Open Forum #025 - Gematsu
Open Forum #025
posted on 01.02.13 at 12:00 PM EST by (@salromano)
Open, off-topic discussion.

Our twenty-fifth Open Forum is ready for discussion.

The Open Forum is your domain for anything and everything. Whatever you feel is inappropriate to discuss in other threads, you can discuss here. Want to talk about sports? You’re in the right place. Have a random question? Ask it here. Want to poll the community? Do it here. The Open Forum is what you make it.

Discuss away.

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  • Posted this in the last OF yesterday, but since we’re at a new one, I’ll repost:

    Happy new year’s, everyone. I’ll be a bit AFK this week. Will update the site when I can. I don’t expect there be much news anyhow. Fami’s also not coming out this week, so don’t expect any magazine leaks. ;D

    • Happy New Year! =)

      • FaithlessMr

        And Happy New Year to you as well!

    • FaithlessMr

      Happy new year!

  • z_merquise

    What a good way to start the Open Forum of 2013 with a Metal Gear Rising pic! Thanks for this, Gematsu crew!

    I’m really excited for this game. And with Anarchy Reigns and Fire Emblem 3DS coming up, my gaming at the start of 2013 is going to be good.

    My brother is also excited with DmC. I do like the demo but I’m not yet fully convinced like what I do with the Metal Gear Rising demo.

    • The Rising demo was fantastic.

      • DesmaX

        How do I block in this game? I coudn’t figure it out

        • That’s a good question. I’m pretty sure there isn’t a block button in the demo. I’m not sure if the game will even include a block feature. (My impressions from the demo lead me to believe the game doesn’t have a block button.)

          You have to learn and time with parry in the demo, I’m guessing the full game is more or less the same. (That final boss fight in the demo sure is challenging!)

          I think in one gameplay video they had a block feature appear on screen, but it looked to be a quick time event exclusive to that fight.

          • DesmaX

            So… How do I parry? That boss in the demo kicked my ass

            • First thing first. Are you playing the demo on PS3 or 360?

              The game should show you which buttons to press to parry attacks. I think it is Left Stick + Square button on PS3. (Left Stick + X on 360.)

              It says something like combat manual with the buttons to press in white on screen. Once you have the buttons you have to try and time the parry to his attacks.

              Let me say this, the fight is pretty darn tough. I had to fight it a few times to try and get the hang of the parry. I couldn’t seem to parry his chainsaw move, so I just ran back when he started to use it.

              If my memory serves, you press the left stick towards him and press Square(PS3) or X(360) depending on controller, just as his attack is about to hit you.

              Once the parry knocks him back, I would enter blade mode really quick and try to cut him as much as possible. You might only have time to land a few hits.

              Eventually he will jump back and call on some normal troops to help. Steal the energy from them to restore HP if you need. Keep trying to parry his attacks until he jumps back, he calls in a robot the second time.

              It’s a tough battle, sorta hard for me to give advice here heh. I’d check out some youtube videos for visual aid if needed. Good luck!

              • DesmaX

                No, actually I did figure it out (There was some rations in the battledield, and I could use the reinforcements to recharge my HP).

                And I though I would be able to parry enemy attacks using Blade Mode… Would make everything easier

                • So you won? Congrats! =)

                  • DesmaX

                    It kicked my ass so many times, but I ended up beating him eventually (With barely some HP)

                    But I just coudn’t figure it out how to block/parry (And I remember someone in the codec saying that I should parry his attacks to leave his open… And I just coudn’t do it

  • Went to see Django Unchained twice during the weekend. Great movie, one of the best of 2012. (Lots of great movies in 2012!)

    Anyone have any big new year celebrations or anything? I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays.

    • new_tradition

      I have a question. How was the gore/graphicness of DU? I had a bit of trouble getting through Inglorious Basterds, but I managed. Could you compare them?

      • It has a few scenes that have the graphic (Tarantino) violence that you describe.

        I’d say Django has less than his other movies though. There is a scene early on with like two graphic gun shots, then the violence is rather relaxed for Tarantino, until the last explosive/violent segment of the movie. (I’d have to watch IB again to be for sure, but I’m pretty sure it was quite a bit more graphic than Django.)

