Open Forum #017 - Gematsu
Open Forum #017
posted on 11.07.12 at 12:41 PM EST by (@salromano)
Open, off-topic discussion.

Our seventeenth Open Forum has been readied for discussion.

The Open Forum is your domain for anything and everything. Whatever you feel is inappropriate to discuss in other threads, you can discuss here. Want to talk about sports? You’re in the right place. Have a random question? Ask it here. Want to poll the community? Do it here. The Open Forum is what you make it.

Discuss away!

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  • Rydak

    I love me some SAO.

  • DichaTesoro

    Anyone have any blogs they’d like to share? Your own or some you enjoy?
    I made one recently—does tumblr count as a blog?—after making an account to follow a dozen or so tumblr blogs. It’s

    • Archvile78

       My only “blog” would be my own blog entries on my Gamespot profile.

  • Krimson4eva

    Asuna Yuuki is the best

  • MosquitoLemon

    Apparently Best Buy is doing a $200 PS3 250GB bundle with Uncharted collection and Infamous collection (download vouchers, I’m assuming). I don’t want those games (yeah yeah, I know how good you all think they are), but I do like the prospect of a cheaper PS3.

    • Xenovelgr

      I couldn’t stand those games lol but that’s a good deal for a PS3

    • fallen

      Wow, now that is tempting. There are some exclusives I’d love to play… but do I really need all three consoles from that generation? DECISIONS.

  • Haku_Luvs_You

    Completely addicted to Halo 4 right now… What’s everyone else playing!?

    • Locksus

      I’m playing Dark Souls here. This magical game never gets old and the new DLC is amazing.

    • FaithlessMr

      Got back to Tales of Innnocence yesterday, after I actually finished Persona 3 (awesome game btw). I forgot how much I like Tales of Innocence, the game wins me over with the little details that make it so fun and entertaining.

      Seriously, just the opening is amazing:

      EDIT:Yes, I am playing the DS version, I don’t have a Vita just yet, but I’ll perhaps import this one over again when I get one for Persona 4 Golden

    •  Assassin’s Creed 3, da beginning had a VERY clever plot twist!

    • AdamBoy64

      I really want to play Wind Waker at present – but I lent it to a friend..!
      I have 6 or 7 games in my backlist I could play..

      Or I could start a playthrough of Majora’s Mask.
      Guess I have a hankering for some Zelda at present.

    • AdamBoy64

      I really want to play Wind Waker at present – but I lent it to a friend..!
      I have 6 or 7 games in my backlist I could play..

      Or I could start a playthrough of Majora’s Mask.
      Guess I have a hankering for some Zelda at present.

    • Persona 4 Arena. xD

      Completed 5 stories so far. Cliffhangered a good amount of the remaining.

    • fireemblembeast

      So many things *__*….FE8, FE10, FE7, Tales of Symphonia (just doing the last 2 sidequests), Code of Princess, Mugen Souls, etc…..well mainly Tales of Graces f, though! (I have to cross one off the list!) I got a lot of new games this year, for some reason. Just wait until next year.

    • z_merquise

      PS3: ZOE HD, Metal Gear Rising demo

      3DS: Code of Princess, Mighty Switch Force, Liberation Maiden

    • I beaten Ace Attorney 1-4 last week, very excited for AA5 and PL vs AA I hope the latter will be localized. I’m playing Heavy Rain right now on episode 5.

    • Kobracon

      Just finished Trauma Team on a Wii I borrowed from a friend. I miss the Trauma series, and wish it makes a triumphant return on the 3DS, or possibly WiiU

    • Rezar

      I am working on several games at the moment. I already beat Zero Escape Virtue’s Last Reward for the 3DS and I need to beat the Vita version. Right now I am working on Harvest Moon 3D A New Beginning.

      • AdamBoy64

        I did notice a HM game on 3DS. How are you finding Harvest Moon?

        • Rezar

           It’s pretty good so far. It takes a different approach which is building up the town. I am enjoying it compared to previous installments and I would say it’s as good as Harvest Moon 64 which I played a lot of.

