. Have a random question? Ask it here. Want to poll the community? Do it here. The Open Forum is what you make it.

Discuss away.

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  • Everything is dead!

    Sorry for the lateness today. Forgot it was Open Forum day. xD

    • z_merquise

      Everything is dead!

      Or maybe you mean “Killer is Dead”! Nice choice of pic by the way.

    • whiteferrero

      Hey Sal! the trailer for All the Bravest is out. It’s definitely a unique take on the classic ff. I’d buy it if i have an ios system lol.

  • ShinAsura

    How do I change my avatar?

    • Raiyu

      Go to edit settings at the top.

      • ShinAsura

        Mine only has my name, send feedback and logout :/ not sure why

        • Raiyu

          try going to and editing it from there

        • You might have to merge the account you have here on Gematsu with Disqus. I had to do the same thing when we switched to Disqus.

          I suggest using the same email/password you use to log into Gematsu. (You might have to make up a new username.)

          Once you have a Disqus account. Find and click the edit profile on the Disqus site. (Pic Example.)

          After you click edit profile, a box will appear with some choices.

 (Pic Example)

          As you can see, Avatar is one of them and you have a few different ways to set an avatar.

          I took this picture to also point out a few other things. The Merging tab might take a little bit to appear after you make an account.

          What that does is Merge Disqus compatible websites with your Disqus account. Websites like Gematsu for example.

          You can confirm the merge and all of your previous comments on gematsu will link to your new Disqus account. (It basically merges profiles.)

          You can also go into the profile tab, which I have opened in my picture. Whatever name you put under Full Name, should show up on Gematsu and other websites. (As you can see, Zero is put on mine.)

          I hope this helps!

          • ShinAsura


            • Glad I could help. =)

  • xMCXx

    I’m so fucking hyped for Ni No Kuni!
    At last a JRPG-Masterpiece in this Generation on PS3!

    Also, Ultimate Ninja Storm 3! It looks like it will have a long-ass story mode like Storm 2 had!
    I already love 2013! :D

    • douten

      Fire Emblem, Tales, and Monster Hunter~ It’s going to be a great spring <3 Not to mention the news of Pandora's Tower :D

    • Pyrofrost

      Indeed, and we have Xillia coming this year as well :D

      All we need now is Atlus to give us a SMT IV localization announcement, and Sega to do so for Yakuza 5. Oh, and lets not forget about Ys IV!

    • Kobracon

      Yakuza 5 is my hyped JRPG of the year. Can’t wait for it!

    • PrinceHeir

      can’t wait for my Wazarudo’s Edition!!!!!

  • TensaiBaka

    March is the blessed month for gaming.

    • z_merquise

      It would be February for me. It’s because of Fire Emblem: Awakening and Metal Gear Rising.
      January as well because of Anarchy Reigns.

  • Bloodios

    Attempted to hack my PS2 the other day, but could never get past chipping away at it with a screwdriver. I suppose I couldn’t be heartless enough to bring down the hatchet upon a system that is so closely attached to my teenage years…

    • MosquitoLemon

      I had mine done ‘professionally’ (ie; they would just give you a pre-modded one if yours broke in the process). Never regretted it, the JP library alone is worth the price.

      edit – the price being that your laser will become defunct much quicker. Mine is still kicking, but it’s really hit or miss.

  • almostautumn

    Just finally checked out Dante’s Inferno – played through it in one night. It’s a really terrific little game, and the creativity of it is just excellent. If anyone hasn’t checked it out yet I really suggest it; wild game.

    • Bloodios

      Yeah, among one of my favorite Visceral Games titles. Dante’s scythe-handling skill was simply badass.

      • Guest

        *Testing* *Testing*

    • xMCXx

      It’s pretty fun.
      Wonder when we’ll hear about its sequel?

      • Bloodios

        It would be great if they were to make a sequel, powered by the Frostbite 2.0.

      • AnimusVox

        Probably after their Army of Two game comes out.

  • DesmaX

    So yeah… I’m kinda without games, so I decided to play my P3 FES I brought on the PS2 Classics

    And yeah… Just got struck on another boss…
    I feel like starting a new game on Easy mode. I only beated P4, so I wanted to beat this one too

    • MosquitoLemon

      Don’t feel bad about setting a JRPG on easy mode. I never had any trouble with P3 personally, but it gets agonizingly long and tedious towards the end. I played P2 on easy and never regretted it.

