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Fans petition for Grand Theft Auto V on PC
posted on 11.27.12 at 12:13 AM EST by (@salromano)
Currently over 43,000 signatures and counting.

Over 43,000 fans have signed a new online petition asking that Rockstar Games create a PC version of Grand Theft Auto V.

Rockstar addressed questions concerning a PC version earlier this month, stating, “We’re currently focused on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game and don’t have any details to share about a PC version at this time.”

If you want to see a PC version of Grand Theft Auto V, you can sign the petition here. The game will launch for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in spring 2013.

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  • So they finally resorted to a petition…

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the PC gamers have lost their minds… I seem to lose faith more and more in communities just because of things like this….

    • DrForbidden

      Erm, I don’t understand. Why exactly is it bad that they are expressing their frustration and disappointment over being left out of the game release and requesting that Rockstar make a PC version?

      • Archvile78

        Probably the fact that each home consoles GTA games since III came out on PC a bit after consoles ones. (exclusion for I and II like they came out on PC first iirc) at least to my knowledge its how it went.

        There’s no way R* wouldn’t release V on PC.

        • Yeah, you’re most likely right. In the quote, they say they’re more focused on the console versions–probably because of console limitations–so perhaps they’ll work on the PC version once they have finished working on optimizing for the weaker systems (no offense). If I recall correctly, GTA IV on PC needed quite a powerful computer to run at top specs. Chances are I’ll end up getting it on PS3 though.

      • Luna Kazemaru

        I’m a pc and console gamer but i find it funny how pc wigs want console games but when its the other way around they rage

        • Dean Winchester

          I find it hilarious that the “Master Race” is begging for a game meant for us lowly console gamers.

          • Luna Kazemaru

             how classy

      • Why are they opting on a petition in the first place is beyond me… I mean, what can a petition do anyway? There is one petition requesting that science needs to create a human catgirl… Yeah, nothing is more ridiculous than that…

        Just because Rockstar doesn’t have plans for the PC doesn’t mean a PC version is rejected by all means… Plus there are other games to keep them company for the time being….

        • Operation Rainfall, dat iz all.

          • This is a developer who’s developing a game we’re talking about, not a publisher who localize foreign games…

            It could be a different story….

            •  ya asked wot a petition could do, it did dat.

              • A petition is to send a message, not to forcing a company releasing a PC version…

                Do you know the petition for the Mother series to be localized? That one has a very thick book full of petitions and till to this day, nothing…

                • in Mother 3’s case it failed, in Xenoblade an’ The Last Story it did not.

                  • Those two are a few that made it… Others not so much…

  • Bloodios

    Crawl and beg first, hiss and piss later… or so I like to say but, in the mean time, let’s hope for the best.

    • xMCXx

       PC Players in a nutshell. ;D

      “Oh, hey, From Software ported Dark Souls because we begged for it. But instead of being grateful, I’l bitch about it!”

  • Aldridge517

    Don’t most (if not all) GTA games eventually come out for PC anyway?

  • We shall see what happens. Remember 100.000 strong for Megaman Lengends? and the ones for Final Fantasy Versus? yet we still have nothing.

    They also have to think about a rush port because they usually have problems or the devs take their time with the PC versions so that it looks better..but than again.. both sleeping dogs and Hitman did it fast so.. and we do know how it feels to want a title and not hear anything about it for years (SE VERSUS..) more power to them.

  • Kazziyan

    Cool. Hopefully it gets recognized.

    I’m not into GTA, but a definitive version is nice.