  • YangTerlupakan

    OMG Swort Art Online again!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can everyone tell me what is good point from this anime???

    • Asuna?

      • YangTerlupakan

        heee………???? what are you talking about????

        • The only good thing about SAO is Asuna.

          • No love for nice visual? Those backgrounds are gorgeous. 

            Honestly, if you are willing to stop over-thinking abt the plot its not tht bad. Oh, and its advised to watch and read the LN together to fill you in with the stuff they cut out.

            • The visual is good, but not that great.

              The plot? Well, it is that bad. Judging from the point of someone whom hasn’t read the LN. It feels like kinda, you know, rushed at first? But it’s getting better now.

          • YangTerlupakan
            • “sugoi” indeed…

              • YangTerlupakan

                 oh man -_- u are so human…….!!!!!

    • Its like a dream come true for MMO/video game player, the portrayal of some issues of MMO, interesting MMO mechanics, how ppl live their life in a game, how love develop in a VR game, decent/good character development, nice visuals, good character design etc. 

      Well it is suggested tht you read the LN along with watching the anime.

      • YangTerlupakan

         i like your idea but…………… LIGHT NOVEL IS NEVER RELEASED OUTSIDE JAPAN T_T

        • But I can buy it in chinese out of JP :P
          It is fan translated into english online though. Just GG search it.

          • YangTerlupakan

            heeee…. LN have that??????
            oh how many thing i dont know about fans work -_-

      • LordKaiser

        “How love develop in a VR game”

        I lost my interest in the anime already. I see this stupidity even in WKC2 and drama burns from it.

        • ==; At least judge AFTER watching it…. 3 episode rule? 

          And wht is WKC2?

          • LordKaiser

            White Knight Chronicles 2 who I’m playing online.

  • zakou

    Sword art online always reminds me of Tales Of Xillia xD  cant wait!

  • fireemblembeast

    Sooo…anyone vote? Everyone won who I wanted to. >;3
    I ate these Mario gummies today. Not bad, not bad.
    Many schools cancelled today, but no, my school didn’t, (as usual) because they thought the snow would come in the afternoon. It came at 10 AM. >_> Well, anyways, it’s still snowing strongly even now and almost no streets have been plowed. I better have tomorrow off!
    And I’m still waiting for Halloween…
    I swear, if this early snow makes me lose electricity again….>:C

    • Xenovelgr

      Yesterday was a good day for me. Everything I voted for passed (I-502 and R-74 :D) and my only class today was cancelled (political communications) because my prof partied too hard last night lol

      • fireemblembeast

        Why do they give those things fancy letter-number names? It’s hard to remember…
        So then that implies that you live in WA. How’s the weather there? It’s terrible here, as you’ve likely heard already. (I’m in CT btw)

  • Da Orks is trying ta assist Megas XLR creator in bringin’ it back on Twitter.

  • whiteferrero

    So ATLUS has this cosplay competition up, and was browsing through the entries and saw this really cool mitsuru cosplay!

    Check it out! I think the materials for her costume are really HQ stuff.

    There’s a pretty cool Teddie costume as well there! :)

  • It’s a shame Ninja Gaiden 3 isn’t as good as this launch trailer makes it out to be.

    Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge Launch Trailer –

    • I’m really excited about Razor’s Edge, it looks fantastic and I hope they will add Kasumi.

      • I hope the Wii U version has better controls. I played the game on PS3, the controls were just so awful. That alone ruined the game for me.

    • PrinceHeir

      very surprise to see Sonia and a character that shouldn’t be alive O____O

      i want this on my Sigma 3 Tecmo!!

      • I could maybe see them making a Sigma version for PS3. I’m not sure, but if they did, I’d love to see them tweak the controls. They could add the feature to use classic control layout or something at the very least.

        • PrinceHeir

          just remove the automatic combo.

          i really hate how Ryu automatically performs a cinematic kill in a middle of a combo.

