Metal Gear Rising boss battle gameplay trailer - Gematsu
Metal Gear Rising boss battle gameplay trailer
posted on 01.18.13 at 01:17 AM EST by (@salromano)
Raiden battles Mistral, Monsoon, and Sundowner.

Konami has released a new gameplay trailer for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance showing Raiden going toe-to-toe with the three cyborgs of Desperado Enforcement’s “Winds of Destruction” unit—Mistral, Monsoon, and Sundowner. At the end of the clip, there’s a short tease for Raiden’s battle against Samuel.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is due for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on February 19 in North America, February 22 in Europe, and for PlayStation 3 in Japan on February 21. Watch the trailer below.

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  • Skerj

    My eyes, they can’t believe the things they have just seen. Can’t wait to get Mistral’s weapon and Monsoon looks like one of the best boss fights ever created in the history of fighting bosses.

  • syaznifaiq

    I think maybe they just reveal too much spoiler in this game .. for me, the boss name, gender and appearance is supposed to be a secret until you played the game .. but maybe this is for marketing reason , to show how badass the bosses in this game

  • z_merquise

    So this trailer is full of spoilers this time?

    I don’t want to watch it because it spoils the surprise and the boss fights are one of the coolest things in an action game especially the ones made by Platinum.

    Okay, I only watched the Mistral boss fight. Damn! That fight looked so intense! And that’s it for me. I don’t want to watch the rest. Again, don’t want to see so much spoilers in the boss fights.

    • syaznifaiq

      Yeah, my advice is dont watch it coz it also show the bosses special ability .. but i cant resist LOL ..

      • Kobracon

        But we’ve already seen Mistral and Monsoon’s ability in the past trailers. We just didn’t know their names.

  • I skimmed through the video. It all looked great, but I’ll just wait to experience it all in the actual game.

    • Skerj

      I agree, I think I’ll go on blackout as of now. I already know I’m buying it so I can hold off on any more trailers. I skipped a few of them along with the demo already.

      • The demo is fantastic. It takes place in one of the early parts of the game, probably like the second chapter.

        I don’t think it spoils all too much, but I will say it reaffirmed my confidence in the title. One of the best demos I’ve ever played.

        Edit: The demo is very much like a small taste of the game. This is sorta what the game is like, then you get an awesome boss fight and that’s it.

    • PrinceHeir

      freaking agree :D

      don’t want to be spoiled by it :)

    • Kobracon

      It doesn’t show much we already didn’t know. Although only Sundowner was the one we rarely saw in the previous trailers. Still not even that clear what his special ability is….6 movable….tile-arms?

  • Bloodios

    Gah! That intensity!!! I seriously can’t freaking wait anymore! There better be a PSN version of the trailer that runs at 60fps (like that one Tales of Xillia 2 trailer.) Seriously though, the frame rate looks freaking smooth and consistent. Good freaking job Platinum Games!

    • Wait until you play it, the demo at 60 FPS was gorgous

    • Wait until you play it, the demo at 60 FPS was gorgous

  • FeaturePreacher

    2 words:
    Hot Shit!

    Can’t wait to get this! I so wish P* could work on DMC 5 so it could be a true successor to DMC 4.

    • Dede Ogbe

      who would want a successor to that crap game?! its the main reason they had to reboot!!

      • Guest

        A reboot handled by P* would’ve been the shit though, not just a plain old steaming pile of shit!

        • Dede Ogbe

          Exactly, am not exactly a fan of te reboot but they made the best out of a very bad suitation. The series was pretty much dead after DMC4.

          • Kobracon

            No a VERY bad situation was after DMC2. 4 was Good at best, just not as great as 3. I thought Nero’s grappling and sword revving gameplay was pretty interesting and fun.

        • Kobracon

          In a perfect world, Capcom would’ve manned up and give back all of Kamiya’s IPs. Then we’d get Okami 2, more Viewtiful Joe and better DMC games. but alas…..

      • DarthBrian

        The only thing wrong with DMC4 was the level design and all the backtracking. You can fix that kind of thing without rebooting the whole fucking franchise.

        • Dede Ogbe

          Its a business risk in of its self to continue to persue a series which is selling less and less with each addition to the fanchise. Hence the reboot to bring new customers.

          • Skerj

            How was 4 a flop when it sold more than the prior games? The only problems with it were what DarthBrian mentioned. You still won’t find a better combat engine.

            • Dede Ogbe

              Oh really sorry my mistake. Assumed it did badly but In any case i really dont think P* should be left in charge of the series. Either Leave it with the original creators or Ninja Theory to continue the ‘alternate universe’ story.

              • Guest

                “Leave it with the original creators”

                All the more reason to leave it in the hands of P* and Hideki Kamiya…

        • I don’t think the franchise really needed a reboot either. I mentioned in another article, but I really view DmC as a spin-off.

          I’m hoping Capcom does as well, I think another Devil May Cry game with the original cast would be fun.

      • FW

        Actually, DMC4 is the highest selling DMC game. About 2 million copies.

        The reboot happened because Capcom still wasn’t satisfied and wanted to bring new fans to the series. Nothing forced them to piss off the old fans in the process—that’s all on them.

  • DarthBrian

    Looks like Monsoon ate the Chop Chop Fruit.

    • Bloodios

      *LOL* And instead of a giant inflated red nose, Monsoon has huge, protruding red forehead.

  • xMCXx

    One of the most badass things ever created.
    Jesus, did that look awesome!

  • EspadaKiller

    Oh my, so badass

  • paperclichepixel

    Snake would’ve gotten his @$$ whooped fighting these guys.

    • Kobracon

      Then you don’t know Snake….

  • new_tradition

    Anyone got any translations? That last scene between Raiden and Samuel looks like they’re fighting over robo puppy.


    *cue dramatic music*

  • I want to see this video but do not want to spoil the boss battles for myself. Decisions. Decisions.

  • Kobracon

    Homage to Beauty and the Beast unit? Fine by me :D