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Level-5’s Youkai Watch is for 3DS
posted on 10.12.12 at 09:06 PM EST by (@salromano)
Release date and price still to be announced.

Youkai Watch, Level-5’s new IP announced at last year’s Level-5 Vision, is a 3DS game, leaks from the latest issue of CoroCoro magazine have confirmed.

A release date and price are still to be announced.

Find the first scan to the right.

Thanks, 2ch.

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  • KingOptimusOrigins111

    BOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looked like it was running on a console when they first showed it.

  • Suino_Maverick

    Whoa… that old footage was clearly aiming for PS3/Vita.

    I’m kinda surprised

    • Funny, I thought that footage was clearly aiming for WII U/3DS :p

  • InsaneChronos

    It was obvious. More interesting what happened to Ushiro. I hope it isn’t cancelled.

    •  Hope too. That one looked great and very atmospheric.

  • After watching the old footage, I’m having a hard time believing this is for 3DS…

  • Budgiecat

    They should make a Go! Go! Ackman game

  • hoez


  • SlashZaku

    Kind of weird to see such a divide between Sony & L-5 now.  Why Sony doesn’t greenlight some of their former IPs, even solely for the Vita, is beyond me.  Dark Cloud, Rogue Galaxy, and a Jeanne d’Arc successor (different era, different historical figure).  Nice RPG boost right there.

  • PrinceHeir

    good :D

  • AMAZING!!!

  • KingOptimusOrigins111

    Let it be known that Level 5 hasn’t confirmed this yet so the magazine could be wrong.

    • It can’t be wrong. It’s CoroCoro. All Pokemon and Inazuma Eleven premiers always in CoroCoro (L5 very familliar with this magazine).

      • FaithlessMr

        Yeah, it’s a mag targeted to kids mostly, which would stay in synch with Youkai Watch’s themes and whatnot.

        • InsaneChronos

          So this game will be for kids? Too bad, I was hoping for somthing like Ni no Kuni.

          • Youkai Watch was originally announced as cross-franchise (next to Inazuma and Danbol Senki, which means anime, manga etc. nothing like Ninokuni in terms of promotion and big plans).

            • InsaneChronos

              I don’t care about advertising or “big” plans. I was talking about the game itself.

              • FaithlessMr

                 The character designs and the overall looks make me believe this is targeted specifically at mid schoolers, which, again, doesn’t make it so that only them can play this game and enjoy it. Just like what happens with Pokemon, really. The starting demographic was similar, but it quickly turned into a bigger thing when the first generation of gamers grew up and kept on playing it.

                But yeah, it’s pretty much the same thing, I also think there’s a monster capturing thing to it. But we’d have to wait for some game footage to actually know.

  • InsaneChronos

    Who can into moonrunes? What does the scan say?

  • holly

    Smart move. Ni no kuni already bombed on the ps3 and the 3DS ist the system of choice for kids.

    • InsaneChronos

      Lolwut? The PS3 version sales are up to 200k only in Japan. And do not forget upcoming western release of the game.

    • You do know that the PS3 version has the same storyline with the DS’s version except some visual differences, don’t you???(Think of this as a PS3 port)

      If someone has already played the DS version a year ago, why would he/she play the PS3 version?? Things would have been different if it was released alongside with the DS version…

      • hoez

        It’s actually a bit different. Also the PS3 version is like the super mega awesome upgraded version of the DS version anyway. >_> The reason why you would play the PS3 version is because it’s like the upgraded ‘port’ that’s more than just a port. There was more music, more story, more everything.

        • Yes… You’re right about that but the story in the PS3 and the DS has the same outcome…

          Say, someone played Mass effect 3/Batman:AC on PS3/360/PC… Now WiiU will also have it as a launch title with updated visuals and extra things in it, would that someone buy it again on the WiiU just for the upgrades even though he/she finished the game and knew the plot already???Unless he/she got money to spend, I don’t think he/she likely will…

          I doubt most people would have the motivation to replay the game once he/she finishes it…

          • Marco Tinè

            It’s a narrow viewpoint, in my opinion. The DS game never left the shores of Japan, and there’s the whole world outside waiting to play some Ni no Kuni. The rampant level of piracy on the DS makes the HD version a much more viable option in terms of abroad sales.

            • But I’m talking about the sales in Japan in general though… How does abroad sales relate to all this???

    • xMCXx

       I think you mean “was the bomb”.