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Killer Instinct trademark renewed, Microsoft teases
posted on 09.17.12 at 01:33 PM EST by (@salromano)
"We have either renewed or refilled a trademark application."

Microsoft has renewed the trademark for Killer Instinct. And you’ll never guess who broke the news! (Or maybe you will, since it’s included in the title.)

PlayXBLA, an official Microsoft website focused on Xbox 360’s upcoming Xbox LIVE Arcade games, made the renewal public.

“With all due respect to our friends in the media who like to frequent trademark sites, we thought we’d break this one ourselves,” wrote the site. “Our legal eagles have authorized us to say: ‘We have either renewed or refilled a trademark application in various jurisdictions.'”

Considering the site, could a re-release of the 1995 classic Killer Instinct be on the way for Xbox LIVE Arcade?

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  • DarthBrian

    I’m tentatively excited but I’m ready to be disappointed. :p

  • Locksus

    I’ve never played the KI games but I hope they’ll revive the series! 

    Oh, and by the way MS, bring back Donkey Kong while you’re at it.
    Pretty please?

    • Storm

       What? Microsoft or Rare don’t own anything about Donkey Kong.

      • Locksus

        Hm, didn’t know that. Well, the more you know..

        • Dean Winchester

          Donkey Kong’s lead character that was the Hero is/was”Jump Man” who later became the Mario we know today.

          Red overalls and all. At least thats my understanding of it.
          This is why we got Donkey Kong Country Returns exclusive to Wii in 2010.
          That was the first game I dusted off my Wii for in years and it was fantastic.

          Killer Instinct was the SH**!!!!
          loved it back in the day at my local arcade. That, MK1-3, Blood Storm and Martial Champions took over many a teenage weekend for me.

          I would consider purchasing a 360 again even for an online playable port of KI. I dont even need a remake or sequel. A port would do!

    • Seriously?
      No, I mean, really?

      Do… do you NOT know that Nintendo owns Donkey Kong?
      I mean, sure, let’s ask Tecmo to bring back Metroid, or let’s have Square bring back Mario.
      I mean… wow….

      • Dean Winchester

        That was a little mean lol.
        Ahhh well.

      • Locksus

        Well, I’m terribly sorry for not keeping up with everything that happens around in the industry. You can have my head for this. 

        • There is no need to apologize… People shouldn’t be so quick to attack others.

          Moving on… I wouldn’t want to see the current Rare make a sequel. They are only a shadow of their former selves.

      • Storm

        To be fair, there was a good argument that Rare owned at least part of the DKC and DK64 games. But those have been disproven in recent years with the Virtual Console and Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

    • Donkey Kong? um… that is property of Nintendo.. its a first party Nintendo series! not possible only in MS’s most wildest dreams.

    • I will just say that Donkey Kong is one of Nintendo’s oldest character properties.

  • Dean Winchester

    Does anyone believe for a second that MS would pull RARE off of cranking out Kinect Sports sequels long enough to make a real game?

    • Locksus

      We’ll see. If they really will re-release Killer Insinct on XBLA, let’s hope it’ll do well so that we might get KI3.

    • Acidicsam

      Who said Rare would have to develop this, should it be true?

      I don’t want Rare touching any of their old franchises. Rare is only Rare in name, not in talent. The talented people that built Rare and their greatest franchises have left the company to a fate of mediocrity and ruin.

  • I don’t want  a re-release. I want a brand new game in the series.

    • Ace

      I’m with you. 

  • LordKaiser

    So Nintendo didn’t own the IP…Or else I smell lawsuits.