        I don’t want to spoil anything, but this movie is pretty controversial With that said, this is not a movie for kids. People get shot, people curse, touchy subjects, etc.

        It’s one of those movies that can make you feel uncomfortable, and then have you laughing/smiling a few minutes later. Great performances throughout the film, and you really route for Foxx & Waltz throughout.

        Last bit of info – It’s a long movie. Right around 3 hours with previews.

        I hope this helps.

        • z_merquise

          I just wish that movie is available here in my country. The previous Tarantino film, Inglourious Basterds, wasn’t shown here and I only get to watch it in cable TV years later.

          • That’s a shame. I hope you enjoy the movie when you get to see it. If you like Tarantino, you will enjoy Django.

        • new_tradition

          Thanks for the response! I guess I could give it a gander if I get time then. I’m really curious to see Leonardo DiCaprio as an antagonist.

          • He is pretty great. The entire film has strong performances throughout.

            If you want to see a mature movie that is for adults, I’d check it out.

            I can’t recommend it enough, I really liked it. (Enough to see it twice in one weekend.) ^^

  • Charlie

    What is your favourite video game franchise? I’m not sure whether or not this was posted in a past open forum but, meh!

    • new_tradition

      Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and Ace Attorney are the ones I activity try to keep up with. I like other series, but I’m not a die hard fan to buy those games Day 1, or backtrack to older games if I’m new to a series. Though I’d like to get into the Tales of series :3

    • Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Tales of, Phantasy Star, Shin Megami tensei, Metal Gear… Probably forgetting some more.

      Mostly Japanese franchises. =D

      I just grew up playing these games… good memories. I play quite a bit of stuff these days, but I still find myself enjoying these franchises the most.

    • MosquitoLemon

      Tokyo Xtreme Racer and Way of the Samurai. I ended up getting a PS3 because WOTS4 came out for PS3 and not XBox, though the final Tokyo Xtreme Racer game came out on 360… Kind of wish I’d gotten a 360 but we’ll see.

    • AdamBoy64

      For me, probably the Tales series, Mario and Zelda.
      Not entirely sure of the order. I think it probably swaps around a bit.

    • DesmaX

      Hm… Disgaea, Persona, Metal Gear Solid, Zone of the Enders and Sonic

    • Kobracon

      Let’s see…Persona and subsequently the SMT series, Shadow Hearts, FF, Kingdom Hearts, Super Robot Wars, Basara, Dynasty Warriors, Burnout, YAKUZA(!), Valkrie Profile, Valkyria Chronicles, Resonance of Fate, Bayonetta, DMC, Uncharted, Street Fighter, Tekken, Dead or Alive, Soul Calibur, Prototype, Batman Arkham series, Mortal Kombat, .hack//GU (not normal .hack), Neptunia, God of War, Fable (while it was good at least…), MGS, Zone of Enders, Xenosaga, Dragon Quest….

      I could go on ^_^ and I honestly love everything I just listed.

  • Game series I keep up with on News Namco Tales, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Metal Gear Solid,Nippon Ichi, Zone of the Enders, Naughty Dog, SEGA, Nintendo and occasionally Microsoft from time to time.

    • Disgaea, . Hack, any game From Software, Ninja Gaiden, Killzone, The Last of Us, and more.

    • FaithlessMr

      That’s a nice list!

  • MosquitoLemon

    Played a crazy amount of Faster Than Light this week, my PS3 doesn’t stand a chance, hahah. I’m getting Ninja Gaiden Sigma and SSFIVAE some time soon though. Definitely should have got Street Fighter and Vanquish instead of UMVC3 and Demon’s Souls, have no idea when I’m gonna have time to play the latter.

    I also tried out the demo for El Shaddai, I think it’s pretty cool, but I hear a lot of people had mixed feelings about it?

    • new_tradition

      I played El Shaddai a while ago and wrote a quick review about it. Pretty spoiler free, so I think you should be okay:

      Over-all, I thought it was an alright game. I felt Japan over hyped it (though that was more so the fangirls doing it, lol) and if I had paid debut price for it, I would’ve been pissed. But as a bargain bin game, it’s worth checking out.

  • Kobracon

    I got a Vita, baby!!!

    *ahem* on related note, do you think I should get Ragnarok Odyssey or honestly just wait for the eventual Monster Hunter?