    • AdamBoy64

      The good thing about playing a game on a difficulty other than the hardest is – it gives you motivation for a second playthrough.

  • Ace


  • Revorse

    Matchmaking on Anarchy Reigns is kinda slow. I’m trying to get games of Death Ball going..but it’s just not happening

  • MosquitoLemon

    Has anyone here bought Clan of Champions? I’m actually considering putting $30 down for it because I’m a huge fan of the series, and Acquire in general. $20 would be a fair must-buy price for me, but I’d really need a good recommendation to go in for the extra 10.

    • Are you buying it on PSN?

      • MosquitoLemon

        I was not aware there was a non-PSN version.

        • There’s a PC version on Steam, too.

          But anyway, go to for something good.

          • MosquitoLemon

            Oh that’s right! PC games of FTL quality or higher tend to melt my laptop and cause noxious fumes to come out, so I usually ignore Steam (half the reason I got a console in the first place). But yes, thank you sir.

  • Skelter

    currently sitting in my office at work dying for 5 to come around so I can pick up my DmC preorder (missed the release yesterday due to overtime)…….who has it? how’s the music? I know they have Combichrist songs on it so I’m guessing it’s alot of “high energy shout your lungs out” battle themes :D…………also, I’m currently playing Final Fantasy X on PCSX2…….made it to Zanarkand ruins where I’m fucked against the Gatekeeper …….Tidus is still doing 400 damage/900 critical and Lu Lu just learned Flare…..doesn’t have any Ga level spells………..I’m thinking my best bet would be to warp back to the Calm Lands and level up? Cuz I know if the Gatekeeper is screwing me over…….Yunalesca is FUQ me up.

    • MosquitoLemon

      I never had trouble with Yunalesca so I can’t really help. The last boss was my only real problem, took me a week to figure out a strategy that wasn’t just ‘get all Aeons = win’. Are there any ultimate weapons you can get at that point?

  • usagi_san
    • PrinceHeir

      please listen to this guy and buy this!!!!!!!

      already pre ordered since 7/1/2012 :P

  • Pyrofrost

    So many imports this year already. It’s a good thing I’m not into VNs as well.

  • Kobracon

    Anyone here playing Tera Online? Its going f2p next month so I decided to try the unlimited trial. Its pretty frikkin awesome so far! I’ve never had an MMO hook me this much before, not even GW2. In just 2 days I’m already halfway to lvl cap! Been playing non-stop.

    • Really? I had a tough time getting into it. I know the heart of the game is combat, what class did you start with? I kinda got bored of the same old fetch quest stuff I guess.

      • Kobracon

        Slayer. I was prepared for very basic quests, but that flaw was quickly washed away by the impressive enemy, armor, weapons and area (my GOD the areas :L) design. I’ve always been fine doing menial tasks as long as doing the tasks themselves are fun as heck and I LOVE the combat. The raid areas are really fun and cool too.

        I like GW2, but something about the art design never really moved me. The armours seem bland and the weapons were normal looking. I realise I am fairly early in GW2 but I’ve heard armor doesn’t get interesting until exotics or legendaries.

        I enjoy seeing my character get progressively badass (or sexier) in any RPG, so the armor and weapon design is important to me.

        • I might try and find time to give it another chance then. As you already know, I really like Guild Wars 2.

          The catch is, I don’t really like GW2 for the same reasons I like other MMORPGs. Does that make sense? It’s a very different type of MMO in my opinion.

          • Kobracon

            Oh really? I’m curious. What reasons are those if you don’t mind my asking?

            • Most of the time I play MMORPGS for the community. I get involved with big clans or whatever the specific game calls them.

              I play to help others out, make new friends, and level up with everyone. I like to see others accomplish things, not just myself.

              Guild Wars 2 is the first MMORPG to really change up things for me. I find myself playing it more like a single player experience than anything.

              The dynamic events and changing world still ensure I play with other players. I just fine myself staying very solo in the game. The story, writing, voice work, all of it is quite good. I usually don’t think of story when I play online games.

