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The God and the Fate Revolution Paradox detailed in Dengeki
posted on 09.26.12 at 04:59 PM EST by (@sqexgal)
First info on system, dungeons, levels, and more.

Dengeki this week has the full scoop on Nippon Ichi Software and Team Disgaea’s latest PlayStation 3 strategy RPG The God and the Fate Revolution Paradox.

Limited Edition includes:

  • Guide and short novel booklet.
  • A character song CD sung by the members of Love Live.
  • An exclusive box set.

Voice Actors
The main character and the male angel’s voice actors are introduced.

  • Renya Kagurazaka (CV: Satoshi Hino)
  • Lekiel Ishuuin (CV: Noriaki Sugiyama)
  • Galucion Himekawa (CV: Akito Kimura)

Can’t really tell other than it looks like the battlefield is composed of square tiles and attacks are done within a character’s parameters. Looks like a rogue-like system.


  • Protagonist Renya and his partner will explore dungeons.
  • Enemies and obstacles in dungeons are the physical embodiment of “fate”.
  • Random dungeons are different every time you enter them.
  • There are hexahedral dungeons; each side has enemies and high/low changes.
  • The previous Flying Get report by GK said that the dungeons were connected room by room, but it seems that dungeons have typical narrow passages that connect to rooms too.


  • Support angels can fight as decoys.
  • They not only follow you, but can do actions separately too.
  • How you instruct them is not known yet.
  • Each angel’s specialty is different, for instancr Liliel’s specialty is healing and Sheriel’s specialty is attacking, etc.

Changing Clothes

  • Change the parameter by changing their “Heavenly Garb”.
  • Doing this also changes their appearance. One screen shows Renya in cat ears/gloves with Liliel.
  • Other outfits include a magician costume, a pirate costume and a crossdressing outfit? (Ladies clothing besides his head.)
  • You can also change the angel’s appearances.
  • There is also exoskeleton/mecha-ish equipment too.

Lift & Throw
Both god and angels can lift and throw. You can do things like move to separated areas or fly over groups of enemies.


  • The Heavenly Garb have accessories with various effects like the Pico Pico Hammer which can bury enemies and a drill (head accessory) that can remove enemies from underground.
  • Using the Heavenly Garb improves its abilities.
  • God can strengthen by pouring power into panels obtained from the Heavenly Garb.

Other than the reset level, a “total level” is established; according to this your status improves.

Huge enemies, suicidal enemies, revivable zombies, and a variety of small fry enemies are introduced.

Demons are the enemies of angels. The demons are so strong that angels can’t oppose them on their own. According to some lines from Liliel, battle-wise the demons have overwhelming superiority.

  • Satanadia Kyougoku (CV: Tako Kawamura) –older, leader demon.
  • Floonetie Koizuka (CV: Pile) – Satanadia’s aide, a woman demon.
  • Valial Nikaidou (CV: Takashi Hayashi) – a warlike demon.

Sheliel Kouji, the angel in the illustration, has some lines about transforming from a demon to an angel.

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    srpg hybrid

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    This game!

    Can’t wait till its localized. :D

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      If it gets localized I’ll switch my avatar to the main angel for old times sake =3

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        Nostalgia Drive!? excellent.

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    Sounds great. Can’t wait till we get it over here. :)

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    Interested in the battle system. I hope it’s not an srpg, but maybe a hybrid.

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    Nippon Ichi FTW!!!

  • So like Chocobo Dungeon then?

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    Hmmm…a “total level” huh? Sounds like ZHP…

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    its an srpg dungeon hybrid

  • looks like Z.H.P., and that’s great I think. because I don’t like SRPG too much >.<

  • zakou

    People, explain ZHP and total level? is it like we get to lvl to 9999 like in disgaea? but also have a total level? so xD Total lvl 2 is like 9999 lv x2`?  *confused*