Mugen Souls Z details, screenshots, teaser trailer
posted on 01.10.13 at 04:30 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Meet protagonist Surma, hero Nao, and mystery-man Ace.

Compile Heart has shared new details, screenshots, and a second teaser trailer for its upcoming PlayStation 3 sequel Mugen Souls Z, due this spring in Japan.


12 Worlds.

Long ago, the one supreme god created a universe made up of 12 worlds symbolizing 12 constellations. The supreme god had split its body into 12 gods, each one ruling each world.

The story begins with the main character from the previous title, Chou Chou, coming along to conquer these twelve realms as the first step in taking over the whole galaxy.

Simultaneously, a “certain someone” that was once going to destroy the 12 realms seems to have awoken from a long sleep.

The main character who is one of the supreme gods sets out to collect the power of the other supreme gods and seal away that “certain someone” once more. However, the first step of her departure leads to a sudden encounter with the strongest god, Chou-Chou.


CV: Chisaka Misawa
Class: Supreme God
Catch: Casket wielder and natural god.

The heroine of Mugen Souls Z. She just woke up from a very long sleep. She has lost most of her former memories, but somehow remembers her name and that she is a supreme god. She always carries around a large casket, which she uses as a weapon.

CV: Rie Kugimiya
Class: Brave Apprentice
Catch: Sole straightforwardness.

Not long ago, the power of the hero of the 12 realms awoke within this girl. Since becoming a brave apprentice, she needs at least one legendary weapon. Along the way she unexpectedly comes across Surma, and she then gradually comes to take care of her. Besides taking great pride and aspiration in her job as a brave apprentice, she has an exceedingly sensible personality.

CV: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Class: Supreme God Hunter
Catch: Mysterious boy aiming at Surma.

Ace is a mysterious boy aiming to take Surma’s life. His tone and attitude are violent and offensive. His favorite phrases include “Kill,” “Beat to death,” etc. Together with his partner, a flying dragon, he repeatedly stands in Surma’s way and attacks with unknown motive.


Producer: Keiji Shootingstar Inafune
Director: Kenta Kanno
Character Design: Nanamedakei
Character Design: A-10
Character Design: Ryoji
Character Design: An overwhelming, super important person (???)
Color CG Design: Katsuyuki Hirano
Planning: Takehito Harada
Superviser: Haru Akenaga
Collaboration: @games


View the screenshots at the gallery. Watch the teaser trailer below.

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