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PS Vita “not powerful enough” for Metal Gear Rising, says creative producer
posted on 08.20.12 at 11:58 AM EST by (@salromano)
PS3, 360 versions "pushing consoles to their limits."

Kojima Productions has been pretty on about its Transfarring system, lately. It enables PlayStation 3 and PS Vita to work together using cross-platform saves, allowing you to continue your game at home or on the go. So why isn’t the company’s latest game, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, coming to the handheld? Creative producer Yuji Korekado has your answer.

“Of course, we would like to [create a PlayStation Vita version of the game],” said Korekado to at Gamescom, “but unfortunately Metal Gear Rising is already pushing the consoles to their limits and the PlayStation Vita simply is not powerful enough for this game.”

Metal Gear Rising is due for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in February 2013.

Thanks, The Silent Chief.

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  • At least there is one developer gives a damn on making games on consoles instead of handhelds all the time.

    • Yoshinatsu

      For real?
      Don’t know if you noticed, but handheld gaming is dying, day by day. I’m not even sure if there’s going to be another generation of portable consoles. It’s all about smartphones and tablets nowadays.

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        Michael Pachter is that you?

        Handheld gaming is far from dying sir. It, much like console gaming with the wii, has shared some of its consumer base as well as grown exponentially due to the casual appeal of smartphones and tablets.

        The PS2/XB/GC generation sold roughly 150/24/21 million units for a total of about 200million units give or take.

        The current PS3/XB360/Wii have sold about 65/67/90+ million units for a total of 220+ million units WW and you clearly see some hardcore gamers flocked to the Wii as well as the other consoles and obviously plenty of casuals have joined the fray thanks to the Wii.

        Is console gaming dying as well?

        We just got off of a generation with the DS/PSP selling 150+/75 million units worldwide.
        The DS being the most successful handheld of all time and the PSP being the most successful non-nintendo hand held of all time.

        The 3DS is 1.5 yrs old and is outselling its predecessor and the Vita is 6months old and has yet to see its 1st American holiday season.

        I think its a little premature to be calling for the death of the Vita just yet but incredibly immature to think handheld gaming is being threatened in any way shape or form by phones and or tablets.

        Class dismissed.

    • Kougeru

       I don’t see that has a problem, making handheld games. I guess I could say the same thing whenever someone makes a new PC exclusive though, if I wanted be fair. Consoles are to handhelds as PCs are to consoles. They have different target audiences often times.

    • I think you’re referring the the JRPG market. In the case of action-adventure, such as this game, your comment wouldn’t really apply. It’s actually the other way around. You don’t see many games like this on handheld anymore.

  • Yoshinatsu

    If you’re seeking to make profit, you can do all sorts of downscaling of textures and effects. It has been done a million times before. But a Vita version just wouldn’t be profitable right now.
    I think Konami just wants to keep the good relationship they have with Sony, so they avoid bashing the Vita’s commercial failure, that’s all.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      Do tell what the magic number of Vita units sold WW from Feb to Aug needs to be to be considered a commercial success in your eyes.
      Please do enlighten all of us that unlike you, lack degrees in business and economics.


    • exactly….it wouldnt be profitable… not that the vita couldnt handle it it just wouldnt be profitable…they are just using that as an excuse…if for some reason the vita sales rocketed to 10 or 20 million within the next 6 months we would probaly see this on the vita in less than 8 months 

  • DarthBrian

    But it looks like an uprezzed PS2 game.

  • rockman29

    I don’t see anything in this game that says it’s too much for Vita.

    The only difference would be in graphics.

  • KingOptimusOrigins111

    But yet Kojima was running MGS4 on it January 2011 and MGS4 is a lot more powerful the Metal Gear Rising. This exactly why I don’t support Metal Gear Rising because if it was Kojima making this game it would be on Vita by now.

    • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

      That and kojimas team has way more talent.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      Ouch. Why you for bring actual evidence to backing up your opinion for?