  • Kobracon

    Hello everyone! I have a question today. Being born in 90s, I pretty much grew up in the PS1 era, thus missed alot of the ‘classic’ RPGs of the SNES which is considered to be the JRPGs ‘Golden Age’. Thus I never got to experience Chrono Trigger first hand. I did however, play Chrono Cross on the PS1 and though it was the best thing since sliced bread.

    Great looking characters, awesome combat system, TONS of unique characters that can join your party (there was even a guy called Funguy and he was a MUSHROOM!!!!………shut up, I was young and easily impressed). Then after I had somewhat matured and was introduced to these dangerous things called ‘forums’. After realising that lots of ppl hated what I liked, I also found out that alot of ppl who played Chrono Trigger really REALLY hate Chrono Cross.

    To solve this mystery, I played Chrono Trigger on my DS and thought it was bloody fantastic. Always loved Toriyama’s (albeit never changing) artstyle and the mechanics were fantastic considering how old it was. But I still love Chrono Cross. Perhaps its nostalgia, perhaps not.

    Why do people hate Chrono Cross?

    • Eh, people hate Chrono Cross?

      • LordKaiser

        Half of Chrono Trigger’s fan base does for being too different and detached from the original. Another example of this is Breath of Fire V.

    • I love both games, I suppose we are the minority.

      The reason people hate Chrono Cross is kinda stupid. Back in the day, Square was just as secretive as they are today. Heck, they were even more secretive back then, and considering how the internet was not around, information on games was pretty hard to come by.

      The problem with Chrono Cross isn’t really a problem, the game is great. It just isn’t Chrono Trigger, or better yet, it isn’t a true sequel. Fans were expecting more of the same with Cross, they wanted a game that was basically just like Chrono Trigger. They didn’t get that, and it resulted in a huge divide of opinions between fans.

      Some fans were able to love the game for what it is, and like I said, Cross is one of the best games on the Playstation, hands down. Many fans refused to give it a chance, and they really didn’t want to. They felt betrayed or lied to or something, just because this was so different from the only other games in the series, Chrono Trigger.

      I think this is another good example of why it’s important to tell people about the game you are developing, let them know from the start if you decide to go in a different direction.

      The team making Cross wanted to make their own game, they didn’t want to make Chrono Trigger again, they didn’t want to make a direct sequel either. I can’t criticize them for wanting to do that, and the result was a fantastic game. Square should have been clear about this, they should not have kept fans in the dark.

      Some fans would want to kill me for this, but I think Cross actually outshines Trigger in some areas. This is coming from someone that has Trigger in his top 3 games of all time. When you really set Cross aside by itself, and judge the game as its own thing, I don’t see how anyone could think it wasn’t magnificent.

      I think CT tells a time traveling story with a theme of hope. You can change things, make them right. On the other hand, I’ve always felt Cross tries to do the opposite. Sure, it has some good positive moments, but it has lots of sad moments, lots of things that make you question the motives, the actions you take traveling through time. In many ways, both are polar opposites of each other.

      Which is why I think both games should be judged individually, they both are great games, with great stories that focus on time travel. I think I could go on and on about this subject, I’ve really only scratched the surface, I haven’t even talked much about the games in depth.

      Anyways… I hope this helps to answer the question. While this is my opinion, I like to think it’s something that many would agree with. The thing is, people usually have a love/hate relationship with Cross. That makes it tough to kinda go between the lines, and try to discuss the games on a middle ground of sorts.

      • Kobracon

        Sry for late reply, was in Singapore attending a TM Revolution concert. So anyway, this sounds alot like what happened with FF13, seems like this cycle has happened for years….

        • You went to AFASG? Ow man all of my jelly… 

          • Kobracon

            The convention itself is alright. The concerts are the main stars though

            • Yeah, TM Revolution. LiSA, FLOW, Frip side, may’n, etc… Dang a shame i couldn’t go, OTL FML…

              How’s Madoka Movie?

