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Bayonetta 2 announced as Wii U exclusive
posted on 09.13.12 at 10:47 AM EST by (@admeady)
To be published by Nintendo.

Bayonetta 2 will be exclusive to the Wii U, Nintendo has announced.

Developed by the creators of the original, Platinum Games, the action title will be published by Nintendo.

Atushi Inaba is producing and Yusuke Hashimoto is directing.

A release date was not announced.

A teaser trailer, containing no gameplay footage, was shown at Nintendo’s Wii U preview event in New York City. Watch it below. View a high-res version of the logo at the gallery.

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  • Day 1!!!
    I’m really happy it’s getting sequel!!!
    Can’t wait to play Infinite Climax on this game!!!

    • Rafi

      Pesan dimana nanti kalau ada gamenya ?, penasaran…

  • FaithlessMr

    Aight, I’m getting this for sure :D

  • Devoted

    This blew my mind.

  • Rafi

    Wow, that was awesome move for Nintendo, maybe more exclusive game will be revealed in TGS 12 and i hope it will turn out to be good

  • Kazziyan

    Wii U Bought.

    If it wasn’t for Nintendo, this game wouldn’t exist as many say. Thank you based Nintendo.

  • Yeah, now that is a pretty big mega bomb as a third party exclusive!!!

  • DarthBrian

    LOL. Hilarious.

  • This sucks. I would prefer if Bayonetta 2 is multi-platform like the first game.

    • AuroraXIII

      Not me. It’s exclusitivity has caught my attention for this series now (sounds crazy, I know).

      I’m gonna play the first Bayonetta as soon as possible.

      • Kobracon

        When you do, you might see why some of us might feel this way. Its like Valkyria Chronicles all over again. You play the first one on the console, love it, then get devastated that the sequel is exclusive on a handheld you don’t have nor have any plans to get just for one game….

        •  Exactly. Sega really cockteased us with the first entry of Valkyria Chronicles, then screwed us over by not only giving us the sequel on PSP, but making it different and turning it more into an anime with school elements (bleh). It was a farcry from the original, in my opinion. While Valkyria Chronicles 3 was more like the first, it was still only on PSP, so once again… It was a slap to the face of the fans who had been following since the original.

          The only way they could possibly make it up to us at this point is by at LEAST releasing Valkyria Chronicles 3 HD on PS3. They could put VP4 on Vita for all I care. I’m used to them not being on PS3 at this point, but come on… At least give us an HD port of VP3, then the wound won’t be as bad.

          I’d love to see the series come back to console though.

          • Kobracon

            I heard somewhere that VP4 would be a browser game…………

      • Kazziyan

        Be sure to enjoy it! :D great game.

    • Kobracon

      I hope it gets multi-platform down the line. I really really hope it does…

  • dr000d

    Well damn. Now it’s either boycotting P* or giving Nintendo money for yet another crappy product…-_-

    • AdamBoy64

      Looks like your time machine is working well. I was worried about it for a while.

  • bebestorm117

    What! If I wasn’t buying Wii U already Bayonetta would seal the deal…

  • Kobracon

    I…..WHAT!? Are you SERIOUS?! Oh god I’m gonna need ALOT of convincing to even consider this….

  • Budgiecat

    What the hell?? What the hell is this?? What?? 

  • Genesis

    I died on the inside…T-T
    I guess I have to buy a wii u

  • Kobracon

    Also the fact that Hideki Kamiya’s name isn’t listed as a director or producer kinda worries me…..

    If that dude didn’t want a sequel, don’t force someone else to do it. Lest we get DMC2 again….OR DMC4 (which was ok, but nothing compared to what Hideki did with DMC3)

    • Skerj

      As much as I love the guy, Kamiya didn’t have anything to do with DMC3. Hideaki Itsuno directed 3 and 4. 

      • Kobracon

        Really?? i thought he was…not at all? I thought after the disaster of DMC2 he just couldn’t help it and had to take the reigns or something like that….

        Wasn’t he involved at least?

        • Skerj

          Nah, Capcom started DMC2 without him or the original team (Itsuno directed that one too) and he hasn’t been on them since. It all worked out because Itsuno’s team managed to overcome all of the shortcomings of DMC2 with the stellar DMC3 and the still better than most action games but slightly less stellar DMC4. Then we got Bayonetta from Kamiya and crew and now a sequel. 

          • Kobracon

            Wow….I’ve been believing a lie all these years……..

    • Kazziyan

      the director of this game is the producer of Bayonetta lol

  • Michael Garling

    Wait wait wait… Hideki Kamiya isn’t directing this?  And he’s not directing Rising either… are we meant to believe that a man with that much talent is wasting his time on some bizarre social construction game or something?

    • DarthBrian

       He’s directing The Wonderful 101.

  • I can’t believe it, sigh.  Oh well, now I have another reason to buy a Wii-U. 

    Nintendo don’t think i’ll abandon my PS3 i’m not. I’ll still be playing my PS3 more than the Wii U

  • bebestorm117

    I was so shocked I forgot to watch the teaser…..

