Open Forum #020 - Gematsu
Open Forum #020
posted on 11.28.12 at 12:40 PM EST by (@salromano)
Open, off-topic discussion.

Our twentieth Open Forum has been readied for discussion.

The Open Forum is your domain for anything and everything. Whatever you feel is inappropriate to discuss in other threads, you can discuss here. Want to talk about sports? You’re in the right place. Have a random question? Ask it here. Want to poll the community? Do it here. The Open Forum is what you make it.

Discuss away.

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  • vertical09

    Surprised there hasn’t been any new info posted here about Genkai Totsuki Monster Monpiece.

    • almostautumn

      Same here; wish someone could just sneak into Compile’s place and upload a video of the actual gameplay. I’m real interested in it, and just want to take an estimate whether someone with beginner Japanese knowledge can actually play it or not.

      • Kobracon

        I would try but……its a card game. Sry guys, I don’t really like card games.

  • Revorse

    TV-Nihon put out Super Hero Taisen today. I’m pretty excited to watch, even though I’ve heard it was pretty bad.

    • Kobracon

      OH! Wait what is it this time? Long time Super Sentai fan and I find any new ones hard to beat Gokaiger

      • Revorse

        Well the Gokaigers are pretty much the focus of this movie. You might like it. It’s Super Sentai vs Kamen Rider. More specifically Decade vs the Gokaigers.

        • Kobracon

          Oh REALLY now……? That sounds awesome. And I just realized you wrote Super Hero Taisen. My brain somehow interpretted that as Super Sentai and thought you meant the new Super Sentai series has come out XD

  • fireemblembeast

    I just noticed yesterday: I reached 100 comments, I reached 50 likes, and Gematsu reached 1500 likes. O.o Congrats to us :3

  • Anyone ever had pumpkin crackers? They are the best! eating some as I type this.

  • DarthBrian
  • Locksus

    So, my exam week is finally over and I’m feeling very relieved. 
    I just recently picked up The Witcher 2 again and playing it on the hardest (Dark) difficulty and I’m getting my butt handed to me on a silver plate. I never played the first game as my low-end PC can’t quite run it. I’ve had a little less time to play than normally due to school. 

    All in all, I think this year has seen a decent amount of good games, but I have a feeling that next year will be phenomenal with the likes of GTA V, Bioshock and probably another next-gen console!

    • PrinceHeir

      i hear ya, finals is coming T__T

  • Locksus

    I thought I’d make a second post for this question; What are you people waiting from the next generation PS and Xbox? What would you like to and what wouldn’t you like to see from them? 

    • PrinceHeir

      hmm being able to sort things on XMB.

      i want to sort them by alphabetical order, as well as a DLC folder to see which DLC’s are installed on your PS3.

      BC, Region Free, and Blu Ray is a MUST.

      other than that, and a strong GPU, CPU and RAM i think we’re good to go ^^

  • Panda_castro
  • I know Sony gets very antsy like hell when it comes to piracy. And while I do see why they would get pissed, it often feels like they’re also taking it way too hard rather than just find some way around it.


    But at the same time I see why people would pirate games in the first place, and in today’s slow (and very bumpy) into next generation it makes sense as crazy as it seems; not everyone is going to be exactly willing to shelve out $60, especially if what they’re given is straight out crap.
    (I’m STILL looking at you Capcom.)

    …….I should be doing Homework right now.

    • Fei

      They don’t care about reasons or logic but only about the law. The moment you break the law you stop being human and become lowly trash not deserving even breath the same air as proper human beings. It doesn’t matter how unreasonable law may be. The moment you break the it that’s it. This is basic Japanese mentality and cannot be helped.

      Now you may ask why Nintendo is not so desperate in fighting piracy. That’s simple. Nintendo people is not normal Japanese, whey are Kansai people and Kansai people are basically Japanese version of Jews (i.e. clever merchants) so as you may have guessed they’re main concern is profits instead of pride and other usual Japanese people concerns such as Tokyo people. Thus, normal Japanese such as Tokyo people are very very different from Kansai people.