    • If MH comes to Vita, it won’t be for a while. Play the RO demo and if ya like it, buy it. ;D

      • Kobracon

        I suppose thats true…guess RO can sate my MH fix till-OOOH Disgaea 3!

    • Awesome! Congrats! =)

      • Kobracon

        Thanks! Couldn’t get the P4G premium pack (nor was I willing to sell my kidneys to pay for the ones found on e-Bay), but I at least got the game, and THATS the most important thing.

        • I actually have the premium pack lol… I thought about selling it on ebay to help me get, you know, the Vita itself.

          To be honest, tons of people are selling them. Many of them are going for like a bit less than 80 bucks, which isn’t that much more than what it cost to begin with. (I saw one guys listing that said he had like 50 of them. What a bastard…)

          I think my copy was $70ish with shipping. Selling it for a $10 profit is not really worth it. I’m better off holding on to it and saving up for the Vita.

          I haven’t opened mine either, still sealed and everything. I’m hoping to get a Vita this month, but I’m also already out $100 for the Ni No Kuni Wizard’s Edition… lol

          Decisions…decisions… I think I’m just gonna keep my order for the wizard edition, and just try and get the Vita in February.

          It’s tough, you know? Good games come out early this year as well. Makes it hard for me to afford all of this, I have a budget to follow. =P

          (Sorry for my silly ranting. Enjoy the game and vita!)

          • Kobracon

            Heh its okay. We all need to vent our frustrations some times. It just sucks that they only made so few of these and strictly for America forcing other countries to resort to importing.

            This is only made worse by the fact that a PSN account on Vita is locked to the memory card forcing you to use only one, thus I would HAVE to have a US PSN account to download the wallpapers that come with the premium pack.

            (lol my turn to rant >.<)

            • I must cost quite a bit to import i imagine? =/

              • Kobracon


  • KingOptimusOrigins111

    Anybody ready for E3 in June?

  • I just heard that Saturn confirmed GTA5 will come in 2013 March 15th. Anyone can enlighten me about this?

    • KingOptimusOrigins111

      Is Saturn a game website or are you making it up?

    • Well, Rockstar did confirm a Spring 2013 release for GTA V. It’s quite possible, but I’d consider it a rumor for now.

  • usagi_san

    GAME is offering the 300-page book, in Japanese, when you pre-order the standard edition. Anyone from the NA or anywhere else, get your UK buddies on this for you, now!

  • PrinceHeir

    Hello Gematsu!!

    sorry for not being able to participate in last week’s open forum and the other week,

    been busy(despite having a month break)

    got my two 3rd molars removed, and it hurts like hell last week.

    felt someone punch me in my two cheeks.

    but enough of that, im here to talk about what happened 2 weeks ago :P

    so yeah i finally man up and tried to say sorry to her for what i did (3 weeks ago in that day)

    so yeah it was finals day, history 10, while i didn’t review that much, i still managed to concentrate and answered the final(which my final grad was A, yay me)

    so yeah with school out of the way, i walk out 20 mins before the end.

    so im was all nervous waiting outside, talk to a friend about it, and he said i should at least say something then left.

    so yeah the moment was finally here, saw her left the entrance and i met her outside.

    so i did what i had to do, approached her and say a few words.

    but before i approach her(she was texting) and say i was sorry for what i did 3 weeks ago, she didn’t look at me and was busy texting.

    she only look at me after i said everything and only nodded.

    i made sure i didn’t sound awkward and weird, i manage to say it perfectly and clear with no hidden intentions.

    and despite all of that, she only nodded.

    so i just said good luck in your exams and left.

    it didn’t even lasted a minute!

    maybe 30-45 seconds at best.

    i talked to my professor about it afterwards, and she said she’s probably isn’t comfortable talking to me or she’s just like that personally.

    im not mad at her or anything, but she could have at least pretended to listen to me.

    i asked her if there are people like that, and she says yes.

    she said they’re don’t socialize at anyone or just shy and want to be alone.

    well i don’t really socialize that much myself, but at least i do talk to someone if someone called me out or something

    so yeah that’s what happened.

    the funny thing about it is that a week after the event, i had an appointment with the dentist(the two 3rd molars i said in the beginning of this?)

    so yeah i went with my family since they know the facility(my father works with the organization)

    jump on the train and sat at my right at the end of the train.

