Bloomberg: Next Xbox out holiday 2013 - Gematsu
Bloomberg: Next Xbox out holiday 2013
posted on 11.29.12 at 07:53 PM EST by (@salromano)
Microsoft still deciding reveal time, says source.

Microsoft will launch the next Xbox during the holiday season next year, according to a Bloomberg source.

The company is still deciding whether it will unveil the console at an industry event such as E3 or Gamescom, or at a separate event arranged solely for the console, said the source.

The whispers line up with previous rumors, which claim the console will be out by the end of 2013.

Microsoft has not made any announcements about the next Xbox.

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  • MrKappa

    Microsoft already making their move. Was is ever said what they plan to call this Xbox or the stats of it?

    • Solomon_Kano

      There were some rumored specs a while back, you can probably pull them with a quick Google search.

      As for names, the code name Durango was floating around, but the most recent reports on what it might be actually called when it hits the market say they might go the Apple route and simply call it Xbox. That sounds plausible enough to me. It lines up with MS’ efforts to streamline the branding and implementation of Windows in all of their avenues, so I could easily see them applying the same logic to the Xbox.

  • OmegaShenron

    doubt it

  • SONY is not about to let Microsoft be out first so expect the PS4 to be out before the Next XBOX. Once people get their new next gen system they might have little reason to want the other besides exclusives.

    • KingOptimusOrigins111

      They both are coming out holiday 2013 (September – November Time) judging by the rumors.聽

      • Yeah my guess is 2013 – early 2014. Lets hope they have good titles out at launch I already have a WiiU so they need to win me over xD

  • KingOptimusOrigins111

    As long as they work on creating New Ips next gen for the hardcore gamers and get rid of the Xbox Live聽subscription聽I’m all in for the Next Xbox and Next PlayStation.

  • an’ i will likely buy it…….as i am a sucker.

    • LOL happens all the time with me I can’t help it.

  • Solomon_Kano

    I’m interested to see how it goes. MS dragged me into the next gen with the 360, but over time they soured me on the system completely. I’m certainly looking forward to the unveiling of their next system though. They may yet regain my interest. That’s gonna take some pretty stellar exclusives, but I’m willing to keep my mind open to them.

  • Barrit

    Eh.. I’ll probably buy it, but I don’t think I’d want to buy the first model considering all the issues with the 360. I’ll just wait it out.

    I do wonder how this next gen will be as far as development costs and how often gaming companies will take risks with new IPs and games “outside of the norm”. It seems like 1 or 2 flops and it can be the end for a company this gen.. I can only imagine next gen.

  • SprintsMcGee

    Until I see launch title, I prolly won’t be buying this anytime soon.聽

  • This report is interesting, MS might have decided to release the next Xbox quicker based on rumors that Sony will announce the next PS for release holiday 2013.

    I think it’s kinda like a chess match. I predicted last year that if MS announced or even teased the next Xbox at e3, that Sony would do the same with next PS. In the end, both were tight lipped about the future for the most part. It wouldn’t have surprised me if the opposite had happened.

    I also wouldn’t be surprised if someone announced something at CES in January, which is coming pretty soon.

    I think that regardless of who announces the next console first, the other is going to follow with an announcement very soon. Both MS and Sony look at the past generations, and see how in the last two generations, the early start for both the PS2 and 360 turned into pretty substantial advantages.

    When you consider the specs listed in the rumors, it sounds like both new consoles will be very聽similar聽in regards to the hardware. Which means the online networks, exclusives, launch titles even, all of these will be more important than ever.

    If both decide to try and compete for the same launch window, the launch software might be the big difference. It’s pretty interesting to think and guess when it comes to this topic, and new generations on the horizon is always a bit exciting.

    With that said, I still want to see some games that were promised to come out this generation, you know, actually be released. Is that too much to ask?

    • KurisuMakise

      I agree with you and am anticipating another PlayStation conference or CES show for Sony with Microsoft going for their own show or at GDC. Either way, launch software and launch window software will be the make or break. I’m not 100% tied to either come next round, so I’d like to see them both work for my money, though I hope Microsoft tries even harder to court Japan instead of giving up on it completely, that’s part of my deal breaker and probably why I switched from 360 to PS3 towards the end.聽

      • To be honest, I’d like to see MS drop the online play restrictions. They can spice up gold where people will still buy and use it. I just don’t like the idea of having to pay to play practically every game online.