      You play dirty like!

      No fair.

    • To be fair, you don’t know MGS4’s requirements in comparisons to Metal Gear Rising’s. While I find it hard to believe Metal Gear Rising couldn’t be brought to PS Vita in some way, you don’t know if what you say is fact. A tech demo is a tech demo. It’s running in real-time, yes, but when gameplay and a whole bunch of other factors are involved, it’s possible it could require more. I’m not much knowledgeable about game development, or anything, so I really can’t say for sure.

      • KingOptimusOrigins111

        There you go again putting words in my mouth. I never said it was a fact. I’m simply pointing out what I saw a year ago and comparing it to now. This is my opinion and I know what a tech demo is. I simply won’t believe Yuji Korekado says because Kojima was the one who originally was developing it and he is the only one who knows not you, not me, not anyone on this planet besides Kojima.

        • How am I putting words in your mouth? Because I gave developers the benefit of the doubt? Because I replied with logic?

          Yuji Korekado is a programmer at Kojima Productions, btw. Hideo Kojima was never actually working on the game. Before it fell into the hands of Platinum, it was being developed by a younger team at Kojima Pro. Kojima was never “originally developing the game.” He was never highly involved in the project at all. So I’m sure Yuji Korekado, the game’s creative producer, knows a thing or two about where the game stands.

          As far as your comment removals go, they were both removed by Zero (I rarely remove comments – Zero is able to moderate the comments more than I), and they were both flamebait, which goes against our guidelines. Please tell me, to what benefits are comments like:

          “Uncharted > Halo” in a post about an Uncharted 3 patch where nobody is talking about Halo.

          “MILK” in a post about Call of Duty: BlOps2’s multiplayer where people are actually trying to discuss the game’s multiplayer.


          These are comments that get people arguing and raging like immature fanboys. We don’t want those kind of comments here. If those are the comments you plan to continue making, then you may very well leave.

          • KingOptimusOrigins111

            They weren’t flamebaits those are my actual opinions. Kojima was working along with the game until we got confirmation in December of last year he wasn’t working on it anymore  because did he not say I was planning on cancelling the game because he was not confident in the game and gave it to platinum games. They flat out confirm the game was in development for the PS Vita before platinum games even got their hands on it. 

            Its called a comment section where you post your opinions not you can comment but you have to be friendly and hold each other hands. Comment sections are for your opinions to share with each other regardless if it ends in a war. The console world is different from today then it was in the past. Regardless whether your a fanboy or not at the end of the day there are games people are going to disagree with each other and games people are going to agree with each other. That’s also apply to life. Every body not going to agree with each other why, because every body has different opinions that will eventually end up into a arguement.

            • 1) “They weren’t flamebaits those are my actual opinions.”

              Your opinions are flamebaits.

              2) “Kojima was working along with the game until we got confirmation in December of last year he wasn’t working on it anymore”

              No. Like I said, Kojima was barley working on the game. He handed off development to the younger staff at Kojima Pro, who had the idea for Rising in the first place, and was very hands-off and minimally involved. These are facts. Google them.

              3) “They flat out confirm the game was in development for the PS Vita before platinum games even got their hands on it.”

              What? Metal Gear Rising was NEVER confirmed for PlayStation Vita. Ever. Before PS Vita’s January 2011 “NGP” announcement, we last heard of Rising at E3 2010. The first time hearing about the game after that was in December 2011 at the VGAs, where it was announced that Platinum was developing.

              4) “Its called a comment section… Gematsu lately.”

              I’ve said this soooo many times. So many. (It’s in the guidelines, too. #4. Thanks for reading.) Disagree. Disagree all you want. “But don’t be disrespectful about it.” I’m not sure what “console world” you live in where all disagreements “end up into a argument.” Or war, or whatever.