    so i was just looking at the mini window wondering and all.

    and all of a sudden i recognize a familiar face in the reflection, especially the glasses.

    so i turned around and what the hell it was her!!

    so i immediately turn back and kept looking at the reflection.

    i wanted to make sure it was her, but the glasses was her obvious give away.

    i even look at her hair and it’s definitely here, long and all.

    i didn’t talk to her since she was alone, and my family was there.

    i wondered where she is going, since i went to the train at 8am early in the morning, and finals was over.

    though there was one thing new about her.

    when i saw her hands, she was wearing a big ring, im not really familiar with today’s rings and all that mainstream stuff.

    she left at the first stop when the train went at a tunnel.

    it could be not her or something, but i was sure it was here just because of the glasses :P

    big coincidence huh O____O

    im okay now, i won’t brood or lose and sleep over this.

    even the past 2 weeks i think i’ve gotten over her.

    so what do you do when your kinda down?

    you look for more meganekko pics XD

    and watch anime with meganekko girls :P

    there is one thing i did right, and is that i didn’t confess to her.

    it would have made the situation much much worse to be honest.

    and to be honest i don’t even know why i like her in the first place.

    i didn’t know alot about her and she rarely talks.

    must be the power of the glasses and my taste for meganekko :P

    so yeah that’s what happened to me these past 2-3 weeks.

    funny stuff huh? it’s okay if you laugh at me i deserve it :P

    though i learned alot about this event, and im now more prepared than ever if something like this happens again.

    and i won’t approach someone if they don’t want to.

    it’s good to know the person first before doing anything :D


    i would like to thank AdamBoy64, Zero, z_merquise, Raiu, Rezar, DrForbidden, Adam Meadows, Kobracon(i still remember that “site” you want me to recommend to her LOL) they’re the ones that replied to me

    and everyone who listened to this long story XD

    i really appreciate the tips and advice you gave me.

    without all of you, i would have made this thing even worse.

    so thanks Gematsu :)

    btw what have you gotten this christmas or holidays?

    my parents gave me a 3DS and my brother a PS Vita(we do share though)

    so that expands the library O______O

    Hellsing Ultimate LE I-VIII, two 2 TB HDD(each one for me and my brother) bought Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind box set(the complete manga) and the Blu ray as well as the watercolor artbook at amazon.

    finished watching Fullmetal Alchemist Milos movie(much better than Conqueror of Shamballa), Redline yesterday(amazing adrenaline rush, animation is beyond godlike) and now watching Ano Hana(love the series)

    finished playing Chaos;Head at around 4AM today, and wow what a ending!!!!!

    still need to get the other endings though(it felt incomplete)

    playing Digital Devil Saga 2, took a short break just so i could finish the above ones.

    also played Saya no Uta a bit after finishing Chaos;Head(started the same with Chaos;Head 3 months ago, but stop playing due to school)

    and wow so mindfuckingly awesome

    plus i haven’t taken the pictures of The Sky The Art of Final Fantasy.

    i wanted to show you guys what it look like!

    so yeah i just want to know any Vita and 3DS i should look at.

    and you know, suggest DS games too, since 3DS is BC, and played Dawn of Sorrow and it look amazing :)

    Visual Novel/Adventure games like 999, Ace Attorney im looking forward to play. even Zero Last Reward is the game im looking at for both handhelds(still need to get 999 though)

    i also want to buy Growlanser(despite all of my PSP a re either brick or the UMD reader is not working)

    i still haven’t opened my The 3rd Birthday and Catherine Love is Over Edition yet!!!

    i need to get on and play those soon!

    2011 goes by fast and it’s already 2013!!!

    guess i need to get a PSP soon too!

    Uncharted Golden Abyss and Shinbido 2 for Vita.

    so yeah make more suggestions!

    • Long read!

      First things first. Happy Holidays! Sounds like you had an enjoyable holidays for the most part.

      I know all about fun times with the dentist. I get really nervous when I go, along with shots… not something I enjoy doing at all. (Makes my skin crawl thinking about it.)

      So, it seems like things worked out? I’m glad you had the courage to say something to her, and explain things. Good for you! =)

      That is really crazy that she was on the train, so random! Not sure about the ring, perhaps she had someone she liked already? You said she was very quiet, so she might have kept it all private.

