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Monster Hunter 4: New Weapon, Enemy, and Actions
posted on 09.04.12 at 07:55 PM EST by (@sqexgal)
The Cane of Bug Fidelity, Gore Magora.

This week’s Famitsu has the latest scoop on Monster Hunter 4, revealing a new weapon, extract colors, enemy, actions, and a unique technique.

New Weapon: The Cane of Bug Fidelity
You can strengthen yourself by gathering extract from monsters and manipulating bugs called “Hunter Bugs.” They are strong and have high mobility, as well as the ability to attack consecutively, mowing and upper cutting enemies. You can place a marker on target monsters, and when hunter bugs are firing at them, you can harvest their extract, then call them back and strengthen your hunter. All hunter bugs can jump.

Extract Colors

  • White: Mobility Up
  • Red: Attack Up
  • Green: Restore HP
  • Orange: Defense Up

New Enemy: Gore Magora
This enemy is said to have a big impact on the story. More details will be shared in a followup report.

New Actions
When you run up steps with the slide pad, you’ll be able to jump, which allows you to release an attack. If you do a step jump attack on specific parts of a monster, you’ll be able to ride on it. Press the R button, and you can prevent the monster from shaking you off. When it settles down, you can attack it with the knife. If the knife attacks are successful, a gauge fills. Fill it up all the way, and there’s a chance you can do a special, overturning attack on the monster.

Union Technique
There is a union technique that makes two Felyne Comrades cooperate together when invoked. Introducing the “cat style fire carriage!”

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