      Here’s comparison.

      Sony mentality:
      1. Manufacture quality expensive products to impress people and gain reputation.
      2. Do not allow illegal activities via Sony products because it damages reputation and basically make Sony themselves criminal accomplices.
      3. Gain profits.

      Nintendo mentality:
      1. Manufacture cheap accessible products.
      2. Market Nintendo brand as a whole instead of separate different product brands to increase recognition and client base as much as possible.
      3. Cut costs as much as possible.

      • LordKaiser

        Well that means that Nintendo is smarter and use their $ on bringing products rather that fighting a battle that they will never win. Unlike sony that waste $ on piracy and remove features instead of adding things we thruly want.

        I don’t see they caring for their reputation either as the simply cut down niche markets that don’t give them the most like RPGs and only supports studios who make mainstream games like Santa Monica Studios and Naughty Dog. The European division dropped support for White Knight Chronicles II and the American division of Sony din’t cared to publish the game leaving it to a sub-par publisher that only wanted to make quick $ on it and never planned on supporting. I don’t think Sony care about their reputation or costumers at all.

        • True…

          But you could give Sony a credit for trying new IPs this late in the long running 7th Gen…

        • This is just my opinion –

          I don’t really agree here. That is just one example, one I’ll admit that was a screw up. It’s not just Sony that messed up with WKC2 though. Sony does spend money on combating piracy, but so do Nintendo and Microsoft. Most publishers do the same thing, they all view piracy more or less the same. Sony does some great things as well, look at the approach to online games. If WKC2 was on Xbox for example, you would have to pay to play the lacking online mode. I also think the PS Plus service is a strong deal, and like Raiu mentioned, Sony does try and help improve the industry by supporting new IPs. Those studios you mentioned are also quite good. One bad example is not enough to say they don’t care about the customers or the brands reputation. The same can be said about Nintendo and Microsoft as well. Everyone makes mistakes, especially big companies. You have to take the good with the bad sometimes, but I think the good things Sony does outweighs the mistakes.

      • You might wanna add “Region controlling(a.k.a Region locking)” and “Do not allow illegal activites like R4” to Nintendo mentality…

        • Fei

           I think region locking is simple profit calculation commonly used everythere and nothing special, but “Do not allow illegal activites like R4” is good example of Nintendo ways. They just convinced government to fight against R4 for them. See? While Sony wastes their own time and resources developing cutting edge security technologies (useless in the end), Nintendo just manipulate others to do work for them. Smart people.

          • ” I think region locking is simple profit calculation commonly used everythere and nothing special”
            Doesn’t change the fact that they are controlling regions on how much they restrict the consumers on what price they pay and what games they can play…

            “They just convinced government to fight against R4 for them.”
            Nintendo must have pulled out buckets of cash to convince the government to side with Nintendo… The Government of Japan… That’s not gonna completely stop piracy…

            • MosquitoLemon

              Nintendo doesn’t ‘control’ anyone else. If the region wants cheap games, they can sell them cheap, but most of the territories that are affected by region locking DON’T want their consumers to get cheaper products.

              • Nintendo did control publishers and developers back in the day… Around the NES days, I think…

                They ‘control’ region distribution thus ‘restricting’ consumers on their freedom of choice… The 3DS has to follow regional restrictions while the DS don’t… Say you’re on a traveling trip and bought a game cartridge from a foreign place, guess what? You can’t play the darn thing… Or what about people who can’t wait for localizations? Hint: Japan-only games 

                ‘Control’ and ‘Restrict’ are two different things…

      • Kobracon

        I did NOT know they were Kansai…..suddenly everything makes sense…..

  • new_tradition

    Finally saw snow fall at my end of the city. Purty *_*

    (also really effin’ cold, lol; finally going past -3°C X_x)

  • What is everyone playing this week?

    I’m still playing Guild Wars 2. I did start Assassins Creed 3 recently, enjoying it quite a bit so far.

    • Haku_Luvs_You

       Nothing. It’s almost finals week :(

      • Good luck with those!