  • Who is Yusuke Hayashi? Isn’t he someone on Team Ninja that makes DOA and Ninja Gaiden??
    Anyway, I think we don’t have to worry about the game not directed by Kamiya, he said that he had input on the game.

    • Kobracon

      Thats a little comforting to hear. My only worry so far is the controls though. I mean….LOOK at that controller. I really can’t imagine pullin off the sweet combos and dodges with that tablet….and I think a Wiimote has too little buttons. But then again, Bayo 1 did have that one hand mode……

      • There are pro controller so I think it’s alright. Lol, one hand mode.

        • Kobracon

          Oh have there been pro controllers announced for Wii U? Or can we just use the ones that work on the Wii?

          • There are WiiU one. I don’t know about the Wii though. 
            It looks like these

            • Kobracon

              Nice. This will make things easier.

  • Anime10121

    And that’s it, the killer peice of software the wiiu needed to make me a convert!

  • EspadaKiller

    I guess it’s a timed exclusive. I doubt Sega or PG will ignore the large
    Bayonetta fanbase on the PS3 and 360. And that’s including me as well!

    • Sevyne

       It’s Nintendo published so Bayonetta 2 is not a timed exclusive. Sega has no control over where this game goes.

  • It’s Yusuke Hashimoto, everyone. It’s been fixed.

  • xMCXx

    Well, the other Next Gen consoles will still take some time to come out, so it makes sense.

  • HarryHodd

    Will wait for:

    1: Bayonetta 2 Sigma announcement
    2: WiiU at <$199

  • Skelter

    The logic of this baffles me…….why make a sequel exclusive to a console that the original was never released on? where…… the logic :(

    • Kazziyan

      The game was originally cancelled or would’ve been canned if it was to remain under SEGA. Other companies probably saw no interest due to previous games sales. Nintendo basically brought the game back from the dead.

      •  I’d rather see it stay in the grave than have it butchered like this >_>

        • Kazziyan

          Yo, Tetsuya. :D

          I don’t see how this butchers it though :p

          •  Hey Kazziyan :3

            Yeah, I guess a lot of people won’t see it that way, but I just personally don’t see this game working well on the Wii U. They should have just stuck with Sega and released it on PS3/360 again. If Nintendo wanted a port for the Wii U, then that’s fine, but to make it an exclusive title?

            Way to screw over your fans. I’m sorry, but if you get stuck with a bad publisher, that doesn’t give you the right to screw your fans. In the end though, I guess it doesn’t matter too much to me anyway since I felt Bayo ended on a good note anyway and a sequel would just be more fanservice than anything else, really.

            • Kazziyan

              Hope you stay at Gematsu! : o

              Oh okay. I thought you were thinking they might censor it or something, lol.
              But that is indeed understandable.

        • So now “bring back to life” = “butchered”?

          Well, I’m confused!

          I’d just be happy it’s coming out. How is it butchered? It’s not like a different developer is making it.

          • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

            It’s an incentive to buy WiiU, plus I guess it’s a timed exclusive ;)
            Either way, Platinum sold me on WiiU!
            That “butchered” argument is kinda asinine if I may say so.

            • I wouldn’t think so. Rumor has it the game was essentially cancelled, but Ninty revived it. Plus, Ninty’s publishing.

              • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

                They’re publishing? That’s a very strong argument but not a definite confirmation of exclusivity ;)
                Remember Ninja Gaiden II? It was published by MS Game Studios. Later it was re-made with a new engine and Christened NG Sigma II on PS3 consequently voiding MS’s exclusivity.

                I still stand by my comment: Platinum managed what Ninty could not: they sold me on WiiU.

    • Sevyne

       I’m not exactly thrilled about it either, but if Nintendo didn’t step in to publish it it was never going to be released. I hate splitting a series to different consoles, but it’s better than never seeing the game release. Sega has really treated Platinum Games like trash.

  • Kurai Warrior

    I am extremely confused right now…. O-o

  • TiamatNM

    Is platinum games finally giving sega the finger? :D

  • OMG…Awesome Hell

    But i Wish the Game for Ps3 

    but it’s ok because i Will buy Wii U <3 

  • Guys. Bricks.

    They’re still coming out of my behind.

    • Anime10121

       Me and you both will DEFINITELY need serious laxatives after today!

      • FaithlessMr

         Well, that’s a shitty situation.


        • Kobracon


  • FaithlessMr

     It’s a good time as any to listen to this again :D

    Love this shit.

    • Anime10121

       After I played that game I frekin downloaded SO MANY VERSIONS of that song, I liked it before, but after hearing it so much in Bayonetta, I fell in LOVE with it!  I even sing it when it comes on the radio at work (Sinatra version), people stare, but I dont care :P

      • FaithlessMr

         Yeah, that song definitely stays with you, it’s so catchy! The whole OST is amazing, that’s just the icing on the cake for me :D

    • This is second game I played on my PS3 and at that time I don’t really browse internet like now so I don’t know about inferiority of it but I don’t have any problem with the game and I love it, it’s so fun. And after all action game I played until now, it’s the best!!!

