Play Virtua Fighter 2 in Yakuza 5
posted on 09.19.12 at 12:00 AM EDT by (@sqexgal)
Other mini-games include Snowball Fight, Chicken Race.

A fully ported version of Virtua Fighter 2 is just one of Yakuza 5‘s many mini-games, this week’s Famitsu reveals. Through download content, you can even play the Sega classic fighter with two players.

Other mini-games include the Ramen Shop, Snowball Fight, and Chicken Race.

The game also promises the best interactions with hostesses in the series so far.

Thanks, Re: Gigen.

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  • Superb

  • What kind of madness is this? Ryu ga Gotoku 3 has VF5 machines in the arcade and now they let us play VF2 in Ryu ga Gotoku 5? So what? Lol.

    If they wanted to be funny and just add it as a mini-game, they should have made it Virtua Fighter Kids instead :P

  • awaiken

    Love ya Sega. Can’t wait for this

  • Dc1

    In the (slightly modified) words of Luffy: 
    “Yakuza 5 is a Man within a Man!” 

  • Dc1

    I stated this on another site.. and I will state it here
    (Gematsu -my daily go to site):

    Yakuza is by far, one of the most miss-represented, unappreciated and marginalized franchises in gaming history.

  • chronicus_pr1me

    Yeah, Yakuza is so unappreciated in the west. I love how they don’t do dub over voice acting.