              Just understand this. Your removed comments were flamebait. That’s that. If you can’t understand and wish to continue posting similar comments, then like you said, you may leave.

              • KingOptimusOrigins111


                On Wensday August 23, 2012 is when I’ll make my decision to leave or stay at 4:15 PM. Now I’m finish. Good Night!!!!

                • That information is false. Not sure where from Kojima’s TGS 2011 talk they got the idea that it’s coming to Vita. Here’s Gpara’s full report on the conf:

                  It mentions MGS HD Collection coming to Vita, which did. And an original title for PS3/Vita running on Fox Engine.

                  MGR isn’t even running on Fox Engine, btw. Never was. We’ve yet to see a game running on Fox Engine at all, actually. We will at the end of this month, though.

        • I did remove both of those comments.

          (The following comment is going to be pretty long. I hope you find the time to read it.)

          The guidelines were made for a reason. Every single article was turning into a post war or flame thread or something like that. When I was asked to become a Moderator along with Faithless, I started to feel that we needed a set of guidelines for Gematsu. I decided to pitch my idea to both Faithless and Sal. To my surprise, they were both thinking the same thing I was.

          We all worked together to quickly create the guidelines for Gematsu. The first day the guidelines went live, we asked that people share any thoughts or criticisms they might have with the guidelines. Some people did, and we even made a few changes to the guidelines as a result. (You can always contact me or one of the other Moderators at any time if you want.)

          Personally, I wasn’t satisfied with just having the guidelines. I felt like Gematsu needed a section where off topic discussion could occur, a place where members from the community could post whatever was on their mind. After we all discussed this, the Open Forum idea eventually was created. Like I have said before, we pretty much don’t follow the guidelines in the open forum. Only in extreme cases, will a moderator ever step in and issue a warning or something like that, in the open forum.

          Anyone can post in the weekly Open Forum up until late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning. We close the comments and prepare to open the current weeks Open Forum at Noon EST.

          Alright, back to the drama like comments…

          Internet Drama – Silly, stupid, or idiotic dramatics that take place in internet interactions between people that would (likely) never happen in real life or real person-to-person interaction.

          How do those get started? Typically, one person posts a one or two word response that starts a bunch of crap. How do you invoke a dramatic response with a comment on a video game website? Believe me, it sounds incredibly ridiculous, but it happens very often.

          The most common way it occurs is via trolling.

          Trolling – Trolling is the act of purposefully antagonizing other people on the internet, generally on message boards. (We all know that anyone can troll on the web in a wide variety of ways.)

          The comments I removed were good examples of both. (I’m aware that I don’t know for sure what your intentions were when making those comments. I was trying to prevent comment flame wars from erupting and I succeeded in the uncharted article.)

          Just look at the comments in the Call of Duty article you linked to. I see my warning early on about being respectful when posting comments/following the guidelines. I see it get completely ignored, and later, I see Sal post a response asking people to respect each other. When I got home, I was pretty upset and angry about my warning being ignored.

          (The following example is not directed just at you King. “You” in the example could be anyone. I’m using “you” in this example as the reader, so it could be anyone reading this comment. It is only meant to be an example, and is not meant to be offensive. The example ends when the italics end.)


          Let’s say posting on Gematsu is like going over to a friends house. At this friends house, he has a few things he asks you to please not do. For example, he has kids and asks you to watch the language around them. He might ask you to take off your shoes when you come in the house. Let’s say the friend is married, and he asks you to be respectful of his wife’s wishes. All of these things are just some basic guidelines to follow when you go to his house. If you get invited over a few times and repeatedly fail to follow these simple guidelines, something is going to happen.

          The first obvious thing to happen is warnings from your friend. (Example – Stop saying the word balls in front of my kids! Stop forgetting to take off your shoes in the back room! Stop coming over smelling like booze! My wife doesn’t really like that man.)