              I also don’t really have to party up or anything with other players in Guild Wars 2 to help, you just all fight the same stuff.

              I’m kinda torn with parts of the game. It streamlines and does things other MMORPGs do poorly, very well. At the same time, simplifying specific things in some ways makes the game lose some of its charm.

              Don’t get me wrong, it makes up for it with everything else. The combat is fast paced, but not incredibly intricate. It does have depth, but it’s mostly based on opponent and specific builds for classes.

              I like it, but the combat is satisfying at times, then at other times I need to switch weapons to spice things up. Sure, what you fight matters in any online game, but some of my favorites have specific combat. I’m very picky with my mmorpg combat.

              So, I don’t really play it for the combat, or the community, or even the loot. It makes up for all of that with the dynamic events, story, open world, interesting maps, great music, smart achievements, and lots of other small things.

              At times though, the simplicity of it all can make you feel like you are just doing busy work. Then you take part in a story mission and it’s great. In that way, it feels like a single player experience. I know some players who have a guild and feel really connected to it all, but I’ve just never had that type of connection with Guild Wars 2.

              I also tend to be more of a fan of slower paced strategic combat in MMORPGS. This really comes from my FF11 days. I do have a taste for faster stuff, but I get really picky.

              (Alright, I’m going to sorta dive into my past MMORPG experiences here. Feel free to stop reading if you want.) lol…

              When I played PSO, FF11, Aion, FF14, I mostly stayed because of the community. Aion was probably the worse experience of the bunch for me, but I got very unlucky.

              I’ve tried plenty of other MMORPGs, but only a few turned out to be my type of games. I think the simplicity of MMORPGs these days sorta clashes with my tastes.

              I loved FF11 — played it off and on for 4-5 years. It was and always will be one of those, love/hate type of games. You remember and cherish the good memories, but you try to bury the shitty ones in some sort of chest deep inside your mind, and then you destroy the key. I guess you could say it’s your very own Pandoras box, lol.

              Only something really special can create memories like that. I played 11 for the community, for my friends, to accomplish goals, to complete the story, to obtain specific gear. All of it was hard, every single part. Even the community and friends part proved difficult.

              I don’t imagine any game will ever managed to fill the void I have in regards to FFXI. (I could go all day on my 11 experiences. I think I’ll end it here for now.)

              I think I enjoyed XIV because of how bad it was. That probably doesn’t make sense. It’s like rooting for a bad team in sports. You enjoy seeing them try and make it all work, despite all the problems. FFXIV was like that for most of the first year of the game. From the start, you would constantly have problems. Where do I go? What is the goal here? Hell, what is the goal of the game? Do I just level up alone? How do I make money? Why does the game not have an auction house? etc.

              It was broken in so many ways. You could play the game, but you had to accept its shortcomings. The combat and music was quite good, the story had potential, when you actually got to do a real story mission. You could see light at the end of the tunnel. It was the type of game where everyone needed help. I stuck around because a few friends wanted to give it a chance. They eventually stopped playing, and I kept at it, hoping they would return as the game improved.

              I suppose that benefited a player like me, I was a veteran, I had the knowledge, and I wanted to help other players. It wasn’t until early 2012 that the game started getting big patches. They would fix lots of stuff, but completely change or remove other things. It was quite the experience. I suppose that chapter of my online gaming life is still open, I decided to go on hiatus, I felt like I needed to wait for ARR to be finished.

              What about PSO, Phantasy Star Online. That was one of my first online experiences. I didn’t have a good PC until like 2003-2004. I didn’t even have 56k internet back then, I had 28k or something really slow. I plugged up my Dreamcast to the web and tried to load my level 50 hunter. I joined a server and my memory card was wiped by someone who had hacked the main lobby.

              I was devastated by this. This was one of my first times online. My Dreamcast was better than the ancient PC my parents had. I wanted so badly to see what all the hoopla was about, only to have my character I worked hard to level to 50 offline, erased in seconds. Thankfully, I made a new character and decided to give leveling up online a try.

              I remember meeting a guy named MR.FAIRYMAN or something like that. I’m not kidding, not one bit. Turns out the guy was a bit like an internet troll. He enjoyed going into the lobbies and calling out other players for fun. I managed to convince him to actually play the game with me, we made a room and eventually got some other players to join. It only took me about a week to surpass my previous level 50.

