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Famitsu’s thoughts on Tales of Xillia 2
posted on 10.24.12 at 12:57 AM EST by (@sqexgal)
Tales sequel is 50 hours long, has high levels of freedom.

Tales of Xillia 2 scored a 35 out of 40 in Famitsu this week. Here are the magazine’s impressions from the game, in handy bullet form:

  • Takes 50 hours to clear. 100 hours with side quests, etc.
  • High degree of freedom.
  • However it might not be easy to understand without playing the previous title.
  • In the first playthrough, Ludger doesn’t have very many spoken lines.
  • It felt like earning gold might be difficult, but if you do quests and level up you can earn it.
  • The flexibility of battles has increased.
  • Personally, I liked that paying back debt was relevant in the scenarios, but some people may not care.
  • The previous title is summarized by the digest movies, but I want to play it in advance.
  • I was able to drop in without progressing the story, even if the conditions to do so were met.
  • There are a lot of random choices.
  • The battle style introduction is the most refreshing so far.
  • I felt that many of the choices you make are reflected in the story.
  • In the early stages, I was concerned it was a bit monotonous, but the scenarios and characters were charming.
  • Since the character’s were drawn with so much care, it’s easy to become attached to them.
  • I felt that a limit of 5 quests at a time was too small.
  • I think it’d be easy for an inexperienced player to pick up, but they might be perplexed in the early stages.
  • There is a lot of room to fight in battles.
  • The option to make a choice appears everywhere, which raises the degree of empathy for the characters.
  • The contents fulfill the expectations of fans.
  • Players who haven’t experienced the previous title can enjoy it, but they’d enjoy it even more if they played it.

In related news, Dengeki PlayStation this week also reviewed Tales of Xillia 2. Its four reviewers scored the game a 90, 85, 95, and 90.

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  • Lenne

    Seems about right… i can’t wait till the game arrives in november :)

  • Nice. Can’t wait for this. Can next week come any faster?

  • EspadaKiller

    I guess this is a genuine review unlike the FFXIII and XIII-2’s one? 

    • Kazziyan

      ? this is as genuine as those. What are you talking about.

      Really didn’t have to bring those up.

      • EspadaKiller

        I’m talking about the Famitsu usual review scores for huge games. Just like the FF franchise. No matter how shitty the game is it will be at a nearly perfect score.

        • Kazziyan

          Makes sense.

          You can never trust Famitsu sadly. Their scores…are lol. But in this case, yeah XIllia 2 probably is genuine or so I hope.

          • EspadaKiller

             Yeap it’s probably genuine this time round!

        • Lele Mett

          Both those
          FF games were not shitty. I honestly don’t understand why all you Tales fans
          have to hate on every other Jrpg thats not Tales. This game got a much lower
          score than the first so there is something thats not “good” about it.
          My guess is the fact that its too short. Most tales games go for about 70 to 80
          hours to complete.The first got a 39/40. Thats close to perfect. Which FF 13
          got a 39/40 and the 2nd got a 40/40 with Famitsu saying “40/40 wasn’t high
          enough. It needed a 60/40”

          Did you even
          play 13 or the 13-2? I’m going to guess “no” or you wouldn’t have
          brought that up because both Jrpgs are completely different from each other.
          Famitsu judge how they wish. Thats there opin. so you can’t say they can’t be
          trusted because they gave 13 and 13-2 high scores. It got a high score in the
          US as well. 8 to 9 out of 10. While games like Tales of Graces got 6/10 and and

          You think 13
          and 13-2 are shitty? Tell that to the 9.2 million people that brought the 13
          and to the 2,5 mill that brought the 2nd. Can’t be too shitty right? What
          people need to understand is every Final Fantasy is suppose to be
          different.(Unlike the tales games which give me that “Playing the same
          game” feel). Not every FF game you pick up is going to like FF 7. I don’t know
          what ur fav FF is..or if you’d ever played one and ur just saying shit that you
          here people say. But FF 7 was okay to me. FF 10 is my fav and Tales of Vesperia
          is my fav Tales.(Wish they’d bring out PS3 Ver)


    • Xenovelgr

      I hope so. FFXIII was nowhere near a 39/40 or whatever they gave it. Everything about that game was so…awkward. The characters, dialogue and terms especially

  • MrKappa

    Hmm… Famitsu :/

    Not very keen on anything they say, not that these impressions reveal much of what I want to know.

  • KingOptimusOrigins111

    Don’t trust Famitsu besides their most wanted game section.

    Edit: Also news & interviews like Hidayat246 said but review scores and thoughts no just no.

    • Hidayat246

       trust famitsu only for news & interview section, buddy!!!!

    • DrForbidden

      Actually, I would say that ALL individual reviews should be taken with a grain of salt, since personal tastes and experiences can be extremely subjective. I only trust meta-reviews to give me a decent picture of where a game stands. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any meta-reviews of Japanese-only releases…

      But anyway, yeah, Famitsu’s review scoring method is extremely problematic.

  • new_tradition

    I don’t understand the part about dropping in without progressing the story..?

    I only check out Famitsu for game info because they cover the games I’m interested in. That they happen to rank many games I loved highly is just coincidence. I stopped taking reviews seriously a while ago. So far I’ve managed to be satisfied with my own personal judgment, though I admit to mainly falling back on brand loyalty.

    • fireemblembeast

      Yeah, I didn’t understand that part either…:/ 

  • Wing Beelezemon

    I really, really, really want it!!! :) But Tales of Xillia first…

  • Jake_Indiman

    There is a lot of coverage with this game. Is the first one that good? Forgive me, but I have not played a Tales game since Tales of the Abyss, the spotty distribution after that made me disappointed in Namco.

    • Souji Tendou

      The 1st one is a dissapointment to Tales fans. Because its bearing the name as the 15th anniversary title.

  • margherita mastropaolo

    i can’t wait to get my hands on this and xillia

  • PrinceHeir

    still don’t understand why the low score??

    is it because it’s much shorter than Xillia 1?

    hopefully Namco can get localize the first game so we can get the 2nd one too!!!

    • Kazziyan

      Maybe cause it’s a sequel, haha.