      People can be rude with texting, sometimes they don’t realize it. I think in this case, she could have waited… but I wouldn’t think on that too much. You can’t try and guess what people are thinking, or presume too much.

      When you look back at this, I think you will be happy that you stomached up the courage to say something. ^^

      You got a 3DS and Vita? Nice! It most certainly does open the door to more games, lol. I got a 3DS XL and I’m still trying to find more time to play it, along with more money to buy games for it.

      I want to get 999 & Zero Escape, along with other DS RPGs I’ve missed out on. I always wanted to play some of the recent DS Shin Megami games, and I’ve wanted to play Radiant Historia for the longest time now.

      • PrinceHeir

        yeah :D

        thanks btw!!

        ahaha, well it’s been awhile since i had a operation with the dentist.

        i usually go every 6 months, but this is the first time i had an operation for almost 2 hours O____O

        thanks again :D

        yeah, that’s one of the creepiest things i had in my life.

        seriously after a week, she appears out of nowhere XD

        to be honest i came prepared being rejected and all.

        i guess i wonder why i still persisted even though i know nothing’s gonna change XD

        yeah, i was kinda disappointed she did that. but alas it’s done, i won’t hold any grudge on her.

        just wish she would have at least give some respect.

        definitely! im just glad i did it in the first place!!

        try more DS games :D

        soo many JRPG on the DS i miss too!

        this is gonna be fun :)

    • Kobracon

      Goddamn you broke my mouse scroll wheel!!! jk jk

      Well I’m glad the apology went relatively fast. Quick and painless (I hope). A crush can come and go really quickly so don’t think too much about it.

      I find that what you need to do is make friends with them first, get to know them, find out what they really are and like, and then you can judge whether you honestly like her or not (if not, at least you can still keep being friends)

      I once had a crush on the very first day of primary school (my parents still tease me about). And that crush lasted for quite a few years. I actually managed to talk to her a few times and ate with her alone during recess once XD but then she transferred school around year 4.

      I never saw her again until, suddenly, I ran into her and her family 2 years ago. And you know what? After 2 or 3 years of University, making equal amounts of both male and female friends, I realize I knew nothing about what she really is or why I really like her at all.

      I realized that there is a girl in Uni that I’ve been friends with for at least 2 years is the real deal and I didn’t feel much anymore for the crush that I had for at least 4 years.

      So yeah…thought I’d share a personal story since you’ve been pouring your heart out to all of us. All the best in love and life, PrinceHeir.

      P.S.Gratz on the 3DS and Vita. If you end up loving Ace Attorney and 999, I highly recommend Virtue’s Last Reward. If possible, get the 3DS version, the Vita was kinda annoying without a stylus.

      • PrinceHeir

        ahaha lol :D

        yeah, i think im fine now :)


        i want to learn more about her first before doing anything drastic.

        so i won’t do anything like this for awhile XD

        yeah college life, can change your perspective alot XD

        thanks for sharing!!

        good to see some new stories to be told :D

        don’t tell me your inviting your University friend that “site” XD

        it’s okay2 i love that site too!!!

        yeah definitely getting Virtue on 3DS just forcompleteness sake :D

    • z_merquise

      Dood, get Growlanser! I read that it was on a discount at PSN but I’m not sure if that’s already over. I suggest getting it at PSN so you can play it in your Vita like what I doing now.

      The game is really good, especially the gameplay and the artwork. Gotta love Satoshi Urushihara’s artwork!

      And since you’re into visual novels lately, I also recommend Corpse Party. Make sure you got an earphone plugged in while playing for better experience.

      • PrinceHeir

        sure thing :D

        been meaning to get that for awhile now!

        Satoshi Urushihara rocks!!!!!

        yeah, i remember you talking about it :)

        btw i still haven’t showed you how to play Chaos;Head and others.

        we should have a chat and i’ll help you for sure!!!

    • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

      Congratz the story ended relatively well and that you could make up your mind and even learn an important lesson (^-^)

      As I did not participate or give advice I’d like to digress into territory I’m actually familiar with. Saya no Uta. What did you think about this gem (yea, I’m biased, sue me :P)? I’d like to hear your impressions.

