Final Fantasy Type-0 director wants to make PS Vita game
posted on 10.03.12 at 03:02 PM EST by (@sqexgal)
Hajime Tabata talks up system's screen and graphics.

Final Fantasy Type-0 took home the Gold Prize at last year’s PlayStation Award. In a creator’s interview promoting this year’s show, Type-0 director and scenario writer Hajime Tabata touched on PlayStation Vita.

Asked his impressions on the handheld, Tabata replied:

“When I first experienced it, I thought the screen was indeed large and beautiful. The touch screen function worked well, overall I had an impression it was an exceedingly good piece of hardware. Since I continued making Final Fantasy titles on the PSP, I myself have an interest in going to a larger device, and as someone concerned with game production, there is nothing other than the Vita that offers that largeness and high density, high luminescence, and ability to draw high quality graphic images.

“With all that in mind, it’s a very appealing device. I already had wanted to create a genuine Final Fantasy title for mobile devices and I ended up making Final Fantasy Type-0, so I can’t say immediately that there is something in mind, but if there is an opportunity I’d definitely like to try making a game for the PS Vita.”

Final Fantasy Type-0 launched for PSP in Japan on October 27, 2011.

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  • Please Just  localize T,T

  • InsaneChronos

    Just do it!

    •  forget about it, lol

      • InsaneChronos

        Forget about what?

        •  about this version.

          • InsaneChronos

            About what version? I don’t care about Type-0 for the Vita. Anyway, why I must forget about the Vita version of Type-0? You are an insider or what?

  • he better u cant leave north America and Europe hanging like that and release type 0 in japan only. I mean this aint  an international release lol.. 

  • Perlnx

    WTH ?
    Just localize the Type-0 for PSV and stfu.

  • Raiyu

    I find it funny that the only game they haven’t localized is a good Final Fantasy game, which we haven’t had in a long time..

  • ;________;

    Square, i’m saying this for the hundredth godddamn time.
    If you have ANYONE from your development team and Marketing Branch that even BOTHERS to read this;


    • True

      ToT I played the demo for free and is by far greatest psp game I’ve ever touched and one the greatest games I’ve played in my life.

  • Heistt

    My guess is that the reason they haven’t localized Type-0 yet is that they, like everyone else, believe the PSP is dead in the west.

    • Belenger

      That and the pantsu viewer….

      “Wait, what do you mean?”

      Well, once you progress enough you can see the profiles and there you can change clothing to strip down characters to lingerie in some cases, and you all know how iffy is square-enix LA, and the west in general, well not the gamers just mostly public reception.

  • FlameEmperor

    Localize Final Fantasy Type-0 before you make a new game -_-……….

  • KingOptimusOrigins111

    No they need to get off their lazy ass and localize Final Fantasy Type-0.

  • Woah! almost a year from the game to be out and still not a single positive news about its localization! Where is my Vita HD remake??

  • PrinceHeir

    localize it PLEASE!!!!!

    just keep the original voice(don’t dub it, it’ll cost you alot for sure) with subs and your good to go.

    come on it’s been a year now since this game launched!!!!

    oh and Vita please, even download only(as much as i hate it) will be suffice!!!!

  • Duc PC-QB

    Since SE dont want to localize Type0, I should put my hope on Type1 Vita then.

  • Darkmaster

    Square Enix should make more games for PS Vita.

  • Dean Winchester

    Heres a novel idea. How about you put Type 0 on Vita instead of acting like it doesnt exist in the minds of anyone outside of Japan?

    Nahhhhhh. That’d be silly of Square to consider.

  • FFNzer

    You guys are just impatient they are localizing it just for the Vita i’m guessing a couple of months after release there was a tweet from the voice of “vincent valantine” don’t know his actual name saying he was exciting for doing the voice of king or ace can’t actually remember the post is here on gematsu just can’t be bothered going to find it.

    • adhesive

      The Steve Blum tweet was confirmed to be fake. However, I think they mentioned localization in the Type-0 Ultimania.

  • Learii

    i hope they Localize this game this time

  • hush404

    Final Fantasy Type-0 for vita in NA please ;)

  • HD Remake for Type-0 for Vita maybe?

