Arc System Works adventure game Xblaze due in 2013 - Gematsu
Arc System Works adventure game Xblaze due in 2013
posted on 09.20.12 at 01:00 AM EST by (@sqexgal)
Watch a new trailer full of character illustrations.

Arc System Works lifted the lid on Xblaze at the Tokyo Game Show today.

Xblaze is an adventure game produced by Mori Toshimichi. It comes from the developer behind the BlazBlue series.

The first “Adventure Project” from Arc System Works, only the game’s title and character illustrations have been revealed.

Watch a new trailer below.

Thanks, Famitsu.

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  • One guy. All girls. Where are you going with this ASW?

  • DarthBrian

    That looks like something I would really want but will never be able to get.

    i.e. visual novel.

  • Dear Arcsys, stick to your usual music.

  • Luna Kazemaru

    Oh god is that dub step….

  • Skelter

    needs more men (no homo)……there’s ENOUGH harem rpgs in japan as it is. -____-

    • DrForbidden

      Those’re the ones that sell, I suppose.

  • zakou


    XD in anime style game

    ……blazblue is loved for it’s rock-opera/anime music heck it even had kotoko xD

    But dubstep is just wrong, dubstep isn’t ketchup, it doesn’t work with everything.

    In the music world piano is ketchup, it works with every type of genre.

    • Traveller

       DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou’s main Boss theme has a Nicely done Dubstep feel to it. You should check it out.

    •  Actually, dubstep is ketchup. Of course, I think of ketchup as not something that fits everything, but something that invades something good, and ruins it with its own flavor, ruining the original food’s identity.

      • zakou

        Ketchup is not meant to be used on original food xD obviously its used when you have enough of the original the you want a mix of sour ketchup.

        Dood xD when i eat boiled eggs with nothing all the time or with majo they taste ok but have you ever tried boiled eggs with heinz ketchup? im telling you its way better than original eggs.

        Fries? i can eat original fries for their taste but sometimes you just gotta use dat ketchup xD

        btw f**** dubstep you get 0 money from me if you use dubstep or a freaking snoop dog in a tekke game wtf? not to mention dubstep in anime -_- whats next 50 cent singing some anime song in japanese?

        i mean listen to this? Motherf***** dango? really?

        Im sorry how this is turning serious XD but really some people these days have no problem with anything and take whatever is thrown at them,

    • PrinceHeir

      only Tekken Tag 1/2 perfected Dubstep :P

  • Kobracon

    First thought when I saw the main character = “ADACHI?!??!”

  • Rishtopher

    So much dubsteb…Also the character designs…Well, let’s just say that I’m looking forward to seeing other characters.

  • Nothing to do with the news in question, but IMO it would be awesome if ASW done a action/side scroller/whatever game with the story of the black beast / 6 heroes

  • PrinceHeir

    so this is a ADV/VN game huh?

    looks good, didn’t Aksys localize on of those wiiware games by Arc System Works??

  • new_tradition

    Omg, the.MC’so pretty. Please ASW, gimme one ambiguous male relationship. Or failing that, just a male character that regularly molests him *_*

  • Darkrise

    The character designs were kind of meh, but I was a bit surprised when I heard a Murakumo line at the end the trailer… Arcsys, what are you trying to say?