      My brain was really fucked after i finished it, but in a good way. I’m still eagerly anticipating the release date of the official uncensored (i.e. non fan patched) English version.

      SnU is one of the few VNs I’d given a 10 on my VNDB account. Kana is the second one (the original is a masterpiece of writing and art). Yume Miru Kusuri is the last one.Swan Song comes very close but I do not intend to have more than 3 games rated 10 in my library.

      Everything’s gorgeous in Saya no Uta provided the player can stomach its contents, it’s probably Nitro+’s darkest VN and I can’t imagine them ever topping this one in terms of dark horror contents.

      So what’s your take on SnU. I’m a hopeless sucker for Nitro+ so I won’t argue, I’m just interested in other people’s opinions on the dark horror masterpiece that is Song of Saya.

      • PrinceHeir

        definitely :D

        this is much better than what i had anticipated XD

        don’t worry, i still remember you replying on me so no worries ^^

        actually it’s bloody awesome!!!!

        the mind fucking scenes, my hair keeps standing up!!

        and the music, man i haven’t been this scared since Silent Hill 4!!!

        im still near at the beginning where “Yoh” has become their pet.

        yeah the censored pics sucks, i want UNCENSORED!!!!

        oh so you have a VNDB account?

        i don’t have one, but i frequently visit that site to see more VN games.

        thanks!!! will check Yume Miru Kusuri, and what kind of Kana game?

        do you know where to uh dl this?? hehe XD

        how many games you have though?

        yeah, but i think there are other dark Nitro+ games like

        Gekko no Carnevale,Jingai Makyo,

        im not sure if they have english patches, but Jingai Makyo is very popular!!

        also by Nitro+ Phantom series which had two animes.

        the original anime(Phantom of Inferno) is based on the first game, while the new game is a remake using the latest anime artstyle(which is Phantom of Requiem) and voice actors from the anime.

        you should watch the Requiem anime, one of the best, and the endings will blow your mind!!

        any other games you can recommend me??

        definitely godly stuff, i want more games like this!

        who takes things to the extreme!!!

        • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

          Thanks for the recommendations, will get to them once I’m back in good ol’ Germany.
          As this is an open (i.e. accessible by everybody on the net) forum I won’t post any links but I’d suggest you google around using terms that might produce viable results. Else I suggest who have an ever growing library of high quality English-localized and uncensored VNs and lately Original English Language VNs. Bought the hard copy LE of Dear Drops before my flight to Tokyo and I can definitely vouch for their quality. The prices are very reasonable to boot.
          Jlist is an option for the Japanese originals but they’re expensive as fuck and only the most popular ones get English patches.

          I meant Kana Imouto (little sister). It’s generally regarded as the VN with the moist heart-wrenching story and one of my personal favorites. A remake which added full voice acting, Kana Okaeri (Welcome back), followed later but I disliked the new, stylized art direction. The original is the best.

          My VNDB account is still pretty barren but I will get to it in March ^^.

          Oh, and I’m a sucker for Nitro+ and Innocent Grey/ Noesis so I know about all of their games. But thanks for the recommendations anyways.

          • PrinceHeir

            ehh your just telling me to just google :P

            anyways i already have a multiple sources, i was trying to see if you have a new one to add to my collection :P

            i don’t like Mangagamer since some of their releases removes the VA(though you can get the voices in various places)

            Jlist is good, but yeah the prices there are freaking ridiculous.

            will check Kana Imouto and Kana Okaeri for sure ^^

            oh i see, might make one, but im too lazy XD

            actually after Saya no Uta, im planning on playing Kara no Shoujo next, then either Phantom, Higurashi or Type Moon stuff.

            i also accidentally saw a VN game called Phenomeno( iwas googling Phenomenom instead)


            it’s made by Nitro+ and judging the cover, looks ace ^^

            • Mangagamer removes VA in some of their releases? Examples please? All I know is Kara no Shoujo is the only one which doesn’t has VA…

              Mangagamer has released VA for Koihime since they promised to add in VA if the sales surpassed 2000 and now they kept their promise in the end… I can’t blame MG for doing something like removing VA since what they’re doing is a niche thing after all…

              • PrinceHeir

                you might want to reply to me on the next open forum in case this closes for the new one tomorrow.

                well some of them like Fading Hearts, Host Holic, Higurashi When they cry(digital, not sure about retail)

                and some of their 18+ releases are only female voice(which i actually don’t mind)

                then again, you can always get their voice patches at “various” places so it’s not really a issue itself.

                • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

                  Female voice only is actually the standard in R18 games, so the player can, ahem, “identify better with the protagonist” ^^

            • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

              Phenomeno is a free (non-commercial) VN written by Nitro+ writers =)
              Kara no Shoujo comes highly recommended by yours truly.
              I am aware of the VA issue but there’s always a patch to circumvent it. MG do it as royalties of Seiyuu can be quite steep, they’re celebrities in Japan, after all.

  • PrinceHeir

    anyone here hype for Anarchy Reigns which releases next

    • I forgot it was coming out so soon! Gosh, I guess I’m gonna break down and buy it. You get Bayonetta if you Pre-Order it.

      Thanks for the reminder. Only $30 bucks, at least I had GS credit so I got it for free… sorta.

      • Rezar

        I preordered Anarchy Reigns for the 360 and PS3 since the only DLC you will get is from preordering.

      • PrinceHeir

        i just pre order the game just now :D

        paid it in full, can’t wait this tuesday!

    • Kobracon

      Oooooh fresh meat for the slaughter *sluuuuurp*

  • PrinceHeir

    i also need help with my 3DS and Vita.

    first time user here, and i was wondering what other things i should aware be of?

    what about the account system?

    how does it work in 3DS?

    is it the same as PSN?

    what about playing DS games.

    i played Castlevanai Dawn of Sorrow DS, and it automatically filled the screen.

    is there any other options like filtering and such?

    what about club nintendo?

    how do i redownload my bought games?

    sorry for asking soo many questions.

    im gonna read the manuals now, but i want Gematsu tips and advice on it as well ^^

    • usagi_san

      The 3DS account system, at the moment, would be linked to your Club Nintendo account, if you have one. Otherwise, I think the games would be linked to your system. Re-downloading title is done through the eShop, just as the updates for some of them.

      Concerning the Vita, only one account per Vita (memory cards are also linked to a single account, so its best to have different memory cards for each account to make it easier for switching between them) unless you reset the Vita to access another account. If you only have one, all your PS One, PSP and PSV downloaded via the PSN are linked to your account.

      PS One and PSP games compatibility with the Vita vary from game to game.

      Hopefully someone can explain it better than me.

      • PrinceHeir

        so i need to register a club nintendo US account huh?

        i don’t want it to rely on system, in case it breaks.

        sucks Vita doesn’t allow multiple accounts on one card.

        PSP can do it, wtf VITA?!?!?!

        yeah such a shame PS/PSP one classic still have some compatible issues

        • Kobracon

          Yeah that one account thing is right pain in the arse. Means I can’t get some jap Vita game demos without switching cards out and going through a lengthy process and then switching BACK to play my games,,,,

          On that note to other Vita owners, is it possible to use your PS3 to download a Vita game and then transfer it from the PS3 to the Vita and play it?

          • PrinceHeir

            such a shame :

            actually i think that works, since back then when PS1 games had compatible issues on Vita, some people suggested you can transfer it by downloading it from PS3 then transfer to PS Vita.

            while it sucks for Vita only owners, they’re still ways despite frustrating and archaic :

          • z_merquise

            On that note to other Vita owners, is it possible to use your PS3 to download a Vita game and then transfer it from the PS3 to the Vita and play it?

            Yes. Just download it via PSN like every other games.

            • Kobracon

              Cool. Thanks.

  • PrinceHeir

    What’s your most anticipated games of 2013??

    here’s my list so far:

    JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Anarchy Reigns, Ni No Kuni, Metal Gear Rising, Fist of the North Star Ken’s Rage 2, Deadly Premonition, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 3(you know it’s coming), Orochi Warrior 2 Hyper PS3(same as Sigma 3), Earth Defense Force 4,

    games im waiting for release date for this year.

    Dragon’s Crown, Killer is Dead, The Last Guardian, Ni-Oh, Yakuza 5, Tales of Xillia 2, Persona 2 Eternal Punishment, Final Fantasy Type-0, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Collection, Final Fantasy X HD Remaster,

    Final Fantasy Versus XIII im not even sure if it’s coming this year O______O

    • z_merquise

      Anarchy Reigns, Fire Emblem: Awakening and Metal Gear Rising are surely Day 1 for me.