              It was my first time experiencing how an online community could be so special. My fairyman friend vanished the next week, he never logged back in. I was pretty sad, but had managed to make some new friends. That was kinda my first time experiencing that, losing an online friend.

              As you can see from my wall of text here, PSO was my very first online game. I learned quite a bit from it, and I followed it up with FFXI. Both of those games had quite an effect on my life. Powerful stuff I suppose.

              I might post more some other time. If you managed to read all of this, I hope you got some enjoyment out of it. (That goes to anyone that reads this.)

              • Kobracon

                I see.

                Well for me, I guess I sorta grew up to be a loner gamer. I live in a relatively far off place (kinda like the boondocks) since I was 6 years old. It takes about half an hour to get to my school area and an hour to get to the main city. So my school friends rarely came up to my house.

                When I found games, I played single player ones (eventually loving RPGs) coz it took away the boredom of not having anyone to play with. So I suppose through out the years, I grew accustom to games being a one man affair. My first taste of an online game was Ragnarok Online (which was ridiculously popular at the time in my school).

                I too just had a 56k modem and the damn game was Pay to Play back then so I never got a chance to play. But one day I DID get a chance and you know what? I was bored to tears. Fighting was so slow. I fought jelly creatures all day, then bloody ANTS. Sure I could play with my friends but we didn’t have the tech at the time to easily coordinate with one another.

                So soloing RO really left a bad first impression for MMOs to me. The next game was Gunbound online (another popular one in school) and that went better coz the gameplay was like Worms (which i loved) and I could play with friends or blow them up. Sadly the game lacked any sense of progression or ending so we all eventually got bored of it.

                From then on was a constant quest set by myself to find a great free to play MMO with fun gameplay and share it with friends. I played countless, and I mean COUNTLESS, F2P mmorpgs (you name it, I probably played it) and only the ones with an interesting premise or gameplay idea lasted more than the very day it took to download and installed it (coz thats how long they usually lasted for me). 9 Dragons Online was one such game.

                Its only recently that more action oriented games MMOs have come to light but the infuriating thing is that most are a hosted by america and america apparently hates Asia. Vindictus, Dungeon Fighter, Tera NA, Elsword all block Asian IP. And the ones that aren’t are handled by Outspark entertainment and most of them have closed down due to poor player base…..

                I’ve tried WoW for a month to see what all the fuss was about and I honestly god bored of it. Gameplay was just a giant meh to me. Tera is really something coz the world is as big and massive as WoW. The quests are the same, but the major difference is how one goes about it. Also giving players a taste of raids early on (like lvl 20 or so) helps make things interesting as well as make friends faster.

                I have no clue about the Tera NA community but the EU one is alright. Found a nice guild pretty quickly and every raid is an opportunity to make friends or teach noobs the ropes that you learned only a few raids ago.

                Maybe you still won’t enjoy Tera, but at least now I understand why. Thanks for posting and also thanks for reading this far XD

                • I’m really glad you found a game you like. I fully understand how picky people can be with MMORPGs.

                  I tried WoW as well, it just didn’t do anything for me at all. I’m actually quite heavy on single player too. I don’t tend to play games online. MMORPGs changed that for me.

                  I’m not one of those people that plays shooters online. If I do play those games online, I prefer cooperative play with close friends.

                  Something about the communities in the mmorpgs I’ve played has always been different. Sure, every game is going to have assholes, but I’ve found that mmorpgs tend to be pretty good in that regard.

                  Most mmorpgs are boring as hell solo. I’m not surprised at all by you getting bored with that. Most don’t have much in the story department, which is pretty integral to the single player experience.

                  I played a small bit of Star Wars : The Old Republic. It was also very different for me. I enjoyed playing it solo more. The story and plot decisions made the game for me. The combat and such was pretty blah imo.

                  I think Guild Wars 2 keeps me playing solo because of how its built. The dynamic events, the story, and lots of other small things.

                  I’ll always consider giving mmorpgs another chance. Even if my first experience was bad. I’d consider giving Tera another chance, but I’m not sure I have the time for it.

