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Dead Space 3 to support Kinect voice commands
posted on 12.13.12 at 02:29 PM EST by (@salromano)
Save your friend from the onslaught of horrors with simple commands.

Dead Space 3 will feature Kinect-exclusive voice command functionality, Electronic Arts has announced.

“The voice commands in Dead Space 3 give players a unique way to take down the terror, whether they choose to face the Necromorphs alone in single-player, or alongside a friend with drop-in / drop-out co-op,” said Steve Papoutsis, executive producer on Dead Space 3 and VP and general manager of Visceral Games.

Dead Space 3 delivers the action-horror experience our fans have come to know and love. And with the ability to survive the adventure alone, with a friend, or with Kinect, we’re excited about extending the spine-tingling Dead Space experience to a whole new audience of players.”

Watch a new “two ways to play” trailer below. View a new set of screenshots at the gallery.

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  • …. I guess they have never heard of a mic… *face palm* Kinect is useless on console thanks to these lazy devs.

    • Dean Winchester

      yes, Kinect is ONLY useless b/c of “lazy devs” and not b/c its more limited than an NES gamepad with a broken B button.

      “Kinect is useless on console b/c it is a complete and utter piece of SH**”!

      There, I fixed that for you
      Good kitty. .

      • I disagree with you I think the fact that its useless is because devs are only creating FPS games and not taking chances innovating.

        *kitty bite* FREE NUMS :3

  • adhesive

    I can only imagine what kind of amazing game Dead Space 3 will be if it manages to not only stay scary, but become even scarier through Kinect and co-op.

    Too bad it won’t be any of that.

  • I read this as Dark Souls 2 for a second. Thank god

  • Sevyne

    Why do they always talk about using Kinect for voice commands as some great feature? They could have done this with any headset with a mic. Hell, even the original NES has voice command (yes it was bad). Is it because Kinect is so damn terrible, that voice command is seriously the best use anybody can get out of it?

    • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

      sorry for OT but Disqus doesn’t offer a PM option. Glad to see you here Sevyne, welcome =)

      The PSB is nice but there’s hardly ever any discussion going on due to its limited commenting feature set. I’m looking forward to your contributions to community talk as I enjoy your PSB ones ;)

      • Sevyne

        Well thank you. :)

  • KingOptimusOrigins111

    They better advertise this on all platforms and not just advertise the 360 version because of Kinect like they did with Mass Effect 3 & Fifa 13.

  • DrForbidden

    With all the accent recognition issues, pronunciation differences, background noises, and the software’s inability to consistently detect voices, has voice command ever made a game, ANY game, better? Why are they wasting time and money with this crap? Is it because Microsoft is paying them to promote the Kinect?

    • Belenger

      Lifeline (Operators Side)on PS2 was good……..

      …sorry couldnt resist to make the joke.

  • Bloodios

    … I just hope the final product doesn’t seem this action-packed… I just want my slow-paced survival horror…