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Digimon Adventure screenshots
posted on 01.15.13 at 10:45 AM EST by (@salromano)
Featuring bad guys and new Mega forms.

Digimon Adventure

The latest set of Digimon Adventure screenshots highlight various characters, including Koromon and his Champion form Greymon.

Ogremon, Leomon, and Devimon, three Digimon the kids encounter across their adventure, are also pictured.

The Kizuna Rank system is shown. During certain segments, you’ll be asked to make choices. If you choose the right one, your rank with your fellow comrades will rise, allowing you to perform powerful Kizuna Combos in battle.

Different from the original anime, the Digimon Adventure RPG will see characters besides Agumon and Gabumon digivolve to their Mega form. Shown in the screenshots are Hououmon (digivolved from Biyomon), HerculesKabuterimon (from Tentomon), Rosemon (from Palmon), and Vikemon (from Gomamon).

View the screenshots at the gallery.

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  • The more information that comes out for this, the more depressed I get, knowing it won’t get localised kills me inside :(

    • rockman29

      The potential on Vita for this type of game is amazing too :(

  • KurisuMakise

    This game is such a nostalgia trip. Shame about localization prospects indeed =(