Square Enix to support Dragon Quest X for ten years - Gematsu
Square Enix to support Dragon Quest X for ten years
posted on 08.03.12 at 12:01 AM EST by (@salromano)
Major updates every ten weeks, says report.

Square Enix plans to support Dragon Quest X: Rise of the Five Tribes Online, released for Wii yesterday in Japan, with major updates every ten weeks for the next ten years, according to an Inside Games report.

Dragon Quest X is the first online game in the Dragon Quest franchise, and thus charges a monthly subscription fee. Rather than a one time package sale, Square Enix hopes to see medium to long term earnings growth.

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  • Okay…
    Just make sure DQXI is offline and on home console.

  • SirAuron14

    this needs to be on the vita as well.

  • kiri25

    So The wii will be around for another 10 years XD

    • Acidicsam

      I imagine it will work just fine on the WiiU

  • zakou

    10? This is very hard to believe, coming from Square enix mouth.

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    The Wii was outdated tech from the day it launched and has been on life support for the last 2 years of it 5.5yr run so far. Are we truly expected to believe the Wii will still be in use 16yrs later?

    I know its launching on Wii-U which by the way is also outdated tech considering it puts them on par with a 6 and 7 yr old system. I dont believe for one second that a single PS3 or 360 game will be online and or supported 10yrs from now but the Wii is going to accomplish this? LoL.

    Lets not forget this game is built from the ground up as a Wii game and being ported to Wii-U.

    It may be a good game. It may be great. The wii version lasting 10 yrs?
    Not a chance. Whats the workaround for friend codes?

    I also know Sqeenix supported FF11 that long but it came out 3yrs into the PS2 lifespan on current gen HW. Not 6 yrs into the PS2 lifespan on PS1 equvilant HW.

    • Locksus

      I agree with you 100%. Would be a miracle if this game lasted 10 years. It could have a chance if it was on PC but alas, it’s a Wii exclusive which is pretty much dead already.

      Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see how this goes.

    • hush404

      Yep, I’m very skeptic that anyone will be playing this in 10 years on the Wii AND that Square would actually keep it up to date for that long. They’re just saying that now to push sales.

    • I’m still kinda hoping they release the game on PC. I don’t think I’ll ever get to play it if they keep it only on the Wii.

  • Akira_Tenshi

    You people are thinking from a western perspective and we don’t even have the game. DQ is huge in Japan and there will absolutely still be people playing this game on Wii 10 years from now,

  • kiri25

    Well outside of japan it clearly won’t last 10 years but in Japan I could see this happening. Dragon Quest is the #1 rpg series in Japan and consoles last a lot longer in Japan, I mean it was not that long ago that the dream cast finally died in Japan. So I’d say for japan it could last for 10 yrs

  • InternatlGamer3

    Why dont I give 2 fucks about this game cause i dont care much for the Wii. This game has better potential on PS3 or PS4 instead.

    Wii-U presents better graphics than PS3 my Ass.Graphics dont always make a game better, but PS3 still has a plethora of exclusives and whenever this Vaporware title. Yeah i’m looking at you “Final Fantasy Versus XIII”. Wii-U is like Dreamcast a bit more powerful than current consoles.Only to have its Ass easily handed To PS4 & Xbox 720 which will be many times more Powerful than Wii-U.