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God Eater 2 introduces Kazuki Nana
posted on 01.15.13 at 11:28 PM EST by (@salromano)
She's a nekomimi, so expect cat-like ears.

God Eater 2

Famitsu this week introduces a new character for Namco Bandai’s upcoming PlayStation Vita and PSP sequel God Eater 2

Kazuki Nana, voiced by Emiri Katou, is a 17-year-old nekomimi (cat girl). Her favorite dish is oden. Also, she wields a giant Boost Hammer.

The magazine also has a look at versus Aragami manager-type weapons called “God Machine Soldier,” which have lightweight and a heavyweight equipment versions, and appear like common cyborgs. There’s also a new field called “Wall of Scars.”

Thanks, Game Nyarth.

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  • sherimae1324

    i like nekomimis…. cuz im a nekomimi myself!! tee-hee ^_^

  • new_tradition

    Don’t suppose we’ll get some male equivalent? I don’t hate cat girls, but I love cat boiz too :3

    • Aditya Dharma

      maybe they will add the cat ears as an equipment for character creation, then you can make your own cat boys^^

  • fyi1191

    I’m confused by the picture. Is that yellow shirt “guy” a girl?

    • Himiko

      Just a random screenie, I believe.

    • A guy he was in the previous game,

  • Eclipse

    Sounds damn good to me. This is my most wanted Vita game.

    Oh, and people who haven’t played the game are gonna think that Kota (The “guy” in the picture) is the nekomimi. XD

  • Guest

    I don’t see cat ears…

    • Duc PC-QB

      That one is from TGS 2011 you know ?
      Pretty old now.

  • Why can’t I stop drooling at the screenshot? *___*

  • TwinbladeAlkaid

    If you guys are interested, the DoP of Aksys Games posted this on his twitter account a while ago:


    It’s only a drawing and two small shots but it looks really cool, hopefully those awesome nekomimi will be an accessory!
    Thank you for the news, if this gets released here I have to find a way to finally get a PSVita. Can’t miss out on another God Eater, especially when the Vita version looks a tad better!

    • hush404

      Thats awesome, thanks! :D

      • TwinbladeAlkaid

        Oh yeah it truly is! My pleasure! :)

  • i want this game badly

  • hush404

    I thought GE2 was for PSP… are they making a PSV game at the same time? :) That would make me very happy.

  • Aditya Dharma

    sometimes i’m wondering, fighting gigantic aragamis, a commons sensed person would wear a better gear like an armor or something like that, not a mini clothes that shows underboobs,,, where are the protections in those?

    but, hell yeah!, i love them^^ all hail fan service^^

    • tubers


      Dude on the right fits your bill.

      • Aditya Dharma

        looking at the article, maybe it’s the so called “God Machine Soldier”, so basically it’s a robot,,, maybe,,,,
        i guess the human characters will still wear minis,,,

  • YangTerlupakan

    i am the only one who thinking, kazuni nana almost same with pit from kid icarus

  • DrForbidden

    Famitsu updated with official art and a screenshot, Sal:


  • PrinceHeir

    i thought this was Nana Mizuki XD

  • Looks amazing.