Hiro Mashima designing Monster Hunter 4 equipment - Gematsu
Hiro Mashima designing Monster Hunter 4 equipment
posted on 01.05.13 at 08:51 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Have a look at the Rave creator's twin swords and armor design.

Hiro Mashima, known for creating the fantasy manga Rave Master and Fairy Tail, and also wrote the Shonen Rival manga Monster Hunter Orage, is designing original equipment in Monster Hunter 4, including a pair of swords and armor set.

Monster Hunter 4 is due for 3DS this summer in Japan.

Thanks, Re: Gigen.

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  • how th heck can you say he wrote Rave and dont mention he writes Fairy Tail?!? lol
    anyway thanks for the heads UP!

  • oh look scantily clad armor, ‘ow original. Ya Humies runnin’ out o’ ideas?

    • Kobracon

      T’be fair…the male’s version looks exactly the same. ‘Sides, it’s not like you xeno’s wear much of anyfink…

      • We greenskinz wear whatever we can scavenge, we ain’t exactly tailorz. Although if da malez wear da same amount at least itz justified. Just tired o’ da constant fanservice, as it feelz like dey iz runnin’ out o’ ideaz.

        • InfernoCommander

          A stomach and thighs, HNG SO MUCH FANSERVICE

        • Kobracon

          Well the undeniable truth is that sex sells. If ya go ta Asia, almost all of our MMO’s (especially Chinese and Korean) are filled to the u’er brim with fems wearing barely anyfin. Hell look at Tera Online. Thats the tip of the iceberg.

          • EXACTLY!
            Dat’s lazy, eventually you humies will get bored o’ it an’ dey won’t know wot to do den. I criticize it cause i iz worried what would happen in da event o’ dat.

          • MosquitoLemon

            But does Monster Hunter really have as much trouble selling as a horde of 3rd-rate MMOs whipped up by some dude in 5 minutes to make a quick buck?

            The majority of asian MMOs are complete clones, so it’s not like a company has a choice NOT to put some random boobs in their sidebar ad. Capcom certainly does, though.

            In any case, this is a nonsense conversation because it’s Mashima we’re talking about. The king of manga boobs and scantily clad warrior women.

            • Kobracon

              The king? I always thought the guy who draws Kenichi World’s Strongest Disciple secretly wants to be a hentai artist…

              This guy’s stuff coulda been way worse. Heck I’ve SEEN way worse.

      • MosquitoLemon

        I thought that WAS a male character at first. I’m like, ooh, this is racy, get the lad some pants.

  • Haku_Luvs_You

    I like it! Can’t wait to import and play this game.

  • *looks closly at weapons*…….. :O its the Fairy Tail Logo …totally awsome art !!

  • Kobracon

    Thats some sweet looking armor. And twin swords are my fav weapons! I really hope this gets on the PS Vita someday! With dual analog sticks, I would no longer have to use ‘The Claw’ the move the camera.

  • PrinceHeir

    awesome stuff :D

    love Rave!

    need to watch Fairy Tail soon!

  • xMCXx

    Mashima-sensei must’ve had fun designing this, since he is a BIG MH fan. ^^
    Fairy Tail logo weapons look really awesome!

  • paperclichepixel

    Considering he did the Monster Hunter manga’s this a good thing.