      • FaithlessMr

         I played it recently, and I believe the game was patched, so the game was just fine for me. I played the ps3 version as well, and the game is amazing :D

  • DrForbidden

    Wait, isn’t that teaser trailer from the first game? Or am I mistaken?

    • Kobracon

      You are mistaken. It certainly was made in the same style, but the major differences are the fact that the guns are blue instead of red. And theres a man(?) with a big ass sword fighting Bayo.

  • AdamBoy64

    Fantastic news that Nintendo stepped in and saved the day here.
    Great news for Bayonetta fans.

    And, for Nintendo too.

  • The game was never confirmed to have been cancelled, that was just a
    rumor. I love how Nintendo fanboys are stating rumors as facts, when it
    was never confirmed by Sega or Platinum games. So I guess from now on we
    can take all rumors as facts. 

    I love how nintendo fanboys are enjoying watching others suffer, shows their true nature.

    • Anime10121

       I dont necessarily think Nintendo fans are enjoying watching others suffer, its more the fact that some of you are taking this TOO hard.  I’m for the most part a Playstation fan myself, but I am ecstatic about this news!  We all know Sega’s been having financial problems, and they even said they were cancelling games and cutting down to their primary series stables like Sonic, Football Manager, Total War, and Aliens as seen here
      Now there’s nothing wrong with being upset about the change of platform, but this late in the console cycle, it probably would have ended up on the next gen systems anyway, and had it ended up on PS4 or Xbox 3, people would have been jumping heaps of praise I’m sure. 

      I buy systems based upon the games they have, I dont like Mario nor do I like Zelda, but I do like Kirby, Smash Bros, Monolith Soft, Bayonetta, and The Wonderful 101, so I’ll just work more and get a WiiU.  300 is not bad for a brand new system, (in fact, its not bad at all, considering the prices of current gen systems which are slightly weaker in power, costing about the same).  All in all I purchase systems that have the games I want, I had a 360 for Tales of Vesperia, Lost Odyssey, and Blue Dragon (before it broke), had a Wii for Tales of Symphonia DotNW, Chocobos Dungeon, Xenoblade, etc. and bought a PS3 for the bevvy of JRPG’s, MGS4, DMC4, Uncharted, etc. etc.  Same situations with the handhelds, the only one I’ve yet to own is Vita, and thats because I still dont see the support from 3rd parties I wanna see quite yet.  I will purchase a WiiU for similar reasons, because it has games that I want on it!

    • Kazziyan

      It wasn’t a rumor. It was actually hinted at several times and considering the situation SEGA is in- heard they are having issues printing discs for Max Anarchy (someone confirm this), I’m not surprised.

      •  it was never confirmed by Sega or Platinum Games, thus its a Rumor. do you understand that?!

        how can a game which has never officially started production be cancelled? Legends 3, now that game was truly cancelled.

        • Tre W

          …Except they WERE working on it. 

          From the official PR release on P*’s blog: 

          Hideki Kamiya
          Supervisor, Bayonetta 2
          Director, BayonettaEven though there has been a bit of a gap since the release of the last game, but I still got lots of request for a sequel from gamers. We were secretly making one the entire time. 

          >We were secretly making one the entire time. 


          All this does is just do more to match up to the initial TGS leaks which hinted at a reveal for a Bayonetta sequel last year, which then mysteriously vanished off the grid without a trace. 

          Given how SEGA has already showcased their financial difficulties, as well as has been giving Western fans a continuous run around on whether the hell we’ll actually be getting Anarchy Reigns or not (in spite of how the damn game has a FULL ENGLISH LOCALIZATION on the disc)? Is it really that hard to paint the picture that Sega didn’t have the money to fund a Bayonetta sequel by themselves, thus prompting its “cancellation”? 

          •  maybe it was being secretly developed for the Wii U for the start, Nintendo was working with a lot of third party developers from early in the Wii U’s development cycle.

        • Kazziyan

          No I don’t. Rumor or not, it was hinted many times- looked through it. It was quite obvious that sales did not meet SEGA’s expectations and it was probably cancelled down the line.

          What are you talking about? you don’t know what goes behind the scenes and lots of internal projects that aren’t even announced get cancelled. Bayonetta 2 was likely one of them. Almost certain and multiple things back it up.

          • you are just speculating, without confirmation from Sega or Platinum Games its meaningless. how can you know for sure it was canned? do you work for Sega or Platinum games? do you really know what goes on behind the scenes? no its all just rumors, nothing more. maybe it was never a ps3/360 title to begin with, maybe it was always a wii u title

            i’m not trying to be rude or anything

  •  it was never confirmed by Sega or Platinum Games, thus its a Rumor. do you understand that?!

    how can a game which has never officially started production be cancelled? Legends 3, now that game was truly cancelled.

  • let me make one thing clear, i’m glad bayonetta 2 is getting released, might not get the wii u at launch but eventually i will.

    just don’t like when people are posting rumors as facts, maybe it was being developed for the wii all this time and never the ps3 and xbox 360.

  • Brokrone

    Sega is having some trouble so i guess that was the reason. i want max anarchy instead