Final Fantasy XIV alpha ‘Gathering and Crafting’ footage - Gematsu
Final Fantasy XIV alpha ‘Gathering and Crafting’ footage
posted on 12.12.12 at 11:05 PM EST by (@salromano)
Watch a Miqote synthesize a plumed maple shortbow.

The latest video in Square Enix’s series of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn alpha gameplay videos has been released. This week, the focus is on gathering and crafting.

Watch the video below. View a new set of screenshots at the gallery.

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  • whiteferrero

    Hmmm, am playing Guildwars 2 right now, and am really enjoying it.
    and the fact the I only had to pay for the copy of the game makes it hard to justify a subscription based MMO. >.< Especially as I don't have much free time lately, monthly subscriptions will be a total waste.

    Please FFXIV. Just go retail? But I guess that would be difficult considering it's been distributed already.

    • paperclichepixel

      It sounds like you really want to get the game and try it, but your affraid of your dedication elsewhere.
      I would say grab a copy, and play at your leasure, until you find that time gap.

    • Guild Wars 2 is fantastic. (Moving on…)

      They told me in the email that they will be having several beta tests as well. After the alpha tests wrap up. My advice is to try and get in on some of the beta tests.

      That way you can try out what the game has to offer. =)

    • zakou

      It’s very simple, I’m in a very similar situation as You are. Will not pay subscribtions to play a game as I won’t even have that much time to play anyways.

      On the other hand this is insta-buy for me once I know You only have to pay for it once.

  • Is there a reason I did not get my Alpha key Square Enix… I was one of does suckers who got the game day one.. and could not play it do to the games probs and not being able to run it right on my PC. I did make a character and played a lill bit but have always had an account and have the game registered under my square enix member account…. you disappoint me very much SE.

    • go to japan and put fire in the square enix bulding

      • You do it just make sure you save the Versus XIII files or I will kick your @##.

        • Versus XIII is DEAD pal, I wanna play Lightning Returns!!

          • You will get your Lightning Returns trailer this month at Jump Festa 22nd – 23rd I believe. Versus is very much alive …they just cant bring it out now or both lightning Returns and FF14 wont sell lol. Versus will be amazing : ]

            • I think so. I loved both XIII and XIII-2 and Im sure that Lightning will be another success, but I agree that Square Enix ignore Versus in this way is a strange move.

              • Yeah it is strange but oh well if we have waited 7 long years what is another year at this point its pretty useless to cry anymore we ran out of tears by this point.

                I am sure Lightning returns will be fantastic and a beautiful game just by looking at the art I also loved XIII and XIII-2.

  • I’ve played the alpha version up to like lv 10 on lancer. I need more time before I can really say much about it.

    • Bloodios

      How’s the performance? Is A Realm Reborn as demanding (read: unoptimized) as the original or has it been improved? Also, is there any graphical glitches worth noting?

      • shane239

        The performance is much better. I can run the game at full settings and have a frame rate of about 18 whereas the old game if I tried to run it at full settings i was getting like 3. Even if I set the graphics to just above normal it would start to wig out. But I believe the shaders are not running in Alpha so will have to see how that affects the system in Beta when it comes out.

      • Old Version – I didn’t personally have any issues with the previous version of the game, not with the builds they have had in the last year or so. It was a mess at launch but they got it pretty stable.

        This version runs pretty well, but it still needs some tweaks here and there. I still get 60 FPS for the most part in the game. It will only get better as they update the client, and the graphics drivers are updated to match the game, etc.

        I’ve been using the same GTX 580 for a few years now. It’s way better than the old version of the game was at launch, that’s for sure.

  • Music’s good.

  • Lee

    Hmm…I hope the PS3 version isn’t overly reliant on the cursor. I’m really interested in playing this again, though this time I want to play the PS3 port.

  • PrinceHeir

    looks ace :D