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Mugen Souls Z Chameleon System, new characters detailed
posted on 01.29.13 at 08:04 PM EST by (@sqexgal)
Tsukia and Shirogane return. Plus, limited edition announced.

Mugen Souls Z is coming out on April 25 in Japan. Dengeki PlayStation this week has new details on the game’s limited edition, Chameleon System, and latest characters. We provided a bit of insight earlier today. Here is the full story. 

The limited edition version of the game will include a storage box, “Bakunetsu Booklet Z” (a collection of documents, dance movie DVD, situation CD, and dance music “Overwhelming! Refreshing Year!”), and download code for Hyperdimension Neptunia avatars Neptunia, Noire, and Blanc. Pre-order, and you’ll get a download code for Hyperdimension Neptunia avatars Neptunia and Vert.

The Chameleon System is a new feature in Mugen Souls Z that looks like the CG massage mode from the first game, but the swimsuit the character is wearing can be changed to match their skin tone. There are other new elements regarding the massage mode, too, but they will be revealed at a later date.

Also detailed is something called the “Crazy Mugen Award.” It is currently being worked on, and they are discussing different ideas, like making it download content, but in whichever case, it will come with the limited edition versions of the game.

New Characters

  • Onluca (CV: Ryoko Ono) – Class: World bystander. A character whose design by A-10 was originally arranged, she’s a lady with thick pigtails. She speaks in and old lady tone of voice and enjoys making fun of Ace.
  • Reu (CV: Mayako Nigo) Class: Wild Ultimate God. Though she is an ultimate god, but both her personality and brains are immature, she’s always playing around. Her real name is long, so she prefers to go by a shorter name because it’s easier to remember.

Returning Characters

  • Tsukika Izayoi (CV: Azumi Asakura) Originally a hero from Moon World. CG of her in massage mode is shown.
  • Shirogane (CV: Kenjiro Tsuda) – Originally a demon lord from Moon World. He’s more open with Tsukika now. From an outsider’s point of view, it seems as if they have a parent and child type relationship.

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