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Crysis 3 multiplayer beta begins next Tuesday
posted on 01.23.13 at 12:28 PM EST by (@salromano)
Beta to run for two weeks, feature two modes and two maps.

The Crysis 3 multiplayer beta will kick off for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on January 29, Electronic Arts has announced.

The beta will run for two weeks, until February 12, and feature two of the eight modes included in the final game.

  • Crash Site: Players must secure and defend specific locations, earning points along the way for kills and their ability to hold those locations.
  • Hunter Mode: This asymmetrical, time-based mode pits two players vs. ten (two vs. 14 on PC) in matches that begin with two cloaked hunters stalking 10 opposing CELL troopers. Armed only with enhanced Nanosuits and the lethal Predator bow, hunters must systematically stalk and kill the CELL operatives, who in turn must work together as a team as they fight to stay alive before the round ends. The twist is that once a CELL trooper is killed, that player will then respawn as a hunter, joining the others in their attempt to eliminate the remaining CELL operatives before the clock strikes zero.

Two of the game’s 12 maps are also included: Aiport and Museum. New York Freed, a new in-game social feed showing the accomplishments of players and their friends while offering dynamic challenges to complete, will also be in the beta.

Crysis 3 will launch for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC in north America on February 19 and in Europe on February 22. View a new set of screenshots at the gallery.

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  • Kou

    I like how they tried to hype this up. “Big Crysis 3 announcement on Wednesday” when it was obvious it would be beta/demo. I’m interested in trying Hunter Mode for sure, but I still miss Power Struggle.

  • Bloodios

    Sure hope they have done a better job on the console versions this time. Sure don’t want to see a plethora of textures and geometry pop-ins while the game is already installed on the HDD…

  • MrKappa

    Hunter sounds kind of rad. This beta is much needed because Crysis 2 was the laggiest piece of crap I have ever played in a shooter, not only that the demo for Crysis 2 was so damn bad they took it down on PS3 so people wouldn’t make their decision based off that and the retail version was still terrible as hell.

  • Metal Gear!?

  • Gigus

    I know people are tired of the metal gear jokes but you can not look at that and not say that does not look like metal gear ray.

  • Prodigy-X

    We better not have the same problem we had 2 years ago with Crysis 2 multiplayer demo for PS3.