              • Kobracon

                Aha…sry to disappoint but I’m not a Madoka fan. Saw an awesome Power Ranger cosplayer as well as the Gundam cosplayer (cosplaying as a very convincing human-sized Unicorn Gundam). Also bought my first ever Soul of Chogokin toy. Super expensive but I’ll be damned if it isn’t well made.

                • Ah dang, well i’m not a Madoka fan but, i heard the movie was a big success, just curious. Oh i know that one, Unicorn Gundam cosplay, awesome work indeed.

                  Grats man, i’m more into plamo though, what SoC are you buying?

                  • Kobracon

                    Daiouja. As fan of oldskool super robots I couldn’t pass him up. Plus he was relatively the cheapest. The only other one on sale was UFO Grandizer and I think hes sadly one of the dumbest looking Mazingers…

        • Sounds awesome! Did you have a good time?

          • Kobracon

            Concert was fantastic. Its great to see the artist have so much fun too. Hope he holds up his promise of coming again next year (hell he kept repeating it and we kept cheering each time he said it, he’d better)

  • I’m most definitely beating a dead horse by merely mentioning Capcom. That is if the horse in question wasn’t just not dead, but also trying to breathe whenever possible; wheezing for air, even though you could see lifelessness in said horse’s eyes that likely and metaphorically scream “End my misery, PLEASE.”

    It’s almost downright tragic.

    Square Enix is also already well guilty of this, But I digress.

    I honestly don’t know why I care so much about a company when I haven’t even bought any of the games by them in recent memory (give or take 2-3 years), Nor why I keep pointing my hate-filled stick at them and trying to verbally bash the hell out of them.

    But c’mon this was CAPCOM, the guys who made some pretty memorable games……and yet they discarded some truly good talent who helped in those same memorable games, Clover Studios being the first victim, Keiji Inafune following suit, the former being a victim of poor marketing.

    And for all the times I’ve spewed nothing but hate on them, I feel I can still see a tiny bit of that once-godly genius that has established them as a memorable game developer; a very, VERY faint hope if I may be so bold.

    Dragon’s Dogma I actually had fun with despite its flaws, and I felt that the developers were actually trying to get back into the right direction.

    Watch this E.X Troopers Trailer, and you’ll hopefully understand.

    Now already by watching that trailer, you probably already know what that game is, AND how it’s ironically that game which is a Lost Planet spinoff that we WANT localized. Even MORE ironic so much so,That we almost want that as opposed to an actual Lost Planet 3 (I’m probably wrong on that…)

    And the yet more I watch that trailer, and the more I think back on Capcom’s ‘psychology’ as a business and a developer, The more it just boggles my mind;….oh, and the more I want to play E.X Troopers. Seriously that game encompasses a lot of things I love/want in a game, Anime Story and setting; Giant flying Mechs (that actually remind me a bit of God Hand), Weird obscure Military Academy, Etc. (mileage varies if you can enjoy that kind of thing,) The controls actually don’t even remind me of Lost Planet at all, Also it is refreshing to see a game where they DON’T cut off portions of a game and pack that as DLC you have to pay, (I really hope didn’t just jinx that.)

    If your “gaming fans” prefer a spin-off a series potentially gone stagnant, that not only looks cooler but also has more FUN gameplay than ALL of its original series, AND it’s somehow japan only, then clearly you’re not doing something right, as opposed to the many other things they did wrong or people called ‘betrayal’ on.

    But alas, CapcomUnity nor anyone else At Capcom are gonna even listen, Because they just want more profits for less, even if they somehow have to emotionally instigate (or persuade) their customers to spend extra.

    …Finally, I hope I got that out of my system.
    …….Maybe i’m ultimately just being too personal about all this….

    • LordKaiser

      I agree with you but sadly we are minority. I’m even cønsidering leaving video games because what sells the most is what I don’t care about.

  • fireemblembeast

    I had a snow day today! ;D My friend came over and we built a snowman. It has a baret. And I finally got further in Tales of Graces f. Its that Ghardia Shaft part, and it’s taking FOREVER. >:I (I used up all 15 life bottles in one battle for one of the optional bosses in it, so now I’m struggling. I should really get that inventory expanstion DLC >_>;) And “Halloween” is supposed to be tomorrow! I can’t wait. I hope there will be airheads. XD Oh, and Twix.
    I know you guys all care about my life! :P

    • LordKaiser

      Don’t worry about it. You’ll find 3 Teleporters there that will take you to the Entrance and 1 is near to the save before the original Final Boss fight. Don’t forget to bring 1 of the orbs to make a excalibur. Do you have the Special clothes?

      • fireemblembeast

        I beat the game by now( thank goodness for that teleporter), and I started L&L,  and it was my first playthrough, but I usually play for the story in the first playthrough. (So I don’t know what you mean by “special clothes”, but I used all of the orbs, if I am thinking of the same ones, on those bosses that give you weapons throughout the dungeon.) On the second playthrough, I get all the stuff and do all of the sidequests. I use a walkthrough. That’s easier, too, because then, I can start with Grade bonuses to make fights easier; to be quicker. Thanks for helping me though!

  • new_tradition

    Ugh, so tired. Do any of you with jobs ever cram a lot of hours within a few days? I just finished a 15 hour shift, and I still have another shift starting in 6 hours from now X_x

    • I’ve been there. I suppose I really push myself sometimes, I find myself using my off time playing video games instead of catching up on sleep. I can’t help it, I love video games.

      • new_tradition

        I used to do that, but my job (just a min.wage one to boot *sobs* when will I go up in the world..!) is surprisingly hard on the body. I have to keep myself from falling asleep on the transit home. Then I’m too tired to even properly coordinate my controller, I just watch some tv or browse the internet on my tablet before falling asleep :/

        • I understand that 100%. Even when I do push myself, I always find myself having days that I just can’t stay awake. I also have days that I feel so crappy, I just want to sleep regardless. It’s like… I wouldn’t really enjoy playing a game feeling that way etc.

          That might be just me though. =P

          • The Black Rabbit

            T_T sorry  guys. 

  • Azure

     A new FFXIV trailer :) end of the world!

  • Better pic of the US Metal Gear Rising Limited Edition.

    I’m still not sure I’m interested in buying it for the $150 price tag. That’s a bit over priced in my opinion.

    • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

      I still think the Japanese one, especially Shinkawa’s Artbook, blows this out of the water while being significantly cheaper.

      • I just might have to look into importing it? I’ll admit, I haven’t really researched it much. What else does it come with?

        • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

          There you go: 

          The Play-arts figure edition is probably sold-out throughout Japanese retailers but the other LE should still be available for roughly 9000 Yen. It includes said Artbook by Shinkawa-sensei, 2-disc OST in Steel Case, 2 magnet figures (orb-hand fella sliced in two halves) and a download code for a different skin. The price seems much more fair than either the US or the EU LEs.

          • How did I miss that? lol

            I’m still not sure, I might just buy a normal copy of the game.

    • But that plasma lamp sure looks good.
      If only they include the Raiden Play Arts Kai too…

  • I haven’t had much time to play it lately, but I did get this email from ArenaNet.

    Invite a Friend to Play Guild Wars 2 for Free

    Share Guild Wars 2 with a friend! They’ll receive an invite with a special code that will allow them to create an account and log in to play for free between November 15 and 18, 2012. Our supply of free invite codes is limited, so invite your friends today!

    Anyone interested? Just respond here and I’ll gladly send invites. I have 3 invites to send.

    • The Black Rabbit

      0_0 gimme gimme 

      • I’m going to send the invite to the email you have associated with your Disqus account. I don’t want to post it here for privacy issues. The one you have linked to Disqus is a gmail account. I’ll go ahead and send the invite to it.

        Sent! =)

        • The Black Rabbit

          I am pleased. 

          • So, you received the email yes? Enjoy. =)

            Edit: I still have 1 more invite.

            • The Black Rabbit

              ah, yes i have! thank you very much! 

  • Buying a PS Vita tomorrow.

    Can you say P4G?

    • Very nice. I really want to get one!