      • Kobracon

        All the best

      • Haku_Luvs_You

        Thanks guys :D

    • I got a Dota2 invite and been playing it. The interface is hard to get used to it, but it’s still as fun as Dota1. I played at internet cafe though, my PC can’t handle it.

    • MosquitoLemon

      Resonance of Fate, and judging by how long it is, I’ll be playing it until my head explodes.

      • Kobracon

        Enjoy that man. Once you get the system down, it just get soooooo fun.

        • new_tradition

          I still haven’t gotten past the tutorial D:

          • Kobracon

            Keep at it. Once it clicks, its so fun. Thats why I love Tri-Ace

          • MosquitoLemon

            There is no tutorial, just a giant trap devised to misinform you! You seriously have to learn to play the game on your own. It took me about 6 hours, but I understand it fully now. 

            #1 thing to learn is that 99% of your effective attacks will come during hero actions (pressing square and running). #2 thing to learn is that the aiming reticle time bar thing speeds up the closer you are to the enemy. So the best way to attack is to run in a line past the enemies you want to hit, and target them when you get close. Everything else you can figure out by trial and error.

            • Kobracon

              #2 Always ALWAYS pass the line between the other 2 allies and ALWAYS aim to form a triangle.

    • Kobracon

      I’ll be picking my GW2 back up in a while. Stopped at lvl 14 coz of other console games. Also a little bit of DOA 5 and reliving the ever awesome God of War Saga thanks to the wonderful package called uh…..well God of War Saga XD

      • I just recently spent a few days with the game. I missed most of the special events, but I did just hit level 40 on my archer. The story is really good, and it keeps me coming back. No idea how things will work out when PSO Ver 2 is released here in the west, and I’d like to go back to FFXIV when ARR launches.

        I’m just like you though, I find myself spending my free time on console games for the most part. I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve only played the first God of War. I’ve had plans to pick up the Saga set you mentioned.

        I gotta ask, how is DOA 5? I’ve always enjoyed the previous games. No, not just because it has pretty girls. I liked the combat counter mechanics quite a bit in the previous entries. I’d like to read what you think about it.

        • Kobracon

          Both its biggest strength and its biggest critique is the fact that the system has remain relatively untouched for the past 4 games since DOA2. The system is almost identical with new attacks here and there and tweaks to the existing characters only the biggest of DOA fanatics could notice. 

          For the longest time, I’ve been defending DOA. Fighting the people who condemn it as a fanservice game with shallow combat. I always thought DOA has the most accessible combat system that anyone can come in and pick up. I’ve tested this extensively with several non-fighter friends who can’t wrap their heads around ‘The Way of the Quarter Circle Punch’ as well as ‘The Way of the Juggle’ for Tekken. They were able to pick up the rock-paper-scissors-esque combat system and we were having  balanced matches after a few rounds. This is a contrast to them picking up, say UMvC3, and I just roflstomp them even though I’m trying my best to hold back a little >.<

          Its like they say, don't fix what isn't broke, and DOA5 is just as fun and as accessible as ever. Get a few guys (even if they aren't fighting game fans, I'm sure you can 'show' a pair of good reasons to play the game XD) and play tag battle, loads of fun. Sure theres tons of jiggle, but thats not the only thing they put detail in. Each hit feels 'weighty' and you can't help but cringe and laugh at whats happening.

          • I’d like to get a shot at playing it sometime soon. Thanks.

          • PrinceHeir

            agree :D

            DOA is one of the accessible games, that you can pick up and play, but hard to master.

            while tekken, you need to be in the series since at least tekken 3 and tekken tag.

            both games are amazing :D

    • Dragon’s Dogma, Fallout 3 and Batman:Arkham City…

      I underestimated Dragon’s Dogma… At one point, it’s easy… Then at another point, Dark Souls moment came in unexpected… Not really sure if it’s a cheap shot or not…

      • I loved the demo for Dragon’s Dogma. With all the games coming out this holiday, combined with buying gifts for Christmas, I just haven’t found a chance to pick it up.