      I’ll get DmC but it maybe sooner or later after it’s release. Same for Bioshock Infinite.

      • PrinceHeir

        might look at DMC, but i;ve been watching lots of anime’s nowadays XD

    • MosquitoLemon

      Errr… I assume you mean Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper, and it’s not coming, it was a deal to be a WiiU exclusive. I would kill for an on-disc PS3 version though, the PSN version is US$50.

      • That’s Tecmo Koei for you… Doing favors for one then onto another…

      • PrinceHeir

        hey you never know :D

        it might even be another Orochi Warriors 3 version :)

        and yes fuck this digital price BS.

        Siren is STILL 39.99 after 4+ years WTF!?!?!

    • Rezar

      For me it’s Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider, Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory, Pikmin 3, Deadly Premonition The Director’s Cut, Tales of Xillia and Dynasty Warriors 8. I would include some other games but I can wait for them.

      • PrinceHeir

        awesome stuff :D

        glad to see Deadly Premonition there, definitely getting that for the Coffee!!!!!

  • MosquitoLemon

    Got Ninja Gaiden Sigma and SSFIV:AE as planned. Ninja Gaiden is really awesome, I can’t believe it took me this long to play the reboot series.

    • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

      I’m working on the Platinum. Currently at Alma (Chpt. 9) on Master Ninja. Sore thumbs are probably guaranteed once you reach that part ^^

  • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

    Hi guys, hope you had a good start into 2013 =)

    In Tokyo there’s no snow but the nights are still spine chillingly cold. Biggest problem is that AC does not heat the ground, where my Futon is located. That’s probably the only thing I dislike about Japan, oh, yea, and the friggin’ hot August ^^.

    So anyways, I watched the trailer to the April-due Evil Dead reboot. I must say that I’m not a huge fan of reboots as they’re hit or miss. Recent success stories (DE:HR) proved that it works with games at times but movies are still more miss than hit. So I had no expectations at all yet I was blown away. It’s a new vision by the original creators with the make-up and SFX technology of today. Watch the trailer only if you can stomach it, this is probably one of the scariest, goriest R-rated trailers I’ve seen on YT. Raimi said he only wanted to produce a remake if it’s scarier than the original. By the looks of the 2 minutes of footage in the trailer I’d say he succeed.

    Mind boggles at a possible Unrated release. I fear the German cinema release, however, as there’s a very high probability the uncut movie won’t receive an 18 (i.e. NC17) rating and will have to be censored -_-
    Anybody of my kinsmen knows whether the original dub versions are censored as well if the German version receives cuts? I’m only watching the original dub versions and I recall seeing the infamous spear-tip scene from Avengers (original dub, 3D) on German cinema, whereas the German dubbed version was censored. So it’s hard to imagine that an uncensored version is shown in cinemas airing the original dub version wheres the German one is cut.

    Here’s the trailer. As I said, R rating pushed pretty hard:

    • Kobracon

      ….sorry I don’t actually watch the show (I avoid horror and gory stuff), thats all I know from Evil Dead….oh and chainsaw arms :P

  • PrinceHeir

    i love this MAD :D

    my favorite parts are 0:26-0:39

    Highschool D x D ED ^^

    i have a lot of questions!

    what is the anime starting from 0:24, the girl dancing in a green dress. before the Highschool D x D ED?

    what anime are these?

    0:40 the four people performing on stage?

    1:13 the girl went to an abandoned house?

    1:43 the girl with that sheep dress :D

    what is also the 2nd song of this video starting 3:23 after Lithium Flower(Ghost in the Shell SAC ED)

    finally 5:05 the girl with a burning sword and 5:13 the blonde vs white hair girl battle?

    sorry for asking too much!! as well as not game related.

    i badly want to know these!


  • Sorry for my lack of responses this weekend everyone. I’ve been away from home since Friday. I should be back by Monday or Tuesday at the latest. I’ll respond to comments here in the OF and such then, enjoy the remainder of the weekend. =)

  • LordKaiser
    • It’s real. Even realer (actually, I’m not sure how something could be “realer”), they’re making Hawken for it.

      Here’s the official website: