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One Piece Japanese PSP bundle announced
posted on 10.06.12 at 01:08 AM EST by (@salromano)
Jolly Rogers decorate custom PSP's backside.

Sony has announced a limited edition One Piece PSP bundle for Japan.

The “One Piece: Romance Dawn Dawn of Adventure Straw Hat Pirates Edition” includes a custom-designed PSP-3000 system, a copy of One Piece: Romance Dawn, one limited edition custom PSP theme, nine Straw Hat Pirate wanted poster custom themes, and a quest to fight the movie version of Kuzan/Aokiji.

The bundle will launch on December 20 for 19,780 yen.


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  • DarthBrian

    Oh fuck I want that. O_O

  • FlameEmperor

    US release please………. Please……. I’ll even pay extra…..

    • the psp is region free, so if you really want it, you can just import it :)

  • InsaneChronos

    Surprisingly, PSP is still alive…

    • zakou

      Nothing new, this is “Sony” we are talking about xD even the PS2 still gets good enough sales and still after 12 years very few developers make games for it, probably the longest console to be alive in the history of gaming.

    • MrKappa

      This should of been a Vita bundle but Japan will keep this thing around on life support if they must.

  • PrinceHeir

    looks ace :D

  • KurisuMakise

    Japan really doesn’t like upgrading at least not for a high price. Glad this is getting released though.