        I wanted to buy it back at launch, but I was hesitant because of Capcom’s past re-release escapades. 

        I thought the combat in the game was really awesome. You enjoying the game so far?

        • Started Dragon’s Dogma just recently… I can’t give a verdict with that little playtime…

          If you can deal with NPC’s repeated dialogues(Yes, you literally hear the same lines over and over again…) and some probelms, I don’t think you will be dissapointed… If you’re still not sure, rent it and try it out…

          Since it’s a new IP, I can let the problems slide… Except the main menu annoucing DLCs…

          • Are you referring to the pawns? I thought you could turn the pawns dialogue off in the menu settings?

            • Kobracon

              IIRC its not the menu. You literally have to sit them down in a tavern or something and TELL them to shut the fudge up. But you can only do that with your own pawn and not the ones you hire from other players.

              • Oh yeah? Sounds kinda silly in my opinion.

                • Kobracon

                  It is. Its a silly thing but can ruin the whole experience seeing as you’ll be travelling ALOT with them.

                • Kobracon

                  It is. Its a silly thing but can ruin the whole experience seeing as you’ll be travelling ALOT with them.

    • DichaTesoro

       Playing LEGO Lord of he Rings. It’s made me remember how much I liked the book. It’s so much fun too. Also still playing AC3. Bought it the day it came out and only up to sequence 10, you know, work and stuff.

    • HeatPhoenix


      Quite good. It starts like a 7/10, turns into an 8/10 when you start getting comfortable in the story.

    • Got bored with GW2, currently playing FIFA13 to heart content.
      Ahhh january cant come soon enough, really craving for ni no kuni.

  • Kobracon

    So….anyone got a WiiU yet? Thoughts and impressions? Pros and Cons? Give me the skinny (as the young people say)

    • I can’t afford to get it, but I’m kinda on the fence about it to be honest.

      Gametrailers put out a review video of the hardware, and I thought it did a pretty good job detailing the system itself. I would also be interested in reading someone that owns the U’s thoughts.

      • You might wanna mention WiiU’s day one problems…. Like 5GB update and account tie-in..

        It’s something to take note of when buying a WiiU…

        • Kobracon

          FIVE GB UPDA-……wth is in there??! The remaining half of the software??

          • Sorry, that was a error… It’s 1GB according to a news site, nowhere near 5GB..

            Apparently it seems like Nintendo forgot to include some of the remaining software for it… And they apologized because of it… Now they’re hoping the WiiU owners can get through the update… They will probably put the update into the next WiiU revision, if there is one…

            One more thing, do not… I repeat, DO NOT DISTURB YOUR WIIU WHILE IT’S UPDATING!!! YOU MIGHT BRICK IT!!!

            • Kobracon

              Wow….talk about rushed….I wonder what the hell happened? And you can accidentally brick it before you even get to play anything? Thats rough..

      • Kobracon

        Just watched the vid (I’m kinda slow like that), thanks Zero. Looks like theres no hurry so far. Until I see more of Bayonetta 2 and P-101 (was that the name??), I’ll hold off on buying it.

  • Zuhri69

    I recently bought a vita and loving it. I hoped that more game will be made available to it.

  • almostautumn

    Hey, just wondering if someone with Japanese skill can translate the first tab (the 3 step gameplay) from the “System” option from Compile Heart’s Monster Monpiece website  ( I’m real interested in this, and while they haven’t uploaded videos of gameplay yet I’d like to know what I can.

    Very appreciated, and thanks beforehand if you can!

    • MosquitoLemon

      -_- It says you’se a pervert! step one says you select a card you want to power up and pay ‘kosuri points’ (rub/scratch points) to start a ‘scratch battle’. step two is scroll the card with the right stick and scratch until you find the weak point (she’ll make noises the closer you are to the weak point). This will cause the Otton meter (the phallic seal thing) to ‘rise’, and max out the monster’s tension.

      When the card is at max tension, the magic power seal (her clothes…) will break off and the card will power up. Oh my god, you did not need that translated.

      • almostautumn

        Hey, thanks man! I’m surprised someone did that for me.

        And that sucks, because I kind of guessed at that (didn’t you can scroll the card though). I was hoping it was a brief overview of the battles. Dang.

        And it is pretty perverse, but those art-designs, and the concept behind them (monsters represented as harlot-adorned young girls… yes!) is just too inventive and cool for me to pass over. Plus, I haven’t played a card game in like— just over a decade (Yu-Gi-Oh when I was in middle school), and this has me eager to start battling cards again.

        Nostalgia + Love of Brights Colors + Can’t Wait to Rub my Vita Masturbate-Wise on Public-Transportation = Win.

        • Kobracon

          You could always try Monster Musume for the PC. Its a NSFW PC Visual Novel/RPG but its got a full english translation patch.

          • Thought that NSFW game is for masochists with monster fetishes…

          • almostautumn

            Just looked that up; that’s not NSFW, that’s hentai!

            But that’s not my thing— which may be confusing because of my interest in monster monpiece. Basically, I don’t really care to merge nudity/actual sex with entertainment media. Not into it is all, as it makes me feel, erm, “confused” lol.
            And seriously though; I’m not “turned on” by monpiece or anything like that. I really just think it’s an interesting idea. It’s the same for Senran Kagura; I like the perverse atmosphere, get a kick out of it really, but I don’t actually find them perverse/stimulating, or at least react to them as I do toward things that are blatantly perverse, such as nudity, whether in real-life or drawings, or sexual situations.

            Basically, I look at internet porn when I want to feel thick (lol!), and with videogames/media I have a personal boundary about what I’m comfortable with, drawing the line between something (that I’d consider) risque (Catherine/Senran Kagura), and something pornographic (my definition: sex itself, or the product being focused on nudity/stimulation).

            • NSFW = Not safe for work…

              Hentai also counts as NSFW… Unless your workplace is comfortable with hentai, that is…

              • almostautumn

                 Sure, but I normally think of exposed breasts or panty-shots for NSFW, not full exposed bust, youthful snake-girl getting jerked off from her tail  (wow at even writing that!).

                • As long as it’s fap material, it counts as NSFW… :)

                  • almostautumn

                    Even then, there’s always “I’m totally bringing this (slamming model) magazine to the bathroom for ‘reading material.'”

            • Kobracon

              Well I was trying to avoid the ‘H’ word but oh well. I see what you mean. The game is indeed not for everyone but I find I actually enjoy its story above everything else…. The way they envision the monster girls is interesting.

  • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

    Anybody heard the battle theme for Blade Wolf (formerly known as LQ-84i) in MGR: Revengeance? It’s amazing. If the whole Soundtrack is that awesome then we’re in for a treat. Platinum <3

    • I played the demo earlier today. It was fantastic. This song was in it, great stuff.

      • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

        On one hand I don’t wanna leave Japan, on the other my PS3 is waiting for me and I wanna play MGR:R ^^

        • You can cut like everything in the environment in the demo. It was a blast to play, tons of fun.

  • Which design for the feed is more appealing? image is current design)

    • Locksus

      The current design seems more appealing to me. Btw, Sal, would it be possible to get the same design for the mobile version? You cannot see the “Community Talk” section. On my Android, at least. 

      • Thanks for the feedback.

        As for the mobile site, if you scroll down to the very bottom, you’ll see a “Full Site” link you can click. =)

        • Locksus

          Ah, thanks for the information. I had never noticed it before. Thanks a lot! : ]

    • I might just be blind and not awake enough. I don’t see the difference with these images lol.

      • Open them side by side. -__-

        • paperclichepixel

          Sal the left.

          • Belenger

            Left one too, at 1080 it looks small enough plus I like browsing with with the ability to mess with CTRL +/-, just dont deviate from this simple set up, plenty of the users here are left over from the web void Andriasang left, we like this easy to read >__>.

        • I see it now. I swear it wasn’t showing the difference before lol.

          I think it looks fine the way it is. Would the smaller images allow more news posts per page? They get pretty small when viewed on a display using 1080p.