  • Claude

    Awesome. Another game we won’t get.

  • sherimae1324

    “there is nothing other than the Vita that offers that largeness and high density, high luminescence, and ability to draw high quality graphic images” 
    … thats what im talking about… ^_^ tee-hee

    • KingOptimusOrigins111

      Nice to hear a third party developer finally admit it.

  • Why cover anything on SE.. how about we not pay any attention to them at all and let them advertise on their website all they do is troll what very little people they still have buying their products.

  • Zuhri69

    You can make whatever you want. Just localise the damn thing.

  • new_tradition

    I really hope when the release the game in English, they still release Type-0 on the PSP UMD. If they wanna do a digital release and make it Vita compatible, that’s fine, but I’ve really been waiting for the two-UMD game (switching discs…nostalgia, lol).

    With the PSP now going through it’s end life phase, Type-0 would give it an amazing end. Just one more thing for people to remember about the PSP. Type-0 could be the last, and possibly greatest PSP game ever released outside Japan *_*

    In regards to the Vita, not a surprising statement. They said they wanted Type-0 to be a series. It would make sense to continue it onto the Vita. But since this is Tabata, there could be some Parasite Eve games to look forward to-or maybe a new IP all together ^^

  • Belenger

    Woah it’s been a year already?

  • zakou

    FFX HD takes so long because we will get 3 games in that Hd classic, no one bothers releasing a single PS2 HD game so they pack it with 2-3 games.

    This is what we will get in FFX HD classic: Type-0 HD for PS3/Vita, FFX HD and The Third Birthday HD.

    xD jk this will never happen.

  • paperclichepixel

    I’ll wait patiently, still a lot of stuff to play, who knows they may extend and add content.  SE has done a good job about realising they need to get back to basics, past all the high end graphics and great character models.

  • KurisuMakise

    Square Enix must have a plan, especially since there was no PSP Remaster announced for Type-0 yet. I want to believe there’s either a G generation style update coming or Type 1 xD Something to make the NA branch go ahead with a localization. 

  • Heavenly_King

    Please do!!

  • I hope Tabata knows about the status of Type- 0 in the west. I hope he knows that the fans want the game to be localized. The thing is, even if he does know all of that, it’s simply not his call. He doesn’t really have a say either way. He could suggest or ask about it, and I hope he has done just that.

    The western branch of Square-Enix should just come out and tell us what’s up. Is the game still being worked on or not? It’s not fair to keep fans in the dark, with expectations raised to the top floor, only to have them come crashing down when someone finally announces that it isn’t coming.

    Namco-Bandai used to do that all the time, and let me tell you this, that s*** is friggin annoying. For the love of god, don’t make this a trend Square-Enix west.

  • FaithlessMr

    Well, whatever it is, I hope it’s a rpg and I hope it makes it’s way to the west, somehow :P I trust Tabata, his games are usually fun to play.

    And I already made my mind, I’m importing Type-0, sick of waiting for a game that just will never be released in the west. No better way to improve on my japanese anyway :)

  • MosquitoLemon

    “US PSP owner wants to buy an English version of FF Type-0”

  • just release a hd version for the vita already…. 

  • Lele Mett

    Rember guys Type 0 is suppose to be PSP FF  SERIES. So they might make a hd ver. or just bring out Type 1 or whatever the heck they are going to call it for the psp vita. When they do make another type 0, i hope it keeps the same 14 chars and doesn’t which them off. They did really well for having to develope 14 chars into one game.

    Still, make an Hd ver for us in the us or just bring it out, we wont care Sqaure.JUST GIVE IT TO US! they better not pull this same crap with versus…it better come out in Japan and US the same damn month! Same with that new 13 game. 

  • I just want see when Tabata want to make the Vita Version I would buy it.

  • Let get this game Localized! 

    For All Final Fantasy Fans! Project Crystallis is a fan organization to bring Final Fantasy Type-0 Localization and Final Fantasy Versus? XIII real Information, make sure to sign the petition for this campaign. Thank you! |YouTube to Watch: watch?v=inzdaXP–cQ| Google Search: Project Crystallis|

  • True