    • Locksus

      Good points you have there, Zero. You mention you’d like to see some games that were promised to come out this gen? One game I was anticipating was Sakaguchi’s 3rd game for the 360, Cry On. We only saw a few concept art images. I’m not sure if the music in this following video was composed by Uematsu for the game.聽聽

      • I remember reading about it. It all looks pretty good in the video, did they decide to cancel the project?

        • Locksus

          Yeah. It was in development at Feelplus, but its parent company AQ Interactive decided to cancel the project.聽聽

          Maybe I’m being overly optimistic, but I think there might be a chance that it’ll reappear later.
 My main concern is that it’s been 2 years since this announcement and we’ve heard nothing about it yet.聽

    • I doubt the PS4 is coming out this year. If it was why are they wasting a killer new IP (TLOU) on a spring release instead of as a PS4 launch title?

      As you know Sony/MS always release their exclusives around the end of the year holidays but their are some strange things this year which are big clues. Gears: Judgment and TLOU are both being released in the spring. Beyond and God of War: Ascension are also marked as a spring release. Why is Sony packing all their exclusives into a spring release instead of the usual christmas holiday time frame? Why is MS releasing Gears in the spring instead of as a christmas exclusive?

      This year MS released the beginning of a new trilogy for Halo and they are rushing a new Gears of War in the spring to do the same. It makes sense for MS to capitalize on existing franchises by getting people invested in the new trilogies of Halo/Gears before the next-gen starts. It will encourage consumers to stick with Xbox to finish the story. If MS was to release a new console this year it makes sense to rush a new Gears before the launch to get people inclined to finish the story and stick with the xbox. This means it is likely MS will release the next Xbox this year otherwise they could have just saved the new Gears as a fall holiday exclusive.

      Sony on the other hand is releasing a ton of exclusives in the spring. If they were to release a new console this year it makes no sense not to save the new IP (TLOU/Beyond) as a launch titles. However if they weren’t going to release a new console this year it makes sense to have a spring release date because they don’t want them to get overshadowed and out-shined by the next Xbox launch titles.

      I do think it is likely Sony will unveil the PS4 just to prevent the next Xbox from getting unopposed momentum but it will not launch this year.

      • I get your point. If we believe the rumors, both MS and Sony released dev kits to developers months ago. If those rumors are true, we have to assume internal studios have had the kits even longer. It’s why the rumors of a possible Infamous 3 (etc.) as a launch title makes some sense. The same could be true for Microsoft with Halo 5. Sure, another Halo so quickly would be surprising, but annual sequels are popular these days.

        The rumors have also said that both Sony and MS have looked at soft launching new hardware, just to get things started more or less. I would assume a soft launch would not include the killer software just yet, that would come down the road. (MS did this with the 360 more or less. Gears of War helped get things started, and then Halo 3, both released well after the console itself.)

        I agree that announcing a new console for holiday 2013, while still releasing big titles for last generation does sound silly. It would still be the holidays, people spend money on that new shiny thing every holiday… it makes sense in that regard.

        Still… I’ll point back to my above post. Like I said above — I think it’s kinda like a chess match. Someone will make the first move, and then the other will likely follow suit.

        (Thanks for the reply!)

        • Hmm a soft launch is a possibility I didn’t consider. I agree with you about the chess match. Which is why if MS launches the next Xbox this year, Sony will at least unveil the PS4.

          I doubt Halo 5 will come this soon. Especially since they were still working on Halo 4 a month before release. They will probably need a big update to the engine for the next console.

          Yeah I could see Infamous as a launch title for the PS4. I also expect a new Uncharted/Killzone? This is why I am inclined to believe they are launching next year though because it feels like they are using up all their exclusives this year on the PS3. If they saved God of War/TLOU/Beyond as PS4 launch titles that would be a good launch line-up imo. There could be a soft-launch though.

          As for the Xbox they will have Destiny that is a semi-exclusive and we know Lionhead is making a new RPG IP Maybe a new Alan Wake? Maybe a new game from Epic to show off Unreal Engine 4? Since we know Gears:Judgement is not developed by Epic only published by them, they got to be working on something.

          Both could have a Forza/GT game. Either way I am psyched about this year because so many good games are coming out! I hope MS/Sony tease us at the VGAs!

  • Hardly surprising and E3 is the most obvious place to unveil it… Sony, on the other hand, is watching Microsoft closely on their release date… I got doubts that the next Playstation is gonna be released before Microsoft release theirs so the next generation now depends on Microsoft…