    • Kobracon

      Left ones better. I find bigger pics to be more appealing than stuffing as much as you can in one page. I mean…thats what multiple pages are for.

    • Left one. 

  • paperclichepixel

    I would like the following games on handhelds.

    Y’s Chronicles
    Final Fantasy VII Before Crisis
    Lunar 2
    Dragon Quest I-III
    Tales of Rebirth(outside of Japan.)
    Valkyria Chronicles(outside of Japan.)
    Final Fantasy Type 0 (Vita)
    Tales of Rebirth(outsid of Japan.)

    I would also like to see

    Phantasy Star V
    Lunar 3
    Wild Arms 6
    Suikoden 6
    Breath of Fire 6
    Final Fantasy VII-2 (for certain reasons.)
    Super Mario RPG 2
    New Earthbound
    Star Ocean 5

    SEGA to remaster the Yakuza Black Panther games and put them out for the Vita. I’d like Platinum Studios to make a new Shinobi game, with Yuzo Koshiro’s music.

    I’d like to have Imageepochs major games hit elsewhere:
    Sol Trigger
    Tales of a Final Promise
    Last Ranker

    I’d like BioWare to make a sequel to the Immortal.

    Dragon Slayer remakes.

    Atlus to purchase, and merge with SNK Playmore, them publish Grand Knight History.

    Kojima Productions, to make a Tenchu game using the Ground Zeroes engine.

    Xseed & Rising Star to sale retail copies of Sora No Kiseki 2C & FC, then Zero No Kiseki.

    Earth Seeker & Pandora’s tower to hit America(Better late than never.)

    A Dissidia for the PS3, with cool sub-characters.

    The Next-Gen systems, focusing on more player involvement in numbers, with destruction.

    For GOD’s sake, a Capcom V SNK 3.

    King of Fighters XIV

    A 2-player Uncharted Trilogy.

    Netherealm studios to buy the rights to Killer Instinct and give the character some DAMN, justice.

    In the end I can’t wait for Dragon Age 3, Final Fantasy XIV- Versus- Lightning Returns, Bravely Default, Fire Emblem Awakening, and Lords of Shadows 2


    P.S  Destiny looks really promising.

    • LordKaiser

      I want that same list but all on PS3. I also want all their PSP and PS2 series fully remastered like a FFIV HD for example.

    •  All i want is lots of JRPG, lots of it, on home console.

    • Kobracon

      Is…this your Christmas wish list to Santa?

      • I hope Santa is seeing this… lol.

        • I will start believing Santa if he does make this happen…

      • paperclichepixel

        What is Santa?!!!

    • I just want those JP/PSP/JRPG games in english……. Especially 7th Dragon 2020 and Sol trigger.

    • PrinceHeir

      finally someone remembers Shinobi!!!!!!

      and yeah Tenchu game by Hideo Kojima’s FOX Engine would be badass.

      Atlus and SNK Playmore merge would be the best thing!!!!

  • A reply to Zero about Dragon’s Dogma…. Disqus being derpy at the moment..

    Personally, I don’t mind them too much… I’m sure there is one in the settings to turn it off..

    • I didn’t think they were that annoying in the demo. That could get worse as you play the game though.

      Disqus loves to be retarded, I got the response though. =)

  • Since Gematsu posted the next Xbox article, might as well post this….

    Some details sound legit while others don’t… The software next gen brings is the one I’m curious about…

    • See this discussion:

      Keep your replies here, though. Less we drag the BioShock post off-topic even more.

      • Ah… So that’s the site predicting the KH collection… I really should start researching sites more often…

  • AdamBoy64

    For those who’ve picked up a Wii U – did any of you get a bricked console with the BLOD (blinking light of death)?

    Seems to be a few people affected – I wonder if there are any here.

    • Let me guess… Did you update your WiiU before the bricking happened?

  • new_tradition

    Ummm…Feel kind of dumb for asking, but can someone explain this new Gematsu layout? Do new comments show on the bottom now? Can we inverse this in settings or something? I feel like I’m missing such obvious answers D: