Toki to Towa short trailer: characters
posted on 09.06.12 at 07:08 AM EST by (@salromano)
Meet Weidy, Reijyo, Enda, and Makimona.

This week’s Toki to Towa trailer shifts the focus away from Toki and her alter ego Towa in favor of their friends Weidy, Reijyo, and Enda, as well as the diviner Makimona. Watch the video below. The game’s due out on October 11 in Japan.

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  • zakou

    The art quality is 10/10 im still having hard time beliving that this is a PS3 game and not some high quality anime on bluray in 1080p :O

    • please believe it..Everything is happen in Ps3 :)

  • Haruya

    Just as I thought, the voices are amazing. I just hope we get to choose between Japanese and English voices when the localized version of the game comes.

    I mean, come on… Hanazawa Kana? Mamiko Noto? Yukana? Those 3 names are more than enough to make me cry out of happiness.