          After a time or two of ignoring what he asked you to do, he is probably going to warn you about it, and he might not do so in a kind manner. (Friend – Why do you keep saying crap in front of my kids? My wife is really angry, and its creating some serious problems in our house. You don’t even have to deal with it much, but its creating big problems for everyone here man. Stop doing that *****!!!)

          You ask to come over again and your friend is waiting outside. He tells you his brother is also over this time. And asks you to please, whatever you do, don’t bring up baseball. His brothers favorite team just got eliminated from the playoffs. You go in and forget to follow the guidelines like usual, and then you and his brother get into a verbal fight over baseball right in the middle of dinner. The kids are upset, your friend and his wife are trying to put a stop to it. You are asked to leave right away, you leave still arguing with your friends brother the entire way out the door.

          The next day you call up your friend to complain about what a total idiot his brother is, and how he was dead wrong. Your friend is upset with you, he asks why did you have to do that? You explain that you were just telling his brother about how football is better than baseball, and that is how the argument was started.

          A few days go by, you show up to see your friend. His wife answers the door and says wait here, she shuts the door and comes back in a little bit. She hands you a letter and says your friends isn’t home right now and come back some other time.

          You go back home and decide to open the letter. The letter is a list of the guidelines your friend asked you to follow the very first time you wanted to come over to his house. He also writes below those guidelines why he is upset with you, and doesn’t understand why you refuse to follow the simple rules they have. The letter goes on with some questions he is asking you…

          Do you even realize you are ignoring the guidelines we asked you to follow? Are you doing so on purpose? Did you start the argument with my brother on purpose? Do you realize doing all of this creates problems in our house? Do you have any kind of respect for me or my family?

          These are all questions your friend starts asking in the letter. He goes on to say he has no idea how you will respond to the letter. He still wants to be your friend, and he wants to work this out.

          @ KingOpt

          I hope this example I used makes sense. Gematsu is very much like the friends house in the example. The guidelines we have here are not very strict, and we only ask that when you comment, you follow the guidelines.

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          I started this generation of gaming with the PS3. My favorite console has been the PlayStation for many years now, I typically play most of my games on Sony platforms, and I tend to favor the exclusive games coming out on PlayStation over other platforms. With that said, I do have an Xbox 360, I have a PC that I play mostly MMORPGS on. I have fun using all of those devices to play games, and I’m looking to invest heavily in the portable market in the near future.

          I still find ways to express my opinion about all the topics you typically see on Gematsu, and as you can see… I think we share many of the same opinions when it comes to video games. While we both like Sony, we don’t agree on everything, which is just fine, we shouldn’t.

          If someone favors playing Halo over Uncharted, that is just their opinion man. I don’t have to attack that, or call them names like fanboy to try and prove their opinion is wrong. If I just can’t help but post a response, I can still do so in a civil mature way, and that is all we ask you to do.

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          As a Moderator –

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  • Have any of you even used a Vita? there is no way it can run this game the man is right and yes I have one. The Vita stands no chance with this title.

    • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

      This games graphics are pretty crappy,and its world isnt big,I dont see any legitimate reason it couldnt

      • DrForbidden

        Well, I’m not familiar with the coding involved with making the game, but I think it’s more than just the graphics that is the issue. This game uses a unique cutting engine that, supposedly, allows players to cut at any angle, and the result of the cut is rendered in real-time in the game. This would naturally entail using massive processing resources which the Vita may not be able to deliver on.

        • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

          I doubt it,its just a quick remeshing,its not all too complicated.

          • DrForbidden

            It might be a lot more than a simple remeshing. Every object you slice becomes two objects, and you can further cut these two halves into quarters, etc. We are looking at potentially hundreds of variables in a location, with meshes and textures dependent on cutting angle, and each, I presume, with their own physics. That can become extremely taxing on the processor when mixed in with the graphics, animations, and physics of everything else.

            I don’t know the specifics; I’m just throwing this possibility out there.

            • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

              True,I just doubt it takes that much