                  I will admit, the free to play mmorpgs have typically been pretty poor. Things are much better these days.

                  I’m still looking to spend more time with the new FF14, I’m waiting for PSO 2 to come out. I even get in the mood for Guild Wars 2 every now and then as well.

                  When I find an mmorpg I really like, I basically can’t set it aside. That’s why I played FFXI for so many years, and why I returned after quitting the game a few times.

                  I’d say that is the key, if you have an experience like that, you probably have found the right mmorpg for you.

                  I think that might be the best way to explain how I approach Guild Wars 2. It’s not the type of game I have a hard time placing on the back burner. When I’m in the mood for it, I can really sink time into it. I always hit a point where I need to take a break though.

                  It’s me telling myself, this is a fun game, but it doesn’t always satisfy your gamer taste buds. Just like having left overs for a few days. Eventually, you just don’t want them anymore. Even if you really like whatever it is, you start to seek a different taste.

                  A good mmorpg is like your favorite dish. It’s the first thing you go to at the buffet. It’s even better when you can eat with friends though. It can turn even a decent meal into a fun event.

                  I think that really fits with MMORPGs as well. When you find the right group, form bonds with other players. They quickly become important friends. They make playing the game better.

  • PrinceHeir

    hi gematsu :D

    i just want to ask if this SDHC card compatible to 3DS?

    i head you can use any SDHC, as long as you reformat it to FAT 32???

    if this does not work, can you recommend me other cards as well??

    thanks again!


    I came across this video recently about Kingdom Hearts and the person in said video has a LOT of good points (even if albeit obvious.)

    His ‘proposal’ towards Disney is quite hopeful, if not naive in my eyes/

    He reeks a bit of that “youtuber” selfism, but then again; he certainly seems to have a good idea on the material.

  • Hello everybody! I hope everyone is having a nice week.

    I just recently caught up on one of my backlog games. Borderlands.

    My friend and I both had time off, so I spent a few days at his place recently and we finally got to play Borderlands. (The first game.)

    I actually gave him my Game of the Year edition back when PS + had the game and all the DLC for like $10. I got it all for $5 because I had a little credit. Not to shabby!

    I really regret not playing the first game sooner. Borderlands has a very unique special charm to it. It starts with the visuals, and just continues with the characters, story, and the gameplay.

    Even though the game is first person, and besides a basic melee attack, you mostly use guns. It doesn’t feel like a FPS to me. That alone is pretty special if you ask me.

    I’m not sure any other game is like Borderlands. It reminds me of tabletop RPG type stuff, with how you pick a character and can build them to match your style of play. It has a Diablo feel to it, in regards to the quest and loot system. It’s a mixture that seems crazy, but when you get the chance to play it… It’s really special.

    Despite all of this, I think the key to Borderlands is friends. Everything just clicks when you get to play it with friends. So much so, that playing it solo makes you feel sorta lonely. I’m not sure we would have enjoyed it as much playing solo.

    We played with two consoles, via LAN. It really reminded us both of our youth. Getting together with friends and playing games all weekend, it was very refreshing. I knew it had RPG elements, but I didn’t expect it to be so heavy on the RPG.

    I was pleasantly surprised in so many ways. The writing is great, and can be really funny when it wants to be. Games like Borderlands don’t happen much this generation. I’m glad Gearbox was rewarded for taking a chance with something so different.

    We are still trying to finish the DLC episodes from the first game. Looking forward to the sequel quite a bit. (No spoilers!)

    Just wanted to share my experience here. Thanks for reading. =)

    • Kobracon

      Oho you are going to be pleasantly pleased with BL2. Its everything BL2 was and MORE.

      • I thought BL2 was just more of the same… Can’t judge it until I get the GOTY edition….

        • Kobracon

          They added quite a bit. The 5 new character classes add enough differences to feel fresh and the enemy variety has been amped up alot. Also tons more wacky characters and possibly one of the most memorable villains ever coz you just wanna PUNCH the guy in the mouth through his arse.

