Lightning Returns uses “open world” connection for travel
posted on 12.25.12 at 11:24 PM EST by (@salromano)
More new details from this week's Famitsu.

Following today’s earlier leak, more new details have come out regarding Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, including world travel information and estimated clear time. Find the bullet summary below.

  • You can move around between continents by foot or faster by monorail. It’s the so called “open world” connection.
  • Judging by the current outlook, the world is really vast and it’s rough on the operations.
  • The first thing Square thought of was the map function, but now the numbers are regulated.
  • Square looks forward to seeing how each continent is manufactured and connected.
  • It seems there is still more to come.
  • In this title, one day is 24 hours. In Final Fantasy XIII it was 26 hours, but when time stopped 2 hours were lost.
  • What happens when the gate closes due to the time but you’re in a fight with a strong enemy, does it close after the battle? Does time pass during battle?
  • If you’re doing your best, you can stretch the time limit past 13 days and increase time, but how you do it is a secret.
  • The game’s test players cleared it in 2 to 4 days.
  • Depending on how you do it, the deferment is quite different.
  • The ending doesn’t differ too much depending on the time it takes you, but there are a lot of things in the playthrough you can’t experience within the time limit. Those variations are what players can look forward to.
  • Battles are invoked when a corresponding button is pressed. Battles this way have you watch the ATB bar.
  • There are a limited number of items you can carry.
  • By setting abilities, the battles are more action based rather than command based.

Thanks, Game Nyarth.

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  • Whole game gives off a very Majora’s Mask sound – time limit, four continents, focus on NPCs/varying paths to take. Not necessarily a bad thing since MM was my fave Zelda game. I’m just gonna ignore the trailer and remain optimistic it’ll turn out decent gameplay-wise.

    • I don’t intent to criticize this game, not until I have played it. To me most of bad impressions so far come from the outfit of Lightning. Though I agree with most of opinions that this trilogy is kinda bad in its own way, but still I’m willing to try something new.

  • fireemblembeast

    Wait, the test players took only 2-4 days to clear the entire game…? ._.;

    • Kazziyan

      No, they mean the story. If you play in a certain way, you can complete the story and see it through before the 13 day countdown, however it’s not the only way to go about it. Many ways to go about it. So to get everything, you will be playing multiple times. You can have a longer play through over the other basically regardless of side content or not. Here’s the translation:
      “-The game ends in 13 days, as we all know, but whether you can go beyond 13 days or not is a secret. If you play skillfully you can clear the game in about 2 or 4 days.
      -Because of that there are many different ways to get to the ending.
      -While the ending doesn’t really change, the things that happen before like events and such do, which makes multiple playthroughs fun.”

      Since the world runs dynamically, you will always have something to find, in this case a story event depending on which path you took in the game on your next playthrough and it also probably extends out and you learn more about the game’s story.

      • fireemblembeast

        Ah, I see. Thanks, hummy~

        • Kazziyan

          No problem!

        • fireemblembeast

          Ok, who the hell votes down someone’s comment for saying thanks to someone else?! >_>

          • Kazziyan

            Plague every site I visit. :( Oh well.

          • Yeah, I’m not sure who does that. Kinda silly in my opinion.

            I’ve said many times before, I’m not a big fan of the up/down vote format. I prefer the classic like format.

            If someone agrees or likes the post, they can click like. If they don’t agree, they don’t click like, or it actually forces them to post a response. (Hopefully a fairly good one at that.)

            • fireemblembeast

              Yeah, I preferred the classic version, too. :/

  • Beast

    God why so many limitations?? :(

    • Kazziyan

      Not that many actually. ^^

  • DarthBrian

    “There are a limited number of items you can carry.”


    (only complaint I have so far)

    • FaithlessMr

      Same. I hate it when RPGs do that, I don’t like to manage my inventory in RPGs, games where stacking up on items for your adventure is part of the fun.

    • zakou

      Limitations suck but let’s ask ourselves…did we even use items in FFXIII or FFXIII-2? another question is, does LR:FFXIII has a storage space for keeping items?

      Also no game has been made that limits you for “Key Items” i’m sure we will have infinite storage for key items.

      • DarthBrian

        Yes, we did use items in those games because you needed them to synthesize new weapons and armor and stuff.

        • zakou

          Oh right this xD i mean’t it more like FF normal items you know, potions, phenixes downs, magic lamps, tents, antidotes, xD stat up items etc.

          • DarthBrian

            well, in that case no, because those items didn’t exist in FFXIII and XIII-2 because you were automatically healed after every encounter.
            There was the Aegisol/Fortisol/Deceptisol though. Those came in handy quite a bit and you could stockpile them if you were rich enough. :p

  • monkey

    the game is going to flop

    • Joel Monteiro

      Probably just what SE needs.

      • lyrris

        and then another sequel/reboot

  • Salem Bakhswen

    Hope it coming soon, SE always keep fans waiting.

  • Guest

    So… the game almost complete since the teste players have “cleared in 2 to 4 days”…

    Should we expect it for an april release then? I wonder…

  • So… the game almost complete since the test players have “cleared in 2 to 4 days”…

    Should we expect it for an april release then? I wonder…

    • Kazziyan

      No because they’re talking about events.

  • Star Platinum

    Sounds like a quick cash in

  • PrinceHeir

    would want to see a demonstration for sure :P

  • Ace

    I had no idea that the world of Pulse/Cocoon operated on a 26 hour system…

  • lyrris

    I always thought an open world is pretty standard for JRPG…

    • Akira_Tenshi

      Very few JRPG’s have an open world.

    • Kazziyan

      Nope. Majority are linear.

  • Devilca

    I still don’t get it!

    they mean that we have to finish the story within 2-4 days and see the ending, then we can play it again and do the side quest?

    Please I need someone to tell me..