          • I like their wacky characters a lot especially Scooter… ^_^

            If the main antagonist managed to make me hate him more than the protagonist from School Days(He’s a complete arsehole who deserves a shotgun between his legs), I applaud Gearbox for doing just that…

      • I’m excited about it. I just spent a few hours playing some of the first games DLC online with my friend. Borderlands has the type of DLC I enjoy. Additional content that adds on to the game.

        The zombie episode was silly but entertaining, killing all the the zombies was actually kinda tough. They always manged to sneak up behind you!

        The underdome is pretty cool. Moxxi is one of the best characters in the game. Her voice actress is really great. It reminds me of horde mode in gears and other games, but with interesting borderland additions. It takes a while to finish those 20 round matches, so we decided to move on to the next.

        Not very far into The Secret Armory of General Knoxx. Pretty good so far.

        • Horde mode… Oh man, I suddenly remembered going through 20 matches without stopping just to get a freaking trophy… Those are some of the repetitive moments I have experienced yet…

          • I’m sorry :(

            • Hey man, I was referring the time when my brother and I were playing co-op in the arena… At least with you, it feels less repetitive…

          • Yeah, it does get repetitive. We decided to take a break because of it.

            I think it is going to take me a while to get that trophy. Do they spawn less enemies or something if you fight the rounds solo? Do you know?

  • Another post. I found some screenshots for the upcoming Deadpool game online.

    (Edit – Re-uploaded pictures. Disqus didn’t like the previous uploads. I also shrunk the file sizes a tad bit.)

  • LordKaiser

    A bad year to be broke. I forgot to reserve Ni ko nu ni…

  • LordKaiser

    I can’t connect to PSN. it says under maintenance since yesterday.. I even installed the newest firmware..

    • I know they had schedule maintenance yesterday. I was able to log in last night, so it should be over.

      I’m able to sign in right now.

      Edit: Seems that the PS store is down though.

      • LordKaiser

        I can’t connect yet and the funny thing was that my cousin who lives no so far was able to connect and play COD BLOPS2.

        • That’s very weird. Ever get connected?

  • FaithlessMr

    What a week this has been. Sorry everyone for being kinda under the radar lately, my life has been kinda chaotic, and I’m super glad we got to the weekend (finally!)

    • Welcome back. =)

      Good to see you again. Was thinking about contacting you out of concern.

  • Are you excited about Cyberpunk 2077? Check out this great dev diary video on GT.

    “Cyberpunk isn’t about saving humanity, it’s about saving yourself,” says Mike Pondsmith, creator of the Cyberpunk pen and paper game system and co-creator of CyberPunk 2077. Learn about the game’s development and promising future in this dev diary for Cyberpunk 2077.”–cyberpunk-world

  • Is it just me or if you press like, reply, loading more the page will reload? It happens on all website that use Disqus. Can we set it?

    • Hmm. I’m not sure what that first sentence means, to be honest. The “loading more the page will reload” part, to be specific.

      • If I press like or reply or loading more comment then the entire page will reload.

        • Hmm. Doesn’t happen for me. Have you tried clearing your cache?

          • Tried but still same as before.

            • What browser are you using?

              • Firefox and Google Chrome, both are same.

                • Do you have any specific add-ons or extensions that might auto refresh pages or scripts on both browsers? I suppose you could list what you have installed if you want.

                  You could try to install adblock plus and see if has something to do with how the page loads ad’s.

                  I would also suggest updating whatever java client you use. It might be something in the java settings auto refreshing the Disqus script.

                  I tried to mess around on other browsers and never experienced this problem. If we work at it, we might be able to figure it out though. I hope so!

                  • Thanks! I only have adblock plus on firefox. I’ll try updating java.

                    • If nothing seems to help, try and give me some more information if possible.

            • What browser are you using?

  • Eurogamer posted a report Friday about the next gen consoles.

    “Orbis unmasked: what to expect from the next-gen PlayStation
    Digital Foundry presents hard data on the technology inside Sony’s new console… and its upcoming Xbox rival. ”

    Interesting read. It sounds like the next generation of consoles will likely benefit not just console games, but PC games too. I’ve been talking about this myself in past topics. With improved hardware, developers can do more with engines, and ports should be of better quality.

  • new_tradition

    Anyone else gave that Fire Emblem 3DS demo a try yet? I’ve never played anything from the series before, but I really enjoyed the demo.